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Southwest to put the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 into revenue service on October 1, 2017

Southwest Airlines (Dallas) is planning to introduce the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 into revenue service on October 1, 2017. According to Airline Route, the carrier will use nine aircraft to inaugurate service on October 1, 2017.

The actual inaugural flight will be flight WN1 from Dallas (Love Field) to Houston (Hobby), the original WN route.

Image: Southwest Airlines.


Southwest to fly from Oakland to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta starting on February 12, 2017, extends schedule through late April with new routes

Southwest to fly from Oakland to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta starting on February 12, 2017, extends schedule through late April with new routes

Beginning on February 12, 2017, Southwest Airlines will fly nonstop daily between Oakland and both San Jose del Cabo/Los Cabos, Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In addition, beginning on March 9, 2017, Southwest will add daily service between Houston (Hobby) and Omaha and between New York/Newark and Ft. Lauderdale./Hollywood.

Also starting on March 11, 2017 and furthering its network development of the carrier’s near-international service, Southwest has published new nonstop service to operate seasonally on Saturdays between Denver and Belize City, Belize.

Also on March 11, 2017, Southwest launches nonstop service to operate seasonally on Saturdays and Sundays between Dallas Love Field and Jacksonville.

This coming weekend, on Sunday, August 7, 2016, Southwest will inaugurate international service from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Nassau, The Bahamas.

Copyright Photo: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8H4 SSWL N8658A (msn 36899) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 931547.

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Southwest Airlines to operate two new seasonal flights

Southwest Airlines to operate two new seasonal flights

Southwest Airlines has extended its schedule through March 8, 2017 and also announced two new, weekly nonstop offerings to operate during the winter season, Southwest will operate on Saturdays beginning January 7 through March 4, 2017, between Dallas (Love) and Reno; and for travel on Saturdays beginning December 17, 2016, through March 4, 2017, between Newark and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Other markets in the schedule extension include weekend service between Ft. Myers and Buffalo, Flint, Providence, and Washington (Reagan National), and Kansas City, daily.

Other weekend service links Orlando and Detroit, Flint, Richmond and Omaha. The carrier also intends to fly nonstop on Saturdays between Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

In addition, Southwest has optimized its flight schedules to bring additional flights for football fans traveling with their favorite team in mid-September by adding special nonstop service out for sale today between Oakland and New Orleans (weekend of September 9-12, 2016) as well as Columbus and Oklahoma City (weekend of September 16-18, 2016).

Copyright Photo: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-76V WL N559WN (msn 30249) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 933692.

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Southwest introduces its employee-designed uniforms and branded interiors

Southwest announces new Employee-designed uniforms

Southwest announces new Employee-designed uniforms

Southwest Airlines is bringing the Heart of their Employees front and center with the announcement of the carrier’s first-ever Employee-designed uniforms and Boeing 737-800 aircraft Heart interior featuring the new Heart galley and seat.

The airline continued:

Southwest 2014 logo-1

“Introducing our new uniform designs and fully branded 737-800 Heart interiors into the fleet is an accomplishment directly resulting from our hardworking Employee design teams,” said Gary Kelly, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer for Southwest Airlines. “Southwest continues to enhance our unique brand that brings reliable comfort and outstanding Hospitality to 98 destinations in eight countries.”

Southwest first introduced the bold new look of its iconic brand in September 2014, unveiling a new logo, airport experience, and aircraft livery, Heart. Since then, the carrier continued this momentum with the roll out of the Heart brand, largely due to the hard work of Employee design teams and departments from across the Company.

New uniforms Designed by Employees for Employees

With the last complete redesign in 1996, Southwest has selected a new uniform designed by our very own Employees along with our partners at Cintas.

Southwest’s nearly 40,000 frontline Employees are anything but uniform, so it only made sense that a group of 43 vibrant individuals from Ground Ops, Inflight, Provisioning, Technical Operations, and Cargo departments discussed, debated, and designed with Fellow Employees in mind. Once the design was complete, more than 120 Employees across 37 cities tested pieces for fit and comfort, performance and functionality, durability, aesthetics, style, and ease of care.

“Our energetic Employees are the Heart of our airline, and they were the perfect choice to design and develop our new look,” said Sonya Lacore, Vice President Cabin Services and Executive Sponsor of the uniform redesign project. “Our brand, our planes, and our People are bold and modern, and the new uniform represents who our Employees are—spirited, professional, unique, and approachable.”

The new uniform collection embraces the brand colors with splashes of Bold Blue and pops of Signature Red. The final selections will now move into manufacturing, and all Employees will begin wearing the new uniform in mid-June 2017.

Southwest unveils 737-800 Heart interior (example of exit row seating)

Southwest unveils 737-800 Heart interior (example of exit row seating)

New Seats Join the Fleet

The new seat brings Customers additional space and comfort with more leg room. As the widest economy 737 seat, the bold blue seat features an adjustable headreast, enhanced back and bottom comfort, and more room to hold personal belongings.

The seats are upholstered in Southwest’s Bold Blue eLeather, a composition leather made of natural leather fibers. eLeather, which made its debut on Southwest aircraft in 2012, is manufactured using eco-friendly technology including state-of-the-art techniques which recycles 95 percent of the processed water and converts its own waste streams into energy, feeding back into the process.

Serving up Southwest Hospitality

A group of frontline Southwest Employees worked together to create a cutting-edge galley design, which will allow Flight Attendants to serve Customers even more efficiently than before. Unique in the airline industry, the transverse (aft) galley on our new 737-800 aircraft does not have carts (resulting in lighter weight), which means Flight Attendants can quickly prepare and serve Customers via trays—and our Customers can move about the cabin with ease once the seatbelt sign is off.

With the addition of the new G7 galley (located just past the forward-entry door), Flight Attendants will be able to more quickly accommodate Customers in the forward part of our new 737-800 aircraft. Additionally, new space in the forward galley area for required emergency equipment means more overhead bin space for Customers.

Currently, Southwest has three 737-800 aircraft with full Heart interiors flying in the system. The carrier plans to have 28 by year’s end. Stay tuned for more tales from the runway, as Southwest Employees are certain to steal the show!

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Southwest Airlines launches service at Long Beach Airport


Southwest Airlines launches service at Long Beach Airport

Southwest Airlines on June 5, 2016 embarked upon a new chapter in its faithful 35-year partnership with California. The carrier inaugurated service at Long Beach Airport, the carrier’s 98th city served. Southwest now offers service in all five major commercial airports in the L.A. Basin with four flights a day to and from the Bay Area nonstop between Long Beach and Oakland.

Southwest now offers a peak summer schedule of nearly 60 flights a day in each direction between Oakland and Southern California’s five airports in the greater L.A. region, plus San Diego.

Last week, Southwest filed an application for route authority to add new daily international service later this year from LAX to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and San Jose del Cabo/Los Cabos in Mexico, alongside daily service to Costa Rica which began in April. Southwest also flies internationally from John Wayne Airport in Orange County to Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and San Jose del Cabo/Los Cabos.

Copyright Photo: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 WL N784SW (msn 29810) LGB (Michael B. Ing). Image: 999221.

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Southwest files to fly from Los Angeles to three Mexican resort destinations

Southwest files to fly from Los Angeles to three Mexican resort destinations

Southwest Airlines has filed an application with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to extend the carrier’s low fare reach into México markets with new international service from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Southwest is proposing new service to México: twice-daily flights to Cancún and San José del Cabo/Los Cabos, and once daily service to Puerto Vallarta to begin on November 6, 2016, contingent upon route authority approval by the end of this month. Shortly following approval, the carrier intends to offer the flights for sale on

The application requests extra-bilateral authority from the DOT to allow the carrier to sell and serve the new markets during an interim period while the governments of the United States and México take final diplomatic steps to bring the pending liberalized Aviation Agreement between the two nations into force.

Copyright Photo: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8H4 SSWL N8671D (msn 36715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 930583.

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Southwest Airlines pilots file suit against Southwest for pursuing non-contractual aircraft

Southwest Airlines pilots file suit against Southwest for pursuing non-contractual aircraft

Copyright Photo: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8H4 SSWL N8671D (msn 36715) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 930583.

SWAPA, the union representing the pilots of Southwest Airlines on May 16, 2016 filed papers in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas to obtain status quo protection due to unlawful tactics of Southwest Airlines. The carrier is ramping up negotiations pressure by threatening to force its pilots to fly aircraft not listed in the collective bargaining agreement.

Southwest Airlines is the launch customer of Boeing’s new 737-800 MAX aircraft (“the MAX”) with scheduled deliveries beginning the first half of 2017. The pilots assert that Southwest may not operate or threaten to operate the MAX without a contract provision for this aircraft. SWAPA asserts that Southwest Airlines is violating federal law by threatening to proceed unilaterally if an agreement is not reached before the MAX is delivered for use by the carrier.

“Each new type of 737 that has joined the Southwest fleet over the years has required contractual agreement, whether in Section 6 negotiations or through an amendment to a current contract,” said SWAPA President, Captain Jon Weaks. “We believe Southwest Airlines, in planning to fly the MAX without a contract for it, is threatening a breach of status quo under Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act. Pilots cannot be forced into labor without a contract in place.”

Southwest has a firm order for 200 MAX aircraft between 2017-2027 with options on an additional 191 over that same time frame.

“Over the past 10 years there have been multiple instances where our contract was reopened to accommodate the use of a new aircraft, whether it was the 737-700, 737-800, or the B717,” continued Captain Weaks. “The MAX is certainly no different and we expect management to finalize a contract with its pilots expeditiously so that this new aircraft can be flown.”

The pilots have been negotiating with Southwest on a new contract since 2012. Currently in federal mediation, hundreds of pilots will descend upon Chicago on May 18 to engage in informational picketing both on Michigan Avenue and near Chicago Midway airport.

Located in Dallas, Texas, the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association (SWAPA) is a non-profit employee organization representing the more than 8,300 pilots of Southwest Airlines.

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