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British Airways starts Airbus A320neo operations

First Airbus A320neo for British Airways, delivered on April 10, 2018

British Airways on April 15 put its first Airbus A320neo (G-TTNA) into revenue service on the London (Heathrow) – Lisbon route.

The new type will also fly to Budapest, Madrid and Warsaw from LHR this summer season according to Airline Route.

Copyright Photo: British Airways Airbus A320-251N WL F-WWIV (G-TTNA) (msn 8108) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 941328.

British Airways aircraft slide show (Airbus):


British Airways releases gender pay gap figures for 2018

British Airways has released its Gender Pay Gap figures. The airline’s statistics show that the median hourly pay difference between men and women is 10 percent, compared to the national average of 18.1 percent*.

The airline’s median bonus pay difference is -19 percent, which, using this calculation, means that the bonus pay gap favours women.

Of British Airways’ workforce 46 percent of employees are female and 54 per cent are male.  The airline employs women in many areas that traditionally have been male-dominated, including pilots, engineering and roles within the ramp team, such as baggage handling and aircraft loading.

British Airways recognises there is more work to do on gender pay balance; one area of focus is its pilots, who attract high levels of pay and are overwhelmingly male.  When pilots are excluded from the calculations, the pay gap favours women by one per cent.

British Airways has been recruiting female pilots for more than 30 years and the percentage of female flight crew at the airline is six per cent, double the national average of around three to four per cent. The airline recognises that there is a gender imbalance within its pilot community and is working to address this in part through greater visibility of its female pilots to inspire the next generation.

British Airways employees including female pilots visit schools, colleges and recruitment events to inspire girls and women to take up a career in aviation, and to enter roles in engineering and flight operations. Female role models are used in recruitment campaigns and media activity. The airline will continue to recruit female managers into a new mentoring programme.

Earlier this month, to celebrate International Women’s Day, British Airways invited school girls to take part in an all-female operated flight, highlighting the airline’s female flight planners, ground staff, baggage handlers, flight dispatchers, engineers and pilots. More than 60 British Airways female staff took part in the event. The video can be watched here.

British Airways confirmed that pay for the majority of its workforce, including pilots, cabin crew, engineers, airport workers and call handlers is collectively agreed, so therefore men and women receive the same pay for these roles.

Maria da Cunha, British Airways’ Director of People and Legal said: “We are pleased with the progress that we are making in encouraging diversity within our organisation, but we’re not complacent – we know that there is work to do to encourage more women into STEM roles, and specifically into our pilot community. We are fully committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the customers we serve and to promote an inclusive and collaborative culture.”

The full report can be read here.

*Source: Office for National Statistics

  • Equal pay is when men and women performing equal work receive equal pay, as set out in the Equality Act 2010.
  • Gender pay gap refers to the difference between men’s and women’s average earnings across the organisation, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. The gender pay gap in the UK is 18.1 percent.
  • All colleagues at British Airways are enrolled into the organisation’s corporate bonus scheme. The median bonus pay gap (-19 percent) favours women.
  • British Airways has four subsidiaries which employ more than 250 people – BA Cityflyer, British Airways Holidays, British Airways Maintenance, Cardiff (BAMC) and Gatwick Ground Services. These will be reporting their figures separately, but when these figures are added to British Airways’ figures, the median hourly pay gap drops from 10 per cent to nine percent.


British Airways operates an “Aerobility Aurora” flight to view the Northern Lights

Picture by: Stuart Bailey

British Airways on February 24 hosted a special Aerobility Aurora flight last to view the northern lights at 30,000 feet. Aerobility supporters, volunteers and British Airways crew enjoyed a spectacular evening hosted by Tim Peake.

The British astronaut joined 142 lucky stargazers on the Aerobility Aurora flight that took off from Gatwick and headed North to take in the natural light display.

Picture by: Stuart Bailey

Starwatchers started the day at Gatwick airport, where they heard from Aurora expert and BBC The Sky At Night presenter Pete Lawrence before enjoying a special guest lecture from Tim Peake. At sunset they boarded the A320 aircraft and headed to 61 degrees North to the coast of the Shetland Isles, in the hope of witnessing the celestial spectacle.

As customers prepared for the evening’s events and adjusted their eyes to the night sky, Pete Lawrence entertained those on board with a running commentary over the PA system throughout the flight, pointing out star constellations as well as the glowing light formation visible through the aircraft windows.

Aerobility is a charity that gives people with a disability the chance to fly, and all proceeds from the evening will be used to support aviation based opportunities for disabled young people, disabled adults and wounded soldiers. In attendance was Mike Miller-Smith MBE, CEO of the charity, British Airways senior first officer and Aerobility Chairman Shona Bowman and first officer and Aerobility Trustee Andy Robins.

Captain Ian Mills, who operated the flight, said: “To be able to view the Northern Lights while supporting such a great charity is a great experience. British Airways is incredibly proud to be able to support this special charter flight and we are delighted that we’ve played a part in helping raise money for a fantastic cause.”

Mike Miller-Smith MBE, CEO of Aerobility, said: “The Aerobility Aurora flight required a huge amount of hard work and planning, and with the help of British Airways, tonight has been a great success. Aerobility supporters and the British Airways crew have been fantastic.”

In 2012 Mike delivered a speech at a British Airways pilot forum about passengers with reduced mobility and had a profound impact on many of the attendees. From here, his involvement with the airline grew and in 2013 British Airways recognised Aerobility as one of its supported charities. The airline donates tickets and flight simulator experiences to help people with a disability experience the magic of flying.

Airline safety can be fun – according to these 6 videos

Let’s face it: Airline safety videos are a tricky matter. It’s a challenge for carriers to present content that’s been heard a million times before in a way that makes it seem like it’s the latest thing. Furthermore, this prerecorded material should be creative enough to make passengers – from all backgrounds and attention spans – watch it from start to finish.

Fortunately, over the years, airlines have produced inventive safety videos, proving that with the right amount of imagination, it’s possible to make something as routine as reminding people to fasten their seatbelts fun and rather memorable. So, are these six short clips entertaining or just distracting? You be the judge.

1. Singapore Airlines 

The Singapore Girl is a prominent element of the Singaporean national carrier’s marketing. Here, dressed in her signature sarong kebaya – made of traditional Asian batik and designed by Parisian couturier Pierre Balmain in 1968 – she takes passengers on a tour of the island city-state. Along the way, important instructions to ensure one’s safety on board are shown.

2. British Airways 

This six-minute short features some of the the UK’s best-known actors, comedians and celebrities, such as Rowan Atkinson, Ian McKellen, Gordon Ramsay and Thandie Newton. Done in collaboration with the UK charity Comic Relief, these personalities are seen auditioning in sketches in front of comedian Asim Chaudhry – as his alter ego Chabuddy G –for a role in British Airways’ new safety video.

3. Philippine Airlines 

According to the Philippine flag carrier, inflight safety is their top priority. In this nationwide crowd-sourced video, various individuals share safety procedures while enjoying some of the Southeast Asian archipelago’s attractions. It’s a safety video and tourism presentation cleverly rolled into one.

4. TAP Portugal 

The Portuguese national airline recruited actual passengers to perform safety instructions in a set located in a hangar at its primary hub, Lisbon Airport. One thousand travellers from different nationalities tried out for a spot in the video, and only 25 were picked to take part in the production which took eight days to complete. All that effort paid off, since the video won the APEX Passenger Choice Award for Best In-Flight Video in 2013.

5. Air France 

Living up to its reputation as the country that invented chic, this video from the French flag carrier features the actress Dorcas Coppins in a flight attendant’s uniform, delivering the safety message in both French and English. Simultaneously, five women in Breton tops and flowy skirts act out the instructions or hold props as a song by American electronic duo Glass Candy plays in the background.

6. Air New Zealand 

To celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – in 2014, the official airline of Middle-earth unveiled what it dubbed “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made.” Directed by Taika Waititi, the four-minute-long clip stars Elijah Wood, Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman, John Rhys-Davies (as Gimli) and New Zealand’s own Sir Peter Jackson.


“Love is in the Air” on British Airways

British Airways Picture by: Stuart Bailey

British Airways has made this announcement:

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, British Airways is adding a romantic touch to its inflight entertainment with the introduction of a new category – Love is in the Air.

Running until the end of February, the category plays host to a collection of films, TV shows and audio programs, all with a romantic theme.

This includes classics like When Harry Met Sally, Chocolat and Love Me Tender, as well as more recent releases like Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

As part of its extensive range of TV shows, British Airways is also adding some love-themed episodes from famous series, including Friends – The One with Candy Hearts, Modern Family – Do You Believe in Magic, and select episodes of Sex and the City.

Finally, the Valentine’s Day range is complemented by poems and excepts from the likes of William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Thomas Hardy, William Wordsworth, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Herbert Lawrence, while actor Michael Sheen reads: A Lover’s Gift from Him to Her.

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ director of brand and customer experience, said: “We’re always looking at ways that we can enhance our extensive range of films, TV shows, documentaries and audiobooks. So, whether customers are in a relationship, looking for love, or happily single, we hope they enjoy the category and look forward to welcoming them on board.”

In August, British Airways released a #BAMagic video of a proposal on board. The airline’s latest #BAMagic story, to be released in the run up to Valentine’s Day, will follow the story of a separate, money-can’t-buy proposal in a very special location.

Customers who fly with British Airways on long-haul flights have free access to over 1,000 hours of films, top TV shows and audio programmes via their personal seatback screen. This includes the very latest Hollywood blockbusters, TV box sets and music provided by British Airways’ High Life entertainment.

The updates come as part of wider changes by the airline for long-haul economy customers. Last month it was announced they will receive a renewed food offering on board including, on longer flights, a full second meal, as part of the airline’s £4.5 billion investment for customers over the next five years.

The Love is in the Air category is available on the majority of the airline’s inflight entertainment systems (approximately two-thirds of the long-haul fleet inflight entertainment systems). Other systems will have a subset of the content.

Full content on the Love is in the Air category:


Silver Linings Playbook
When Harry Met Sally
Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool
Home Again
Love Me Tender
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


First Dates S3: Episode 7
New Girl S6: Ep16 operation Bobcat
Big Bang Theory S3: Ep15 The Large Hadron Collision
Friends S1: Ep Ep14 The One With Candy Hearts
Arrested Development S1: Ep12 The Marta Complex
Man With A Plan S1: Ep13 Valentine’s Day
Modern Family S8: Ep12 Do You Believe In Magic
Sex and the City S6: Eps 19+20


Poems and excerpts from William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Robert Burns, Puccini, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Thomas Hardy, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Butler Yeats, Alfred Tennyson, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, David Herbert Lawrence.

Actor Michael Sheen reads: “A Lover’s Gift From Him To Her”

Poems and excerpts from The Bible, Puccini, Katherine Mansfield, Emily Bronte, Byron, Charlotte Bronte, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce.

Audiobooks: Reading – The Music Shop- a love story and journey through music, is written, adapted and read by Rachel Joyce.

Photo: British Airways.

Wi-Fi taking off on board British Airways

British Airways has made this announcement:

British Airways has started powering some of its long-haul aircraft with high-speed Wi-Fi, with its first three connected aircraft now in service.  The airline will connect 118 of its long haul aircraft over the next two years.

Customers will be advised of the availability of Wi-Fi when they board a connected aircraft allowing them to browse and stream from the comfort of their seat.

Using the latest generation technology, British Airways will provide high-speed bandwidth to customers, with internet being available approximately 10 minutes after take-off when the aircraft has passed 10,000ft. The portal will work with the latest operating systems from Apple, Android and Windows, allowing customers to connect on a variety of devices.

To celebrate the launch, British Airways is partnering with Visa to connect customers on board the first Wi-Fi enabled flights. For a limited time, customers will be able to connect to high speed Wi-Fi and enjoy an hour of free browsing and streaming, courtesy of Visa.

Customers can choose from two paid-for Wi-Fi packages including the ‘Browse’ package, which supports internet surfing, social media and WhatsApp, or the ‘Stream’ package, which supports streaming of music and entertainment, from the very best online content services, including Netflix*. The packages are available to purchase for one hour, four hours or the full flight.

Staying connected is important to our customers who want to be able to work, browse and stream in the air. They can now look forward to enjoying the latest generation Wi-Fi across our long haul fleet over the next two years.”

British Airways has launched its multi-million pound investment plan to benefit its customers with a focus on excellence in the premium cabins and more choice and quality for all.

Six hundred million pounds will be spent on Club World with an emphasis on improved catering and sleep, and a new seat in the future. At Heathrow a First Wing check-in area with direct security and lounge access has launched, and lounges around the airline’s network are to be revamped and improved. The Club Europe cabin has also been introduced on UK domestic services and all customers can look forward to the latest generation Wi-Fi across British Airways’ long-haul and short-haul fleets over the next two years.

Prices for the Browse package begin from £4.99 and Stream from £7.99.

* Netflix allows customers to pick from Hollywood movies, top TV shows, documentaries, independent films, stand-up comedy, a wide range of kids titles and the latest new Netflix’s Original such as Bright or Altered Carbon.

Top Photo: British Airways.

British Airways aircraft slide show (Boeing):

Below Copyright Photo: British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGG (msn 28859) LHR (SPA). Image: 929324.

British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-BYGG (msn 28859) LHR (SPA). Image: 929324.

Bloomberg: British Airways is in negotiations with Airbus for more A380s

British Airways Airbus A380-841 G-XLED (msn 144) LHR (SPA). Image: 940743.

British Airways, according to a report by Bloomberg, is currently in talks with Airbus for a new order for additional A380s.

BA currently operates an even dozen of the widebody type.

Copyright Photo: British Airways Airbus A380-841 G-XLED (msn 144) LHR (SPA). Image: 940743.

British Airways Airbus aircraft slide show: