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JAL unveils a new “JAL Dream Express Disney 100” logo jet on JA615J

JAL – Japan Airlines has made this announcement:

Based on a promotional license agreement with Walt Disney Japan Company, Ltd., JAL is commemorating the 100th anniversary celebration of The Walt Disney Company, with a special “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” livery.

The Boeing 767-300ER (JA615J) with the special “JAL DREAM EXPRESS Disney 100” livery will be put into service on domestic flights on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

This special livery will be the 12th aircraft in the successive JAL Dream Express series.

Based on the concept of “Kirariiro Journey – Let’s color the story of a new journey with the glittering colors of each person -“, the aircraft will be decorated with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, as well as the “JAL Dream Express”.

Disney Princess Elsa and characters from Pixar’s works, which will be drawn for the first time, will also appear, and limited edition headrest covers and paper cups will be available on board.

In addition, various original products will be released, starting with in-flight sales of 1/200 scale model planes on domestic flights.

“JAL DREAM EXPRESS Disney 100” is a symbol of the past, present and future, with the hope of enriching the stories of all people forever.

Disney’s beloved characters always give us excitement, hope, and the joy of dreaming. Spend a wonderful time in the sky on an airplane designed with Disney characters that will make you smile.

Overview of JAL DREAM EXPRESS Disney 100
◆ Boeing 767-300ER (aircraft number: JA615J)
Length: 54.9m / Height: 16.0m / Width: 47.6m, Number of seats: 252
(First class: 5 seats, Class J: 42 seats, Ordinary seats: 205 seats)
◆ Routes: Boeing 767-300ER aircraft routes
◆ First flight: Tuesday, December 6, 2022
JAL261 Departure from Haneda at 14:00 Arrival at Hiroshima at 15:30 (planned)
◆ Operation period: Scheduled to operate from December 6, 2022 (Tuesday) to around February 2024

The history of JAL’s “Dream Express” aircraft:

JAL and Yamato Holdings announce cargo operations to commence in April 2024

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) and Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (YHD) have decided on the routes and number of flights of a dedicated freighter aircraft, which is scheduled to start operating in April 2024, in order to secure stable transportation capacity, maintain and improve service quality, and solve social issues such as regional revitalization. Both companies will continue to work toward the launch of the new service.

1. Routes/Number of Flights

After all three Airbus A321ceo P2F aircraft* are in operation from April 2024, we plan to operate a total of 21 flights per day on the following four routes. This plan is subject to application to and approval by the relevant authorities.

(1) Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) = Kitakyushu
(2) Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) = Sapporo (New-Chitose)
(3) Tokyo (Narita) – Okinawa (Naha)
(4) Okinawa (Naha) – Kitakyushu

*Note: Maximum Payload: 28t/aircraft (equivalent to 5-6 10-ton vehicles)
Loading Containers: AAY containers(Main Deck): 14 units AKH containers (Lower Deck): 10 units.

2. Aircraft Delivery, and refurbishment of aircraft, etc.

(1) Delivery
Two of the three aircraft have been delivered and the remaining one is scheduled to be received in February

(2) Refurbishment of aircraft
Conversion of the aircraft from a passenger aircraft to a dedicated freighter aircraft will begin sequentially in
Singapore from March 2023.The conversion program to a dedicated freighter aircraft has been contracted with EFW of Germany*.
*EFW was jointly established by AIRBUS, an aircraft manufacturer, and ST Engineering of Singapore,
a company specializing in the conversion of Airbus aircraft from passenger to freighters.

(3) Operating Company
The operating company will be changed to Spring Japan Co., Ltd. a JAL consolidated subsidiary.
In light of the external environment, the JAL Group will optimize the allocation of management resources,
strengthen the business foundation of its LCCs, and accelerate Group-wide preparations for the start of
dedicated freighter flights in April 2024.

(4) Others
a. Facilities and aircraft

 At each of the airports where freighters are scheduled to operate, we are installing the necessary aircraft and improving the facilities required for the launch of freighters.
b. Recruitment

Both companies will hire new personnel, including those who will be involved in flight operations and freight handling, in preparation for the launch of the new aircraft in 2024.

JAL Group revises its FY2022 winter schedule plans on domestic network

JAL Group has made this announcement:

JAL Group has decided on flight plan for domestic routes for the fiscal 2022 winter timetable (October 30,

As part of the JAL Group’s ESG strategy of upgrading to fuel-efficient aircraft, improving flight operations, and utilizing SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), we will extend the planned flight time on flights departing from Tokyo Haneda by 5 minutes longer than before in order to expand opportunities(*1) to operate at altitudes where fuel consumption can be reduced. In addition, A350-900, which will expand its operations starting with the winter time schedule, and by operating new fuel-efficient and low-noise aircraft such as the Airbus A350-900 and the ATR42-600, we will make steady progress toward achieving our goal of “virtually zero CO2 emissions by 2050”.

We will make decisions on flight reductions due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection based on future demand trends and will make further announcements as they become available.

◆ JAL will increase flight frequency between Osaka Itami=Kagoshima route and between Osaka
Itami=Sapporo New Chitose route during peak periods.
◆ Japan Transocean Air (JTA) will increase flights on its Fukuoka=Okinawa Naha route, Japan Air Commuter (JAC) on its Kagoshima route, and Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC) on its Ishigaki=Yonaguni route.
◆ JAL First Class service will newly begin on Tokyo Haneda=Hiroshima and Kagoshima routes.(*2)
◆ As part of our code-sharing program with Oriental Air Bridge (ORC), we will start a new code-sharing
program with ORC on the 5 routes of Nagasaki=Iki, Goto Fukue, Tsushima, Fukuoka=Tsushima, Goto Fukue
will be sold as a JAL flight from August 30.

The JAL Group will continue to provide safe and secure travel experience by enhancing customer convenience and working with customers to create a clean and hygienic environment at airports and onboard aircraft.

(*1) By ensuring flexibility in altitude and speed selection for operational efficiency, fuel consumption per flight
can be reduced.
(*2) “JAL First Class Service” will be provided on some flights. Some services will not be provided at Hiroshima and Kagoshima airports. For details, please refer to the JAL website.
Reference URL:

※The following schedules are subject to government approval.

【Flights for Fuel saving trial】W22 4.JPG※Departure time/Arrival time are different depends on the season. For details,

【Flight Frequency – Increase】W22 2.JPG

(*3) Flight frequency will be changed during certain periods. For details,
(*4) For details,

【Flight Frequency – Decrease】W22 3.JPG

JAL aircraft photo gallery:

Japan Airlines updates its international network plan through March 26, 2022

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced additional revisions to its international network plans between January 28,2022 to February 28,2022 on the route for Seoul and on the route frequency plan for each direction except for the Seoul route for March 01 to March 26,2022.

*1. The JAL provides JAL “Corona cover”

*2, which covers medical, testing, and isolation expenses for those who test positive for the new coronavirus infection while traveling.

JAL has extended the service period from January 10, 2022 to March 31, 2022 and will continue to provide full support for customers’ travel. JAL will continue to provide safe and secure travel experience.

Note 1:The Beijing route plan for March 01-26was already announced on December 02.
Note 2:Extending the period of support for international travel, ”JAL Corona Cover”

✓ In order to strengthen the network between Asia and North America, we will change the operating days of the Tokyo Haneda – Los Angeles route increase the number of flights on the Tokyo Narita – Hong Kong route.

 In order to improve the convenience of customers traveling to and from destinations other than Tokyo, such as for relocation or return to their home country, we will continue to offer the following services.

Kansai-Los Angeles flights, increase Los Angeles-Kansai flights, and establish London-Kansai and
Dallas/Fort Worth-Chubu flights. * =Both ways. -One way.

Extra flights on the following flights.(March01-March26.)




JAL conducts environmental survey in Osaka to realize eVTOL

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.  (JAL) is aiming to launch an Air Taxi business using eVTOL* in FY 2025, and plans include a scenic flight to view the area around Yumeshima, the venue for the OSAKA-KANSAI World Exposition to be held in the same year, and an Air Taxi service connecting the venue and Kansai International Airport(KIX),etc.

At this time, JAL has been selected by the Osaka Prefectural Government to participate in the “Demonstration Test toward the Realization of eVTOL (hereinafter “the project”)”(*1), and will conduct a demonstration experiment using helicopters in Osaka.

Outline of the Demonstration Test:

Implementation period: November 2021 – February 2022
​Implementation details:

① Verification based on actual operation (scheduled for November 2021)
We will conduct actual helicopter flights over Yumeshima, the site of EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN, to investigate the constraints on the flight environment and ground facilities. This will lead to the establishment of a flight environment in which diverse aircraft can coexist.

② Verification of social acceptability (scheduled for February 2022)
In cooperation with Volocopter, GmbH (*2), which is participating in the Osaka Roundtable (*3) for the social implementation of eVTOL together with JAL, this virtual flight combines a helicopter flight scenery over Osaka with an in-flight view of eVTOL. In addition to making eVTOL feel familiar to many people, we will conduct a survey on customer expectations by conducting a questionnaire before and after experiencing a virtual flight, and utilize the results for the future realization of eVTOL in the Osaka area.

“eVTOL” is expected to play an active role in a wide range of fields, such as Air Taxi services, emergency
lifesaving and disaster response, taking advantage of its mobility similar to that of a helicopter. JAL will use the results obtained from this project in cooperation with the Osaka Roundtable to contribute to the realization and popularization of eVTOL, which Osaka aims to achieve

eVTOL :electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing: A small aircraft that can take off and land vertically by rotating multiple rotors with an electric motor. It attracts attention as a means of next-generation transporting that fuses drone and electric vehicle technologies.

Previously the airline made this announcement:

Japan Airlines and Volocopter Sign Agreement to Develop and Launch Air Mobility Services in Japan

Exploring Business Opportunities of Air Mobility Services in Japan Utilizing eVTOL


29SEP Volocopter Release Logo.png

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Volocopter GmbH (Volocopter) entered into a cooperation agreement to promote the development of the urban air mobility industry for next generation air transportation options of passengers and goods.

f_29SEP JAL Release - VoloCity_Image.jpg
VoloCity, air taxis for cities   ©Volocopter

In February 2020, Japan Airlines Innovation Fund invested in Volocopter, which is aiming to create and bring next-generation electrically powered air taxis and heavy lift cargo drone technology to the market, as part of their Series C funding round. With this agreement, JAL and Volocopter will strengthen their partnership to jointly explore business opportunities for air mobility services, specifically Volocopter’s eVTOL technology, in Japan.

The agreement outlines that Volocopter and JAL work on permanent sustainable commercial operations of air taxis in Japan. By establishing local partnerships, jointly approaching Japanese cities and prefectures and working on market demand and social acceptance, JAL and Volocopter will prepare for commercial launch in Japan within the next 3 years.

f_29SEP JAL Release - Volodrone_Image.jpg
VoloDrone, the sustainable heavy-lift drone   ©JohnDeere / Volocopter

Volocopter GmbH, The pioneer in Urban Air Mobility, is developing urban air taxi services to add a new dimension of mobility to megacities. They are developing next-generation battery powered air taxis and heavy lift drones (eVTOL – electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft). In October 2019, Volocopter successfully performed a piloted flight over Singapore’s Marina Bay and is currently focused on receiving commercial certification for their VoloCity aircraft by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency).

JAL will provide their in-depth knowledge accumulated via safe aircraft operation experience to a next-generation air mobility operation platform service. In addition, through air mobility services, JAL aims to deliver medical care in remote areas to achieve key sustainable development goals.

29SEP Volocopter Release SDGs Logo.png

Photo: JAL-Japan Airlines Airbus A350-941 JA06XJ (msn 405) (Minna-no JAL 2020 JET Vol. 3) HND (Akira Uekawa). Image: 954735.

Gold logo - "Everyone's JAL 2020 JET Vol. 3" celebrating the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Copyright Photo: Gold logo – “Everyone’s JAL 2020 JET Vol. 3” celebrating the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: JAL-Japan Airlines Airbus A350-941 JA06XJ (msn 405) (Minna-no JAL 2020 JET Vol. 3) HND (Akira Uekawa). Image: 954735.

JAL plans to invest further in Spring Airlines Japan to make it a subsidiary

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 2013

JAL – Japan Airlines wants to expand its 5% investment in Spring Airlines Japan to a controlling 51% or higher share.

The purchase of additional shares is expected to be accomplished in May.

Spring Airlines Japan (Tokyo-Narita) is a low-cost airline. It is currently 33% owned by Spring Airlines, a Chinese low-cost carrier, with the remaining shares held by Japanese investors including JAL. The airline began operations in August 2014. The airline specializes in bringing Chinese tourists to Japan.

JAL is eager to cash in on the expected return of Chinese tourists.

Read more from the Japan Times.

Top Copyright Photo: Spring Airlines Japan Boeing 737-86N WL JA03GR (msn 41272) HNL (Ivan K. Nishimura). Image: 922533.

Spring Airlines Japan aircraft slide show:

JAL Group reduces its domestic network between April 29 – May 31, steps-up its antiviral strategy

JAL-Japan Airlines Boeing 737-846 WL JA317J (msn 35346) NRT (Michael B. Ing). Image: 943473.

The JAL Group has announced further reductions on its domestic network between April 29 and May 31, as the carrier is expecting a slight decline in travel demand in response to the number of COVID-19 cases reported in Japan. In accordance with the conditions of carriage, customers affected by the cancelations will be re-accommodated on an alternative flight.

The JAL Group has implemented key measures to provide our customers with a safe and secure travel experience, including an optional COVID-19 fee-based test for those with valid domestic reservations. To date, the carrier has received more than 16,000 applications to conduct pre-travel testing for COVID-19. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but would like to ask for our customer’s understanding during this unprecedented time.

21APR21 - Press Memo Domestic Reductions Summary Chart.png

Note – Figures Include JAL Group Operated Flights (JAL, J-AIR, JAC, HAC, JTA, RAC)
Select routes may be operated by a different aircraft configuration and customers may receive a new seat assignment. Also, First Class/Class J may not be offered when a change in aircraft configuration occurs.

In other news, Japan Airlines is applies sustained antiviral and antibacterial coating to safeguard customers throughout the travel experience:


-Aircraft are disinfected during the night, but to further enhance hygiene precautionary measures, a SIAA* certified antiviral and antibacterial coating will be applied inside the aircraft to ensure the well-being of our valued customers when they travel on a JAL operated flight.
-Antiviral and Antibacterial coatings will be applied at every customer touchpoint, including the airport counter, check-in equipment and all lounges located in Japan.
* SIAA Society of International sustain growth for Antimicrobial Articles

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, the JAL Group has proactively implemented key measures against COVID-19 to provide our customers with a safe and secure travel experience. Today, the carrier strengthened its commitment by introducing an industry leading antiviral and antibacterial coating inside the aircraft cabin.

Inside the Aircraft

The SIAA certified coating will be applied to surfaces inside the aircraft, which will effectively inactivate most viruses within the cabin. Locations include the lavatory, seats, armrests, overhead bins, interior walls and various locations that customers may come in contact with during a flight. The coating agent has been proven to reduce viral levels in a safe manner, as certified by the SIAA. Aircraft that have been applied with the coating will display the SIAA certification near the entrance of the aircraft. The coating process will start in April 2021 and is expected to be completed by July 2021. (Japan Air Commuter and Hokkaido Air System will be completed by year-end)

Aircraft image coating23.APR21.jpg

At the Airport

Back in November 2020, JAL began applying the antiviral and antibacterial coating at domestic airport check-in counters, automated baggage check-in machines, check-in kiosks, boarding gate counters, and on airstairs and will gradually expand the program at airports nationwide. Antiviral and antibacterial coatings have also been applied to airport security areas, wheelchairs, and baby strollers.

thumbnail_Touchless Kiosk 23APR21.jpg
thumbnail_Touchless Kiosk Side 23APR21.jpg

Other Safety Initiatives

Since March 15, the carrier is offering an optional COVID-19 fee-based testing service, and has received more than 17,000 applications to conduct the test prior to boarding a Japan domestic flight. In addition, the carrier introduced touchless check-in kiosks at Haneda Airport in March 2021 and has since installed the kiosks at Sapporo, Osaka (Itami), Fukuoka, Okinawa and Hiroshima airport.

JAL has been awarded the highest levels of COVID-19 safety certifications from two leading international airline advisory organizations, in recognition for its enhanced JAL FlySafe measures at the airport and on board. JAL is the first airline in Asia to simultaneously achieve the highest level 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating from SKYTRAX, and the highest Diamond Certification from APEX Health Safety powered by Simpliflying.


Top Copyright Photo: JAL-Japan Airlines Boeing 737-846 WL JA317J (msn 35346) NRT (Michael B. Ing). Image: 943473.

JAL aircraft slide show: