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Swiss to introduce new Premium Economy Class

Swiss International Air Lines Boeing 777-300 ER HB-JNH (msn 62753) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 945980.

Swiss International Air Lines is to introduce a new Premium Economy Class on its long-haul aircraft fleet from spring 2021, to further strengthen its position as a premium air carrier. In a first step here, the additional travel class will be available in a 24-seat section on its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

In the medium term, the new travel product will be extended to the entire Swiss long-haul fleet. For Economy Class travelers seeking more inflight comfort, the new product will offer a totally new air travel experience. Swiss will be investing some CHF 40 million in installing the new seating class on its Boeing 777 fleet.

The new product will initially be available on the company’s Boeing 777-300ERs, with each aircraft offering 24 Premium Economy seats. In the medium term, the new product should be extended to the entire Swiss long-haul fleet.

Substantially more personal space

For Economy Class travellers seeking more inflight comfort, Premium Economy will offer a totally new air travel experience. The new class of travel will feature a newly developed seat providing extensive legroom and movement. “All in all, our Premium Economy Class travellers will enjoy a substantially stronger sense of personal space,” confirms Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Swiss’ Chief Commercial Officer.In introducing the new class of travel, SWISS is responding to a growing demand for an air travel product between Economy and Business Class. The decision to offer the new seating class has also been encouraged by the positive experiences with such a product at Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, Swiss’ sister companies within the Lufthansa Group.

Introduction in spring 2021

Swiss will embark on the cabin conversion work required in winter 2020/21, and the new Premium Economy Class product will be available from spring 2021. Swiss will be investing a total of some CHF 40 million in installing the new seating class on its Boeing 777 fleet.

Top Copyright Photo: Swiss International Air Lines Boeing 777-300 ER HB-JNH (msn 62753) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 945980.

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Lufthansa Group orders 40 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and Airbus A350-900 aircraft, will sell 6 A380s

Lufthansa Group is consistently forging ahead with the modernization of its long-haul fleet. In today’s meeting, based on the recommendation of the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board approved the purchase of a total of 40 state-of-the-art aircraft for the group’s airlines. The 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners (above) and 20 additional Airbus A350-900 planes will primarily be replacing four-engine aircraft. The new planes will be delivered between late 2022 and 2027.

The order has a list-price investment volume of $12 billion USD. As is usual with such orders, Lufthansa Group has negotiated a significant price reduction. The parties have agreed not to disclose the actual purchase price.

“By replacing four-engine planes with new models, we are laying a sustainable foundation for our future in the long run. In addition to the cost-effectiveness of the A350 and B787, the significantly lower CO2 emissions of this new generation of long-haul aircraft was also a decisive factor in our investment decision. Our responsibility for the environment is becoming more and more important as a criterion for our decisions,” says Carsten Spohr, CEO and Chairman of Lufthansa Group.

The decision regarding which airline will deploy the aircraft at which hub will be made at a later date.

The investment in new technology, efficiency and passenger comfort is a continuation of the ongoing fleet modernization of the group’s airlines. The arilines of the Lufthansa Group currently operate a long-haul fleet of 199 aircraft (as of December 2018), including twelve state-of-the-art Airbus A350-900 aircraft. Beginning in 2020, Lufthansa will be introducing the new Boeing 777-9.

Investment in modern, fuel-efficient and low-noise aircraft

With the Airbus A350-900, the Boeing 777-9 and the Boeing 787-9, Lufthansa Group will own the most fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft of their class in terms of kerosene consumption per passenger and 100 kilometers flown. This order highlights the company’s desire to invest in cutting-edge technology in the interest of the environment. On average, the new aircraft will only consume around 2.9 liters of kerosene per passenger and 100 kilometers flown. That is 25% below what is used by predecessor aircraft, which will likewise have a positive impact on the CO2 footprint.

The Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900 aircraft that have been ordered will primarily be replacing four-engine aircraft. By the middle of the next decade, the entire long-haul fleet will have been modernized. The possible fuel savings alone add up to 500,000 metric tons per year. This is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of 1.5 million metric tons.

A consistent focus on cost

With the new, more economical aircraft, the operating cost compared to the earlier models will sink by around 20 percent. In addition to this, Lufthansa Group will be significantly reducing the diversification and complexity of its fleet over the next few years and taking seven aircraft types out of service, which will reduce cost and complexity for maintenance and the supply of replacement parts, among other things.

After the long-haul aircraft rollover, the company will be offering its customers one of the world’s most modern fleets. This will also involve a significant increase in comfort and reliability.

Sale of six Airbus A380 aircraft

In today’s session, the Lufthansa Group Executive Board also informed the Supervisory Board of the sale of six of its 14 Airbus A380 planes to Airbus. The aircraft will be leaving Lufthansa in 2022 and 2023. The parties have agreed not disclose the purchasing price. The transaction will not affect the group’s earnings performance.

Lufthansa continuously monitors the profitability of its world-wide route network. As a consequence, the group is reducing the size of its Airbus A380 fleet from 14 aircraft to eight for economic reasons. The structure of the network and the long-haul fleet, fundamentally optimized according to strategic aspects, will give the company more flexibility and at the same time increase its efficiency and competitiveness. This will of course also benefit Lufthansa’s customers.

Swiss welcomes back its first refurbished Airbus A340-300 – HB-JMH

Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A340-313 HB-JMH (msn 585) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 104582.

Swiss International Air Lines announced on social media:

Welcome back HB-JMH. The first Swiss Airbus A340-300 with a totally refurbished interior in all three seating cabins took off from Zurich on March 7 on its first revenue flight to Tokyo.

The airline also issued this press releases:

The first Swiss Airbus A340-300 with a totally refurbished interior in all three seating cabins took off from Zurich on March 7 on its first revenue flight. Aircraft HB-JMH departed at 13:26 on flight LX 160 to Tokyo.
HB-JMH is the first of Swiss’ five Airbus A340-300s to be given this nose-to-tail cabin refurbishment. The aircraft are undergoing the work one after the other; and under current planning, all five A340s should be refurbished by summer of this year.
The refurbishment program entails developing and installing new First, Business and Economy Class seats, providing a new inflight entertainment system that also offers internet connectivity, installing new galleys and comprehensively modernizing the entire interior (including adopting a new lighting concept) in all three seating cabins. The refurbishment delivers further passenger benefits, too, and raises the inflight comfort aboard Swiss’ Airbus A340s to that of its Boeing 777s.
Next to Tokyo Swiss’ Airbus A340-300s are deployed on services to such destinations as Boston, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Tel Aviv. Swiss has five A340-300s in its long-haul fleet, together with 14 Airbus A330s and ten Boeing 777-300ERs. The Swiss long-haul network currently extends to 24 destinations.
Top Copyright Photo (all others by Swiss): Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A340-313 HB-JMH (msn 585) MIA (Bruce Drum). Image: 104582.
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Swiss to connect Geneva with Munich and Frankfurt

Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A220-300 (Bombardier CS300 - BD-500-1A11) HB-JCB (msn 55011) LHR (SPA). Image: 945625.

From March 31, 2019, Swiss will connect Geneva with the German cities of Munich and Frankfurt on a daily basis for a seven-month period. The flights to and from Frankfurt will be partly operated by Lufthansa.
From March 31 to October 26, 2019, Swiss International Air Lines will commence regular service to Munich and Frankfurt, offering its passengers an even wider range of destinations from Geneva.
The airline will operate five flights a day between Geneva and Munich. Flight guests traveling from Geneva to Frankfurt can choose from eight daily flights, of which four will be operated by Swiss and four by Lufthansa.
Expansion of the Geneva fleet
With the addition of six summer destinations announced for 2019 and the introduction of regular service to the two German cities, Swiss will soon connect Geneva to 45 destinations. To meet this expansion of the route network, three new aircraft will complete Swiss’s short-haul fleet in Geneva, which will consist of seven Airbus A220-300 (CS300) and three Airbus A220-100 (CS100) by June 2019.
Top Copyright Photo (all others by the airline): Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A220-300 (Bombardier CS300 – BD-500-1A11) HB-JCB (msn 55011) LHR (SPA). Image: 945625.
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Swiss repaints an Airbus A220-300 aircraft to mark Fête des Vignerons 2019

Swiss International Air Lines has made this announcement:

Swiss is further underscoring its strong commitment to Western Switzerland – the French-speaking “Romandie” – by serving as principal partner to this year’s Fête des Vignerons in the region. As part of this collaboration, The Airline of Switzerland has also given one of its Geneva-based A220-300 (CS300) aircraft (HB-JCA) (below) a special “Fête des Vignerons” livery.
Swiss International Air Lines unveiled one of its advanced A220-300 aircraft at Geneva Airport tthat has been given a special livery to honor and highlight this summer’s Fête des Vignerons festival in Vevey in Western Switzerland, for which it is principal partner. The livery has been designed by Western Swiss artist Mathias Forbach (alias Fichtre) (below) to mark this long living tradition. Festival director Daniele Finzi Pasca paid tribute to Fichtre’s artistic creation by serving as the “godparent” to the newly-reliveried aircraft. The unveiling was also attended by Vaud State Councillor Philippe Leuba and Geneva State Councillor Serge Dal Busco.
Swiss, a proud partner of Fête des Vignerons 2019
As The Airline of Switzerland, Swiss is proud to support this exceptional festival event and to put the colors and images of the Fête and its region onto one of its aircraft, which will carry them all over Europe. “It’s very important to us to show our guests the character of our home country: its culture and its traditions, from which we draw our inspirations every day,” says Lorenzo Stoll, Swiss’ Head of Western Switzerland. “The natural riches and the savoir-faire of our regions are very much part of that. And this is why we have chosen to pay our own tribute to the Fête des Vignerons, which is such an embodiment of the Romandie.”
A once-in-a-generation experience, the Fête des Vignerons is a celebration of the winegrowing tradition of Western Switzerland. The globally unique event, which is organized by the Confrérie des Vignerons, has been on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2016. Almost a million visitors from Switzerland and beyond are expected to attend this summer’s month-long Fête, which will be held in the town of Vevey.
“This winged messenger of the Fête des Vignerons 2019, decked in the colors concocted by Vevey artist Fichtre, is about to undergo its baptism aloft,” enthuses François Margot, Abbé-Président of the Confrérie des Vignerons. “Tradition, innovation, hospitality and an openness to the world: these shared values of our airline and our UNESCO-recognized festival will now shine out far and wide. And we could not wish for a fresher, more original ambassador of the air!”
A flying tribute created by a Romand artist
Swiss already dedicated its first A220-300 aircraft – “L’Avion des Suisses Romands” – to Western Switzerland and its inhabitants back in 2017 (above). The company is now underlining that commitment to the Romandie by commissioning another special livery to mark the Fête des Vignerons, a celebration that will move and delight the people of Western Switzerland and beyond later this year.
To ensure a certain consistency between “L’Avion des Suisses Romands” and the newly-decorated aircraft, Swiss has again turned to Western Swiss artist Mathias Forbach, alias Fichtre, to design the new livery. The choice is even more appropriate in that the artist is from Vevey, where the Fête will be held.
Fichtre’s guiding goal for his new livery creation was to awaken the memories of the last generation which experienced the Fête des Vignerons and to arouse the interest of a new generation with a modern and contemporary design. With its spontaneous, colourful and festive style, the new livery captures the spirit of the Fête and draws its inspiration from many of the features that make it so unique.
The colors and images used reflect the cycle of the seasons that give their natural rhythm to the winegrowing world. Nature features strongly in Fichtre’s livery composition, which has incorporated elements of the local Vevey landscape such as Lake Geneva, the vines, the autumn leaves and (of course) the grapes.
The start of a European journey
The specially-liveried Swiss A220-300 will be deployed throughout Europe over the next nine months. The aircraft will serve 42 destinations from Geneva including Palma de Mallorca (in summer), St. Petersburg (in winter) and Dublin (all year round). And it will carry over 150,000 passengers in its festive colors.
Mathias Forbach
Mathias Forbach (Fichtre) was born in Vevey in 1983. He attended the Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL), graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Interaction Design. Since 2009 he has been teaching at the School of Design and University of the Arts in Sierre in Canton Valais. And in 2012 he decided to continue his own artistic education by following the Work.Master program at the Haute École d’Art et de Design (HEAD) in Geneva.
In 2014 he co-founded the STADIO art space in Vevey together with Joëlle Nicolas, Guillaume Ehinger and Jacques Duboux. He was awarded a Master of Visual Arts degree in 2015.
An independent spirit among graphic artists, Fichtre uses drawing and illustration as a means of experimentation and research. The surface is central to his approach – a creative baseline that is constantly being challenged and renewed. The surface, to Fichtre, is a polymorphous vehicle, a venture of infinite potential, a renewal of every graphic language. As such, it becomes a “hypersurface”: a continent of indistinct borders, and a reminder that visual art, too, has no limits or constraints.
In other news, Swiss welcomed its 28th A220 to its fleet: A220-300 HB-JCT (above) arrived in snowy Zurich. With this arrival, there are only two more A220s to be phased-in in the course of 2019.

Swiss to fly to Larnaca from Geneva

Swiss is expanding its route network from Geneva by offering a new connection to Larnaca (Cyprus) from July 3, 2019. This coastal resort joins the list of new summer destinations announced by Swiss in December.
Swiss International Air Lines is adding the Cypriot city of Larnaca to its destinations departing from Geneva, offering its passengers six new destinations for the summer of 2019. With the addition of the new flights to Ibiza, Mykonos, Brindisi, Faro, Alicante and Larnaca, the company will fly to 43 direct destinations from Geneva.
From July 3, 2019, SWISS will be offering a weekly flight between Geneva and Larnaca.
The flight will operate every Wednesday from July 3 to August 28, and every Saturday from  September 7 to October 26, 2019.

Swiss puts its passengers in a festive mood

Swiss International Air Lines issued this report:

Swiss has lined up a further host of specials and surprises for its customers in the coming Advent and Christmas season. The festivities begin with an exclusive Yuletide flight that will take several lucky families up to Lapland for a feast of Christmas magic. The airline will also be serving special seasonal meals in all seating classes on its long-haul flights from Switzerland.

In the light of last year’s success, Swiss will again be bringing a gleam to children’s eyes by conjuring up all the magic of the Christmas season. On the weekend of December 1-2 the airline flew an Airbus A320 from Zurich to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in Northern Finland. A lucky 120 persons have been selected to take part in this seasonal “LXmas” social media event and experience the unique Yuletide ambience within the Arctic Circle in a packed programme of activities and attractions. A number of families who are supported by the Sternschnuppe children’s help foundation will also be aboard.

“Mandelsterne”, “Grittibänzes” and seasonal amenity kits

SWISS will be serving freshly-baked “Grittibänz” breads in the morning and gingerbread men in the afternoon on selected European flights from Zurich on Thursday 6 December to mark St. Nicholas’s (“Samichlaus”) Day.

The airline will also be offering traditional Swiss Christmas fare from the beginning of December. Economy Class travellers on afternoon European flights will be served a snack of Christmas cookies and mandarins. And on long-haul services between 24 and 26 December SWISS Business travellers can enjoy “Berner Mandelsterne” (almond stars), in keeping with the current chapter of the SWISS Taste of Switzerland programme, which spotlights the cuisine of Canton Bern. The present range of Victorinox Business Class amenity kits will also be given a seasonal touch, with the addition of a further model in the shape of a Christmas stocking. And the traditional Swiss Chocolates will get a December makeover in the form of a special gold “Season’s Greetings” wrapping.

Seasonal meals, too

SWISS will be serving special Christmas meals to travellers in all classes on long-haul flights from Switzerland between 19 and 25 December. In addition to the usual fine menu selection, SWISS First customers can opt for a starter of truffled veal terrine with fig and nut chutney, a main course of dry-aged Angus beef (Fillet Wellington) with Périgord truffle sauce and vegetables and a seasonal dessert of baked apple with cinnamon ice cream and vanilla sauce.

The seasonal SWISS Business extras start with a trilogy of salmon (smoked, gravad and tartare), continue with corn-fed chicken with truffle sauce and bread dumpling slices, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts, and conclude with chestnut cake with spiced orange compote. And SWISS Economy travellers will be additionally offered a potato and chestnut salad with gravad salmon, followed by turkey breast with potato dumplings, red cabbage and lingonberry jam, along with a dessert of cinnamon mousse with baked apple compote.

The special SWISS First and SWISS Business meals can also be rounded off with a seasonal Etter “Weihnachtspflümli” Christmas plum liqueur, while SWISS First customers can additionally enjoy a Sirocco “White Christmas” or “Winter Moments” tea.

All photos by Swiss.