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KLM carries record number of passengers in 2019 and offers flights to 172 destinations in 2020

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines warmly thanked customers and employees who made 2019 a memorable year for KLM with a KLM year film:  2019 the year of the century.

KLM welcomed 35 million passengers on board, added six new destinations to its network, Wroclaw, Boston, Bangalore, Guanacaste, Napels and Las Vegas. KLM is also pressing on with its fleet renewal programme and welcomed several new Boeing 737-800’s, B767-10’s and Embraer E2-195’s.

At Schiphol Airport a new Crown lounge opened up working towards the ambition to offering travellers the most attractive lounge in the world with innovative concepts, such as service on the spot, entertainment options and fine-dining.

In 2020, KLM will offer flights to 172 destinations including a new destination in March to Cork, Ireland.

About KLM Philippines

KLM offers convenient daily flights between Manila and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with a stop in Taipei.

MANILAAMSTERDAMMANILA (with a stop in Taipei)

Flight number From To Departure Arrival
Flights operated by Boeing B777-300/200 Winter Summer Winter Summer
KL808 MNL AMS 20:35 20:05 06:40+1 06:55+1
KL807 AMS MNL 20:50 20:55 19:20+1 18:45+1

KLM adds its fourth Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and last 737-800

KLM made this announcement:

This morning (December 21) KLM’s fourth Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner arrived at Schiphol, directly from the Boeing factory in Charleston, South Carolina.

The sustainable and energy-efficient aircraft with registration PH-BKF bears the name “Snow drop”.

Alongside the use of weight-saving materials, theoptimisation of flight procedures, and the use of more sustainable biofuels, our investment in a new fleet is the way to further reduce CO2 emissions. The 787 Dreamliner consumes up to 20% less fuel than other aircraft of similar size. In fact, compared to KLM’s Boeing 747 Combi, the Dreamliner is 46% more fuel efficient. And, the use of less fuel results in a comparable reduction in CO2 emissions. New engines, more lightweight composite materials, and the latest developments in aerodynamics all contribute to the Dreamliner’s overall performance.

All KLM Dreamliners are named after flowers or flowering plants. With the arrival of Snow drop, KLM has seventeen Boeing 787s in its fleet: thirteen 787-9s and four 787-10s.

Copyright Photo: Joe G. Walker.

In other news, on December 19, KLM’s thirty-first Boeing 737-800 arrived at Schiphol Airport from the Boeing in Seattle. The airliner is the very last Boeing 737-800 to be built. The sustainable aircraft with registration of PH-BCL bears is named “Red-crested Pochard”.

KLM highlights and the KLM Facts and Figures sheet 2019:

KLM to take delivery of the very last Boeing 737 NG

Joe G. Walker reporting from the Pacific Northwest:

Aviation history can be interesting, with hidden gems found from time to time.
Though the last original Boeing 737NG airframe was built and delivered to Skymark, as previously reported, the very, very last 737NG will be going to KLM, with the registration of PH-BCL, msn: 98801, ln:7542A. It is named “Krooneend/ Crown Duck”.
History of the original airframe, msn: 63624, ln: 7542,  has rumors  that the fuselage was shot at during transport to Renton and then had the wrong wing holes drilled for wings for a MAX or P-8A.  The original fuselage was destroyed and new one ordered.  As this is a “one of”, is was given a special serial number of 98801.
PH-BCL is pictured arriving at Boeing Field (King County) in Seattle.

KLM opens new non-Schengen Crown Lounge

On Thursday, November 28, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines officially opened its completely renovated non-Schengen Crown Lounge at Schiphol Airport. Thanks to the outstanding service it provides, the new lounge offers visitors an unforgettable experience, new food and beverage ideas, and innovative technologies.

KLM’s non-Schengen Crown Lounge, the lounge’s official name, is located between the E and F piers at Schiphol. The “KLM House” is immediately noticeable by its illuminated glass wall adorned with some five thousand Delft blue miniature houses. Visitors to the lounge take the escalator to the top and embark on a journey back in time past these iconic World Business Class gifts. Personal lounge assistants welcome them into the house. They can gain quick access by scanning their boarding pass at the self-service machines. The white marble lounge desk takes the shape of a giant KLM logo and the lounge offers a great view of the runways, piers, and the KLM fleet in the background.

Double Crown

KLM’s non-Schengen Crown Lounge capacity has doubled in size. “The lounge now covers an area of 6,800 square metres with about a thousand full-free-service seats,” says Eelco van Asch, Senior Vice President, KLM Ground Services. “What’s more, there are about two hundred exclusive seats in the Blue Bar and Restaurant with equally exclusive levels of service. Customers can pay with their Flying Blue miles there. By doubling the capacity, KLM is taking our expected growth in visitor numbers into account. It’s quite a great feat. We are offering our customers and those of our partner airlines an unforgettable experience – a crowning achievement to our hundredth anniversary.”

KLM’s non-Schengen Crown Lounge reflects the airline’s image: comfort, customer focus, and innovation. New food and beverage ideas, digital support such as self-service access, and the lounge staff service all contribute to the personal experience. The online Lounge Guide offers visitors a constant digital assistant to help them find their way around, book services, check flight details, or request personal assistance from one of the Personal Lounge Assistants.


KLM wants to offer customers a completely new experience through its innovative service concepts. Working with the architectural firm ‘concrete’, the airline has designed five different “Dutch landscapes” to meet the varied wishes and needs of its customers, whether they want to work, relax, refresh, eat, drink, find entertainment, or engage in fine dining. The 5 landscapes are:

In the Polder landscape, customers can work ideally and relax at the same time. The carpet, decorated in varying shades of green, is reminiscent of the Netherlands’ vast pastureland. And a 110-metre LED light wall simulates the Dutch sky. The lighting adapts to the time of day and includes a beautiful sunset.

In the lively City landscape, customers can enjoy “live” cooking, a Heineken Bar, specially designed by Heineken, and a coffee bar with a barista. The new food and beverage concept – characterised by stylish, high-quality, and fresh seasonal products – comes from KLM’s partner Vermaat. Reducing waste is an important pillar for both companies to lounge catering.

The Sea offers everything customers need to recharge their batteries during their journey. The area has twenty free showers, which customers can reserve in advance at the lounge’s self-service kiosks. The luxury sleeping cabins offer privacy, tranquillity, and comfort – for a fee – using Flying Blue miles, or three hours for EUR 49,50. It’s the perfect place to close your eyes and rest during a transfer or a long journey. In the future the showers and sleeping cabins will be equipped with digital allocation systems using QR codes.

The striking Dutch Mountain zone offers visitors a variety of options for working and having fun, from a TV room to a DJ stand for special events. It devotes attention to Dutch design and offers historical attributes from KLM’s heritage.

Sky is an exclusive and original area on the second floor. At the explicit request of KLM customers, Sky’s high-end setting offers a terrace with a beautiful view of Schiphol Airport. You can enjoy excellent meals and a wide range of drinks in Blue by KLM, a restaurant and adjacent bar for an extra fee. Blue’s menu is compiled by Joris Bijdendijk of RIJKS®, the Rijksmuseum’s Michelin-starred restaurant. Blue offers a fantastic gastronomic experience, carefully considering individual timing and personal needs.


KLM welcomes to its non-Schengen Crown Lounge:

  • Business Class passengers;
  • Flying Blue Platinum and Gold members plus one guest (additional guests on payment);
  • SkyTeam Elite Plus members plus one guest.

KLM also wants its customers and those of our partner airlines who do not have automatic lounge access, to be able to benefit from the Crown Lounge. They can do this by purchasing access in the KLM app, at, at the self-service machines in the airport, or at the entrance to the lounge – depending on their destination and lounge capacity.

KLM non-Schengen Crown Lounge offers:

Ø  Showers, paid sleeping cabins, and virtual reality cabins;

Ø  A terrace overlooking the runways;

Ø  Online Lounge Guide, Self-service kiosks and Personal Lounge Assistants to help customers.

KLM adds Cork, Ireland to its European network

"100 Years" logo

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will expand its European network to include Cork, Ireland.

From March 2020, Ireland’s second largest city will be served daily with a direct KLM flight from Amsterdam. The flights will be operated using Embraer 175 and Embraer 190 equipment, seating 88-100 passengers per flight.

Cork will be the second Irish destination, next to Dublin, and is the 93rd European destination to be served directly by KLM. To open Cork as a new destination, changes have been made to the medium haul KLM network to free up slots at Schiphol.

Daily flights with an Embraer 175 or 190

KLM will operate flights between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Cork Airport daily from 30 March 2020. The Embraer 175 flights offers 20 seats in Business Class, 8 Economy Comfort and 60 Economy Class. The Embraer 190 flights offers 20 seats in Business Class, 8 Economy Comfort and 72 Economy Class.

The flight schedule will be as follows:

  • KL1087 will depart from Amsterdam daily at 15.50 and arrive in Cork at 16.40.
  • KL1088 will depart from Cork daily at 17.10 and arrive in Amsterdam at 20.00.

Please note: all times are local. 


Located on an island between two canals of the River Lee, Cork is a charming cosmopolitan city known for its maritime history spanning over a thousand years. The beautiful coastal environment is a must for nature lovers and adventurers, whereas city dwellers will enjoy the laidback feel of Cork, with its many cool coffee bars, museums, pubs and art galleries.

From the KLM Blog:

Take a peek inside the entire KLM fleet – without a ticket

As of late, you can take a virtual stroll through business class on a Boeing 787 without having to pay… How? We’ve taken photographs of the interiors of the entire KLM fleet using a 360° camera. VR specialist Chris Koomen, from KLM’s Digital Studio shares more about this exciting initiative.

A successful experiment

“Our reason for taking 360° photos of the KLM aircraft – from Boeings to Airbuses – was actually very practical. We wanted to familiarise cleaners with an aircraft – the B787 – before its first flight to Minneapolis. They were set to come in the evening to clean the aircraft after its arrival, but had not yet seen this type from the inside. We knew that it would take a lot of extra time,” explains the VR man from KLM’s Digital Studio. “And we therefore came up with a solution. The members of the cleaning crew had an opportunity during the day of taking a virtual tour on an iPad, using a VR headset so they would be well prepared when arriving to clean the aircraft in the evening.”

“It was an experiment, but one that instantly booked success. Incredible! They finished cleaning fifteen minutes early and on top of that, they didn’t make a single mistake.” Cleaning crews are normally given a sheet of paper with a 2D drawing. Koomen: “Top and front views – that’s what they had to make do with. They’re going to be better prepared now.”

Cabin attendants and galleys

“The images are now regularly used for training purposes worldwide. And not only to the benefit of cleaning crews; the images are very handy for training new cabin attendants,” says Koomen. “New crew members can now become familiar with their workplace far quicker.”

The biggest group of users can be found at Catering Services. Koomen: “They use the images to train colleagues who set up the aircraft galleys.”

Find the Easter egg

In short, the virtual fleet is handy for all our (new) staff members. But let’s not overlook our passengers and aircraft enthusiasts. It’s fantastic to be able to explore the interior of each aircraft from nose to tail, examining places on board where passengers don’t usually get to go. Examples here include the cockpit, galleys and business class. Or simply stroll through the B747, the Queen of the Skies. Or our latest acquisition, the Dreamliner B787-10. All of that, without taking a step on board.

Should you want to take a look inside our aircraft, we’ve hidden Easter eggs in some of them (something amusing for you to look for). See if you can find the meal in the B787-10, or take a virtual seat in our new business class seats inside the B787-10. You’ll be able to get to grips with all the new features like the adjustable privacy screen or the “Do not Disturb” button for even more privacy and individual space. And can you see that the B747 consists of two different parts. “It’s actually a combi carrier,” Koomen clarifies. “One part is entirely for passengers, while the other is for a 50:50 combination of cargo and passengers.”

Curious about the entire KLM fleet? Take a look inside ALL our aircraft:

Boeing 787-10
Boeing 787-9
Boeing 777-300
Boeing 777-200
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747 combi
Boeing 737-900
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-800 BSI
Boeing 737-700
Airbus 330-300
Airbus 330-200
Embraer 190
Embraer 175

Profile: Chris Koomen (39)

Chris Koomen joined KLM twelve years ago. He started off as a technician, but has been preoccupied with VR since 1996. He refers to it as a “runaway hobby” he turned into a business three years ago. The VR team now consists of eight people who focus continually on designing and creating VR training programs, computer generated and 360° photos & videos alike.

Top Copyright Photo: KLM Cityhopper Embraer ERJ 170-200STD (ERJ 175) PH-EXR (msn 17000697) (100 Years) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 948382.

KLM Cityhopper aircraft slide show:


Air France and KLM to offer one-stop flight from Manila to Paris-Charles de Gaulle via Taipei

Air France's first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Air France-KLM have made this announcement:

From November 5, 2019, Air France and KLM are offering a one-stop flight from Manila to Paris with a faster and smoother connection via Taipei. The service with KLM from Manila to Taipei, now connects KLM from Taipei directly to Amsterdam and Air France seamlessly to Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

The Air France flights from Taipei operate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and from Paris-Charles de Gaulle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Flight schedule in local time

Winter schedule November 5, 2019 – March 26, 2020








(operated by KLM)






(operated by Air France)






(operated by Air France)



14:45+1 day



(operated by KLM)





Top Copyright Photo: Air France Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner F-HRBA (msn 38769) LHR (Antony J. Best). Image: 937138.

Air France aircraft slide show:

Air France-KLM presents its go forward plan

Air France-KLM made this announcement:

Air France-KLM is organizing a presentation for investors. On this occasion, Benjamin Smith, Air France-KLM CEO, along with Pieter Elbers, KLM President and CEO, Anne Rigail, Air France CEO, and Frederic Gagey, Air France-KLM CFO, will outline the group’s strategic priorities and its financial trajectory over the next five years.


  •   Restore a dynamic of sustainable profitability based on a new value-focused model for the group’s primary stakeholders: employees, customers, and shareholders.
  •   A plan built around four main strategic priorities: optimising the operational model, refocusing passenger revenue growth around the most profitable segments, developing initiatives on customer data, the Flying Blue loyalty program, maintenance and cargo, and pragmatically analyzing consolidation opportunities. Each of these initiatives support the group’s goal to remain a leader in the sector’s ecological transition.
  •   Financial targets:

o Profit: Medium-term operating margin of 7-8%
o Cash: Medium-term positive adjusted Free Cash Flows
o Leverage:Netdebt/EBITDAratiocirca1.5x
o Shareholderreturns:Prospectsforreturningtodividenddistribution


“In a competitive and fast-transforming environment for European airlines, the Air France-KLM Group has all the assets to regain its leadership position”, said Benjamin Smith, CEO of the Air France-KLM Group. “Thanks to the dedication of our employees at Air France, KLM and Transavia, since the end of 2018 we have been able to establish the fundamentals of our go forward plan: simplifying our fleet, clarifying our brand and market positioning, and unlocking significant commercial and operational flexibility thanks to new labour agreements. This is the starting point of a strategy that will allow Air France-KLM to reinvent itself, creating value for all key stakeholders. We will optimize our operational model and increase revenues to significantly improve our operating margin. Everything we do will support our goal of remaining an industry pioneer as the airline group most committed to global environmental sustainability.”

The Air France-KLM Group has several unique assets: the strength of its three brands Air France, KLM and Transavia, its two hubs in Paris – the world’s leading inbound destination – and Amsterdam – the leading European connection hub and where the airline hub-and-spoke model was first invented, its extensive and highly complementary combined network, and its powerful commercial partnerships.

To fully leverage these assets, the Group must simplify and optimize its mode of operation and reposition itself to pursue the most profitable traffic.

At the end of 2018 work was started to lay the foundation for future success, and the next steps will revolve around four main strategic priorities, to be rolled out at each airline.

Optimize the Operating Model: Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Efficiency

  •   Managing fleet and product in a more flexible and optimal way
  •   Simplifying each airline’s internal processes
  •   Accelerating fleet renewal
  •   Implementing additional Group synergies
  •   Lobbying French authorities to create a more competitive airline business environment Refocus Growth of Passenger Revenue on Most Profitable Segments by Leveraging

    Hubs and Powerful Brand Identities

  •   Simplifying the brand portfolio around the three master brands: Air France, KLM, and Transavia, to better target relevant and most profitable market segments
  •   Optimizing the networks, each airline focusing on its unique expertise and core assets:

o For KLM, strengthen its leadership position at Schiphol while continuing to grow in

order to become the benchmark carrier for connecting traffic to and from Europe.
o For Air France, leverage its local market and premium strength, with Paris and France

being the world’s leading inbound destinations.
o For Air France and Transavia, strengthen their positions at Paris-Orly by better leveraging the slot portfolios at the slot-constrained airport.
o For Transavia, consolidate its leading low-cost position in The Netherlands and aim to become the leading low-cost airline in France in terms of number of based aircraft.
 More accurate targeting of customers for an increasingly personalized offer at a reduced cost of sale

At the same time, the group will continue to grow its other businesses and leverage Customer Data, Flying Blue, Cargo, and Engineering & Maintenance

  •   Leverage customer data as a major asset of the Group
  •   Accelerate development of Flying Blue, continuing 2018 program evolution
  •   Further develop Cargo contribution
  •   Position E&M on a profitable growth path, while contributing to airline operational


    The Air France-KLM Group will continue to pragmatically evaluate consolidation


 On the strength of its numerous successful global partnerships, Air France-KLM will pragmatically consider consolidation opportunities when and where they make sense, with a view to complementing and strengthening the Air France and KLM networks while maintaining strict financial discipline.

The Group’s strategic roadmap is an integral part of a global responsible and sustainable road to European leadership

  •   Air France-KLM will remain an industry pioneer in terms of sustainable aviation, notably by implementing an environmental and societal plan to 2030.
  •   From an environmental perspective, the three airlines have adopted important measures aimed at cutting their CO2 emissions per passenger by 50% by 2030, as well as promoting the emergence of sustainable fuels.