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A ‘novel’ way of introducing aviation to juniors

Richard is a Training Captain with an international airline, his wife, Julie is a writer. Their ten year old daughter, Talitha dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a pilot herself one day. Talitha’s interest is not surprising, she has an aviator in her family. She sees her dad head off to exotic locations every week, hears stories of different cultures, sees photos of fascinating historical sights. She experiences his passion for his career and she never hears him complain about having to leave for the office! She also has his encouragement, has him there to reassure her that the fact that she is far from a maths genius will not prevent her following her dream.

Talitha’s interest got her parents wondering about how children without the same exposure to aviation become interested in the industry. After all, they don’t come across pilots in their everyday life the way they do teachers, doctors, dentists and policemen and with modern day security concerns the days of visits to the cockpit, where children had the chance to chat to a pilot are gone. 

Julie and Richard decided to see if they could make a small contribution towards inspiring the next generation of pilots. Drawing heavily on her husband’s expert knowledge, Julie has written a Flight of the Phoenix style adventure novel for children, aged 7-14, about a young aviation enthusiast who finds himself stranded in the Canadian wilderness with a crashed plane which he needs to repair and pilot out. 

A book is a readily available, easily accessible promotional vehicle, Julie and Richard hope that the novel may start the wheels of interest turning and offer early exposure to the fascinating world of flight. Just as a child reads a spy novel and wonders what it would be like to work for MI5 or the CIA, they hope a young person may read the novel, Stranded and contemplate becoming a pilot. That it may encourage children to take the next step of visiting an air show or an aviation museum or joining an aviation programme or camp where they will get to experience aviation in all its glory.

Julie’s novel, Stranded, has just been published and is available from Amazon and major bookstores. A percentage of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to charities that help to make aviation accessible to all juniors.

Stranded by JE Timlin


37 years of aviation accident statistics studied

Clifford Law Offices has reviewed 37 years of airplane crash data. Here is what they found for the United States using NTSB data:

They found:


  • Crashes have been cut by more than half since 1982 (3,593 down to 1,581)
  • Landing (20,330 crashes) and takeoff (16,061 crashes) are, by far, the most likely parts of air travel for accidents to happen, but crashes that occur during maneuvering (6,994 fatalities) and cruising (6,994 fatalities) are the most deadly.
  • Most crashes occurred in Anchorage, AL (528 crashes) – by about double over the second area
  • 54% of all aviation accidents involved a Cessna, Piper, or Beech.
  • The Tenerife Airport Disaster was the worst aircraft crash in history with 583 deaths.


You can find the full study at

BOC Aviation delivers a new Airbus A320neo to Spring Airlines

BOC Aviation Limited has announced that it has delivered a new Airbus A320neo aircraft to Spring Airlines, China’s largest low cost carrier. The aircraft is powered by CFM Leap 1A engines.

Spring Airlines President Wang Zhijie said, “Spring Airlines has been growing profitably since we began operations in 2005. We are pleased to work with our long-term partner BOC Aviation which has once again demonstrated its excellent professionalism and customer service in meeting our needs for modern aircraft.”

World’s largest underwater theme park – Dive Bahrain – opens in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a Boeing 747 as the centerpiece

Dive Bahrain, the world’s largest underwater theme park spanning an area of 100,000m2, complete with a sunken Boeing 747, is now open to diving enthusiasts.

The site, in close proximity to Bahrain International Airport, has a 70m-long decommissioned Boeing 747 as its centerpiece, the largest aircraft ever to be intentionally submerged.

The world-class project was developed in close cooperation between the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) and the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE).

Photo of the Day: From a new Western Air Lines Douglas DC-6B to a graffiti-painted park display in Quito, Ecuador

Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana Douglas DC-6B HC-AVI FAE 45063 (msn 45063) Quito (Rolf Wallner). Image: 947642.

Western Air Lines took delivery of a brand new Douglas DC-6B registered as N91311 (msn 45063) on April 27, 1956.

The airframe would briefly fly for Braniff Airways before going to LAN Chile as CC-CCG on October 6, 1965.

In 1971 the airframe joined the military serving as a VIP transport for the Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana as HC-AVI / FAE 45063.

The airliner was retired in 1978 and donated by the military to the city of Quito. The DC-6B has ended up in Parque Carolina, Hacienda Batan Grande in Quito, Ecuador in this very unique “livery”.

Copyright Photo: Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana Douglas DC-6B HC-AVI FAE 45063 (msn 45063) Quito (Rolf Wallner). Image: 947642.

Freeport-Grand Bahama International Airport is currently under water

Freeport-Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO) in the the Bahamas is currently getting the full force of Category 5 Hurricane Dorian. The closed airport is currently under 5 feet of water according to local news reports.

The winds are driving the ocean water into the airport.

Photo: Hutchison Ports.

Map: Google Maps.