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SAS to offset the flight carbon footprint of EuroBonus members

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has issued this statement:

Effective February 1, 2019, SAS is going to offset the flight carbon footprint of all tickets booked using a EuroBonus number.

This is part of an ambitious program by SAS to reduce climate changing emissions, that also includes more energy efficient aircraft and the increased use of biofuels.

By including carbon offset for its EuroBonus program members, 40 percent of SAS’ passenger-related carbon dioxide emissions will be offset. SAS already offsets all youth tickets and its own business travel within the company. EuroBonus is the most popular loyalty travel and experiences program in Scandinavia with 5.6 million members.

“Our most loyal customers and frequent flyers share our wish for more sustainable travel. Our customers who fly to, from and within Scandinavia should be aware that SAS strives to reduce our carbon footprint on a daily basis,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO, SAS.

SAS contribution to offsetting emissions is based on statistics and will be calculated by Natural Capital Partners, and that helps its clients with emission reducing mechanisms in different projects.

“Carbon dioxide compensation is one of several environment and sustainability initiatives being pursued by SAS and is something we now do as we have done all we can to reduce our climate impact with the aid of current technology,” says Lars Andersen Resare, Head of Sustainability at SAS.

During the year, SAS will make it even easier for customers to reduce their carbon footprint by offering opportunities to upgrade to biofuel when purchasing tickets. SAS has set a target of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by the year 2030, when SAS intends to use biofuel corresponding to total fuel consumption for all SAS domestic flights within Scandinavia.


SAS expands its fleet – leases three Airbus A321 Long Range aircraft

SAS has signed a leasing agreement with ALC (Air Lease Corporation) which means SAS will expand its aircraft fleet with three Airbus A321LR. This gives SAS an opportunity to offer travelers more intercontinental routes, fewer stopovers and shorter travel times to and from Scandinavia. The first aircraft will enter into service in the first half of 2020.

The aircraft type Airbus A321LR is a narrow-body specially configured to fly longer distances than a standard A321neo. The aircraft has sufficient range to reach Northeast US, one of the most important intercontinental markets for SAS. The A321LR can also reach destinations in Canada, the Middle East and India from Scandinavia.

“This is an entirely new aircraft type for SAS that is incredibly well suited to the Scandinavian market and our travel patterns. We are looking forward to launching new routes and to evaluate the A321LR in production,” says Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO, SAS.

SAS current flies wide-body aircraft that seat up to 266 passengers on its intercontinental routes. The A321LR is a smaller aircraft, which gives SAS the opportunity to fill the aircraft on new routes. For example, these can be new destinations on smaller markets or existing destinations from smaller airports. SAS currently flies intercontinental services from the three Scandinavian capital cities.

The aircraft is part of the latest generation of aircraft and is expected to reduce climate impacting emissions by a similar amount as when SAS introduced the A320neo. The carbon footprint of the latter is approximately 15-18 % smaller than an equivalent size aircraft of the previous generation.

“Climate is a crucial issue for the airline industry and SAS aims to lead the way in driving the switch to sustainable travel. We have set a target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2030,” Gustafson says.

SAS is now in the process of deciding on the first routes and cabin configuration of the aircraft. The new routes will gradually be communicated from spring 2019. The first A321LR will enter into service in the first half of 2020.

Image: SAS.

SAS to rename tickets types

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has released this statement:

To make it easier for travelers to choose the right ticket SAS will rename its ticket types as of  November 13, 2018. Both the price and the content of the ticket types will stay the same.

SAS. Scandinavian Airlines. SAS New Cabin.

SAS offers tickets in three well known travel classes; SAS Business, SAS Plus and SAS Go. Within these three, there are seven ticket types that will get new names in order to make it easier for customers to differentiate them from each other.

“Travelers expect ease, clarity and efficiency. We want to make it easier for our customers to understand what type of ticket they buy and what is included. It is only the ticket name that changes – there is no difference in content or in the price,” says Annelie Nässén, EVP Global Sales and Marketing, SAS.

The names of the three travel classes SAS Business, SAS Plus and SAS Go will stay the same. The new names for the ticket types are – “Light”, “Smart” and “Pro” and will be combined with the travel class names.

The new classes are named SAS Business Smart, SAS Business Pro, SAS Plus Smart, SAS Plus Pro, SAS Go Light, SAS Go Smart, SAS Go Pro. The SAS Business travel classes are available on flights outside Europe. The name change will take place on 13 November 2018 and tickets that are bought before the name change will automatically get the new names.

SAS improves the travel experience in Copenhagen Airport


Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has issued this statement:

At Copenhagen Airport passengers traveling with SAS can now enjoy both upgraded lounges with innovative technology features, and new service products. The new products will make time spent in the airport more efficient and pleasant.



Travelers can now beat the effects of jet lag and winter depression with light therapy, enjoy a barista-brewed coffee or try out new technology before heading off on their next trip.


SAS is investing an amount in the double-digit million range to improve the travel experience for passengers traveling to and from Copenhagen Airport. These investments include a comprehensive upgrade of the SAS Lounges, a brand-new SAS Service Point and a redesign for SAS Fast Track.



“We’ve made a large investment that takes our services at Copenhagen Airport to a new level,” says Lars Sandahl Sørensen, Group Director at SAS. “SAS passengers can now enjoy a modern and innovative service that is among the best in the industry and spend their time at the airport doing exactly what they want and find useful, whether traveling for business or pleasure.”


Room for more guests in the lounges

The SAS Lounges at Copenhagen Airport have been refurbished with brand-new, classical Scandinavian furnishings and a design that is optimized for the rising number of visitors, which is the result of more passengers traveling with SAS. The SAS Business Lounge has been given more seats and upgraded toilets and washing facilities. The furnishings also ensure that the rooms and spaces feel larger and more airy.


“Copenhagen is a large and important SAS hub, where thousands of passengers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and all over the world board SAS aircraft every day,” Sørensen says. “They expect us to deliver the service for which we are renowned, and we can now make the travel experience even smoother and more comfortable, both in the airport and onboard the aircraft.”


Passengers in the new SAS Gold Lounge can enjoy a barista-brewed coffee and beat the effects of jet lag and winter depression in Scandinavia’s dark, winter months using light therapy in the ‘Daylight Booster Zone’. In the SAS Lounge, passengers can now try out and explore upcoming technology and digital products in a new innovation hub, hosted by tech giant Panasonic.


The lamps and light fittings in the lounges are LED-based and energy-saving. All light installations have been designed centred around circular economy. This means, parts and material can be recycled and upcycled.


SAS customers can also experience a new and updated range of wines in the lounges and those who are in a hurry can now enjoy the ‘On the Go’ food bar, a concept adapted to modern travelers, who visit the lounge a short time before departure.

The Kids Room in the SAS Lounge has also been renovated, with a new, child-friendly design. Here, children can watch an animated film, relax, read a book, build a train track or a tower of bricks and create a chalk drawing on the wall. Passengers can take children under the age of two with them into the lounge free of charge.

Brand-new SAS Service Point

A brand-new SAS Service Point has also opened in Terminal 3, where SAS check-in and Bag Drop are located. The SAS Service Point has a recognizable SAS identity and, among other things, will provide computers for booking tickets, check-in, charging points for mobiles, tablets, etc. and personal service from SAS staff, who can help if problems arise with the customer’s journey.

SAS Fast Track, which is located in Terminal 3, has also been given a visual refresh and an interior in line with SAS’ updated design concept, which is characterized by subdued color tones and long-lasting materials such as leather, metal and wood.

All photos by SAS.                     

SAS introduces SAS Youth Go Light

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKT (msn 1697) LAX (Ron Monroe). Image: 994025.

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS issued this statement:

SAS launches SAS Youth Go Light, connecting Nordic countries and the US from October 31, 2018.  In addition, even lower prices are currently available on all classes of youth tickets. SAS Youth Tickets are always CO2-compensated.

Now, young travelers can choose to fly with cabin baggage only and enjoy even lower prices with SAS Youth Tickets.

On October 31, 2018, SAS introduces ‘SAS Go Light’ for youth class tickets between the Nordic countries and the US.

SAS Youth Tickets, available to all travelers aged between 12 – 25, and including the new SAS Youth Go Light class, are always CO2-compensated, as part of SAS’ environmental and sustainability work.

SAS Youth Go Light is smart way to travel with SAS. Travelers can bring one cabin baggage and a small handbag or laptop bag on board.

SAS Youth Go Light is available on all SAS flights between Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland to New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Flying to the US from Finland includes a connection in either Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo.

In addition, even lower prices are currently available on all classes of youth tickets. Young travelers can explore Scandinavia and Europe from only 399 SEK / 399 NOK / 299 DKK. This offer is valid on youth tickets booked by midnight on October 29, 2018, valid for travel between December 8, 2018 – March 31, 2019.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by SAS): Scandinavian Airlines-SAS Airbus A330-343 LN-RKT (msn 1697) LAX (Ron Monroe). Image: 994025.

SAS aircraft slide show:


SAS introduces premium dining for SAS Go travelers

Scandinavian Airlines-SAS has made this announcement:

SAS now gives SAS Go travelers the chance to upgrade their dining experience by pre-ordering premium menus on long haul flights. Aiming to further enhance the personalisation of the airlines’ on-board experience, the initiative is also in line with the development of the next generation of traveling and a part of SAS’s environmental and sustainability work.

We believe true travelers wish to add that little extra element to their flying experience. Therefore, SAS now introduces the possibility to enhance the dining experience on board, also when traveling in SAS Go.

Starting from November 2018, SAS Go travelers on long haul flights can pre-order a premium menu to upgrade and enhance their dining experience.

Karl Sandlund, Executive Vice President Commercial comments, “Our new tailored pre-order concept is part of our strategy to strengthen our on board service, delivering innovative and personalised services that we know our customer value. SAS always strive to be at the forefront of innovation and to pioneer the next generation of travelling, and we are glad to introduce carefully selected and brand new premium dining experiences for our passengers on our long haul flights”.

Travelers will be able to choose from four freshly prepared menus. Each is a ‘Premium set menu’, featuring original, fresh dishes, including a seasonal starter, main course and dessert, as well as a choice of two drinks from a listed selection. In addition, the cutlery and glasses offered alongside our menus are exclusively designed for SAS, in partnership with top Scandinavian designers.

New travel trend

Trend analysis and forecasts currently show that the demand for tailor made travel experiences and pre-ordering has grown and is predicted to increase still further going forward. In response to this trend, SAS’s pre-order concept is being introduced onto long haul flights, following its successful introduction onto short haul flights.

As well as delivering a personalised service, pre-ordering is also a part of SAS’ environmental and sustainability work, helping the loading of fresh food to be more accurate, minimizing food waste and weight on board.

Karl Sandlund comments, “Our new premium pre-order concept has been introduced in response to trend data and customer feedback. A pioneering concept in the travel industry, our vision is to continuously develop and explore new ways to make life easier for our travelers, by offering innovative and desired services”.

SAS introduced pre-order on short haul flights in 2016 and the concept’s popularity has grown since launch. In 2017, day and evening options for pre-order in SAS Go was extended to include a choice of 11 meals, leading to demand growing by 25%, totalling 120,000 meals served per year.

In 2018 SAS extended the option to pre-order from day and evening menus on flights in Scandinavia and Europe, extending the service to all flights with a minimum of 80 minutes, reduced from previously flights of 120 minutes or longer, doubling the number or European flights with pre-order options. Pre-order is now offered on a total of approximately 80,000 SAS flights per year, with SAS expecting demand to grow as it works to further improve and expand the offer.

General facts

Prices for the new “Premium set menus” start from SEK 190 / NOK 190 /DKK 150 / EUR 19 / USD 23

Pre-ordering your meals when traveling with SAS is easy. Travelers can easily arrange it when booking a flight, or choose to do so at a later stage by logging in to the “My bookings” page at the SAS website.

If travelers choose to pre-order, the ordinary included meal on SAS Go will be replaced by the selected premium meal. The second meal served before landing is not affected by the order.

All photos by SAS.