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SAS doubles the number of flights with pre-order dining

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A321-232 OY-KBB (msn 1642) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 943592.

Scandinavian Airlines – SAS has made this announcement:

By extending the pre-order concept to more travelers on short haul flights from October 2018, SAS now takes new steps to reduce food waste and to personalize the on board experience. Furthermore, the initiative is in line with the vision of the next generation of traveling.

Starting from flights departing on October 1, 2018, it will now be possible to pre-order from the full day and evening menus on SAS Scandinavian and European flights from 80 minutes flight time, instead of 120 minutes as today, and thereby doubling the number of flights where pre-order is available. The initiative entails that pre-order options are now offered at a total number of approximately 80.000 SAS flights a year.Travelers have the possibility to choose from an assortment of 11 fresh food selections, including the well-received New Nordic by SAS salad cubes launched in spring 2017.

“Pre-ordering meals are popular and appreciated among our passengers. It is a modern, premium and innovative service concept, which allows travelers to customize their journey and order precisely that kind of food they wish to enjoy on board, for example vegan, gluten free, or specific types of meat-dishes. This is why we have chosen to double the number of flights where the pre-order concept is available. SAS always strives to be at the forefront of innovation and pioneering the next generation of traveling. Pre-ordering meals when traveling with SAS is easy. Travelers can do it during the booking process, or choose to do so at a later stage by logging in to the “My bookings” page at the SAS website. Here they will find a wide variety of food, satisfying all taste pallets”, says Thérèse Lorenius, VP Product and Services.

Extending the pre-order concept is a part of SAS’s environmental and sustainability work. Pre-order is an evident tool to reduce food waste, as it ensures the right amount and type of meals are loaded to match customer demands on each specific flight. While ensuring that the food SAS offers is tasty, inspiring and of highest quality, it is also a way to ensure low food waste. As ingredients and tastes change throughout the year, the New Nordic by SAS menus are optimized and customized based on the selected and fresh ingredients of the season.

On European routes with a flight time on 3 hours or above, SAS continues to load a wide assortment of fresh food on board, including the New Nordic by SAS salad cubes during the day. Salad cubes will no longer automatically be loaded on European and Scandinavian flights shorter than 3 hours.

Breakfast boxes, sandwiches, pizza and snacks will still be available to travelers in SAS Go without pre-ordering and SAS continues to offer travelers numerous food and snack options from the café menu which are continuously upgraded, latest by September 30, 2018.

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SAS may sell its 37.5% share in Air Greenland

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 2002

SAS issued this statement:


The Government of Denmark and the Government of Greenland have on September 10, 2018 come to a political agreement in which it is mentioned that the Government of Greenland will look into acquiring the shares in Air Greenland owned by the Danish State.

The acquisition is conditional on the two parties reaching satisfying agreements on a number of issues, including a satisfying agreement on the valuation of the shares.

Furthermore, the acquisition of the shares owned by the Danish State is conditional on getting the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

Following the political agreement mentioned above, SAS and the Government of Greenland also announce that the Government of Greenland will consider buying the 37.5% stake in Air Greenland owned by SAS.

This potential acquisition is subject to the same terms and conditions as outlined above, and conditional on SAS AB board approval.

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Video: SAS A330 Business Class Hong Kong – Stockholm

New video from Just Planes: During the Cockpit Filming of SAS Airbus A330-300 from Hong Kong to Stockholm Arlanda, JustPlanes takes a look at the Business Class service offered by the airline on this route.

SAS reports strong earnings in peak seasons

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A320-251N WL SE-DOZ (msn 7565) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 943344.

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has issued its financial report, ending on July 31, 2018:

MAY 2018 – JULY 2018

  • Revenue: MSEK 13,146 (12,210)
  • Earnings before tax and nonrecurring items: MSEK 1,978 (1,863)
  • EBT: MSEK 2,004 (1,973)
  • Net income for the period: MSEK 1,546 (1,535)
  • Return on invested capital (ROIC), LTM: 13% (13%)
  • Earnings per common share SEK 3.97 (4.39)
  • Outlook for 2017/2018 is upgraded to around SEK 2 billion (page 10)

Top Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A320-251N WL SE-DOZ (msn 7565) PMI (Ton Jochems). Image: 943344.

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SAS upgrades Boston to daily departures

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 937556.

Starting with the 2019 summer program, SAS will offer departures every day to Boston from Copenhagen. From four departures a week, SAS will fly daily.

More SAS flights to Boston. To meet growing demand from both business travelers and holidaymakers, SAS will operate daily flights starting with the 2019 summer program.

SAS will have daily departures from May 6 to September 27, 2019.

Following a short break in the winter program, the route will re-open in the summer program when demand is particularly strong.

The route re-opens on March 31, 2019 with four weekly departures. From May 6 to September 27, 2019 SAS will have daily departures from Copenhagen and Boston.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by SAS): Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 937556.

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SAS opens a new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 939958.

In October, SAS will open a new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong. This means that the route that currently flies from Stockholm, Arlanda, to Hong Kong, will be moved to Copenhagen, Kastrup, starting from the 2018 winter program.

Since launching the route three years ago, SAS has faced challenges when it comes to profitability on the Stockholm-Hong Kong route. However, thanks to a new airport slot, SAS will now be able to offer a more attractive timetable with in demand night flights to and from Hong Kong.

In order to be able to exploit the new airport slot and offer a night flight to Scandinavia from Hong Kong, the route needs to be flown from Copenhagen for operational reasons.

SAS will fly from Copenhagen to Hong Kong five days a week with good connections from Stockholm, the rest of Scandinavia and the whole of northern Europe. The opportunity to fly from Copenhagen offers good long-term market prospects with a large catchment area and operational advantages.

Schedule information:

Schedule W18/19 (local time)
Flight From/To First flight DOOP STD STA
SK 965 CPH-HKG 28-okt-18 ..34567 20:55 14:45+1
SK 966 HKG-CPH 28-okt-18 .2..567 01:20 06:20
SK 966 HKG-CPH 29-okt-18 1…… 01:35 06:35
Current S18 schedule (local time)
Flight From/To Last flight DOOP STD STA
SK 963 ARN-HKG 27-okt-18 1..4567 15:00 07:20+1
SK 964 HKG-ARN 27-okt-18 12..567 09:20 14:40

Copyright Photo: Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKU (msn 1715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 939958.

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SAS launches a new and exclusive Champagne and beer selection this summer

Scandinavian Airlines has made this announcement:

SAS is looking forward to treating travelers this summer continuing two exciting collaborations delivering exclusive new inflight drinks.  A SAS exclusive deal with Charles Heidsieck will serve up a new vintage Champagne, while a continued collaboration with Mikkeller delivers a summery non-alcoholic beer from the Danish brewery.

The partnership with Charles Hiedsieck Rose Vintage Champagne means SAS Business passengers will be the only ones in the world able to taste a newly released vintage, with SAS replacing its Non-Vintage Brut with the previously unreleased Rose vintage 2005 and all remaining bottles of the 2006 vintage.

SAS Head Chef Peter Lawrence comments, “We selected this new Champagne as its taste profile is a perfect match for our Business class cabin.  With fruity notes and tasting of figs, pine nuts and brioche, with a long, balanced finish, the new Champagne elevates our offering to the next level.  Offering the previously unreleased Rose vintage of 2005 and securing all stocks of the 2006 vintage, means we are serving an exclusive Champagne to our travelers”.

In an ongoing collaboration with Danish brewery Mikkeller, SAS is also following up the introduction of its first exclusive beers, introduced a year ago as part of the ‘New Nordic Food & Beverage’ concept, with a non-alcoholic beer.  Served on all SAS routes, the new non-alcoholic beer is brewed to deliver a light yet fruity taste, where the hops, Belgian yeast and spices offer a complex and very drinkable beer, perfect for the summer season.

Peter comments, “SAS continuously works to update and improve our onboard beverage menu, and we believe we lead the market with our offering.  Since launching our new onboard dining concept a year ago, we have introduced several new and different beers, including exclusive brews from Danish brewery Mikkeller, but felt that a non-alcoholic beer was missing from our selection”.

Peter continues, “Our beers are all based on the best ingredients available and common to all SAS x Mikkeller beers are that they set a new standard for beverages served onboard flights.  Many are brewed and fermented using wild yeast and each is served at the peak of their flavor and profile.  SAS has worked together with Mikkeller to so far develop 18 different and exclusive beers, one cocktail and one vodka and we look forward to continuing with our collaboration – there are six beers already in development to be released in the future exclusively onboard our flights”.

All photos by SAS.