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AirAsia reports improved results in the first quarter of 2022

Capital A Berhad (formerly known as AirAsia Group Berhad) (“Capital A” or the “Group”) presents the following operating statistics for its airline business for the First Quarter of the Financial Year 2022 (“1Q2022”).

Capital A Berhad Consolidated AOCs¹ has posted another significantly improved result across key operational metrics including a healthy load factor of 76% and capacity of 4.9 million passengers carried respectively in 1Q2022. The number of passengers carried has increased by 284% to 3.7 million year-on-year (“YoY”) in 1Q2022 leading to a 9 percentage points (“ppts”) improvement in load factor. The Group introduced additional capacity of 238% YoY to support the surge in demand, alongside relaxed travel restrictions across the Group. As a result, Available Seat Kilometres (“ASK”) soared by 223% and Revenue Passenger Kilometres (“RPK”) jumped by 264% YoY, primarily attributable to the strong domestic travel rebound and the gradual further easing of travel restrictions in 1Q2022.

For AirAsia Malaysia, the number of passengers carried and the capacity improvement jumped 464% and 455% respectively, compared to the same quarter in the previous year, off the back of the resumption of a significant number of additional domestic flights and the relaunch of numerous domestic routes to connect people between major cities, particularly during the festive season. In 1Q2022, the load factor increased by 1 ppt YoY to 74%. ASK jumped 475% and RPK jumped 476% YoY. These very promising achievements were driven by added frequencies of domestic flights in line with increased demand and were also attributed to the promotional campaigns that took place in 1Q2022.

AirAsia Indonesia also achieved a much improved load factor of 76% in 1Q2022, which surged 20 ppts YoY. Passengers carried and capacity improved by 126% and 141% quarter-on-quarter (“QoQ”), respectively, off the back of additional frequency added for domestic flights, particularly Jakarta to Denpasar and between Jakarta and Medan, to meet huge pent-up demand. The RPK surged 129% to 436 million from 190 million QoQ and increased 22% YoY from 357 million in the quarter.

AirAsia Philippines has continued to record the Group’s highest quarterly load factor at 86%, which rose by 12 ppts YoY, uninterrupted by the steep rise of Omicron variant cases in the Philippines during the quarter. In 1Q2022, the number of seats sold and capacity increased 233% and 186% respectively, compared to the same period last year. Similarly, ASK and the number of flights flown rocketed 203% and 186% YoY, with the support of the huge summer demand following the Philippines Government’s confirmation of further relaxed travel protocols.

In 1Q2022, AirAsia Thailand carried 1.45 million passengers, up 48 ppts YoY, an impressive increase over the past two consecutive quarters, mainly due to a strong recovery in travel demand and the easing of the entry rules as well as the reopening of the Thailand Pass (Test & Go). Noticeably, international tourist arrivals to Thailand increased as a consequence. Furthermore, AirAsia Thailand has increased its flight frequency and routes to cater for the evolving resurgence in travel demand, eventuating in a 32% growth in flights flown to 11,002 flights, in part, from a resumption of international flights. Similarly, the ASK and the seating capacity also improved by 34% on a robust rebound. Moreover, AirAsia Thailand has reallocated its capacity and flights to align with the reviving demand. As a result, the load factor in the reporting quarter was recorded at 73%, rising 7 ppts from the same period last year.

Capital A Berhad Consolidated AOCs – Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines
1st Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Note: (i) The fleet count excludes:
– Two (2) A320 aircraft leased to a third party airline

1st Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

Note: (ii) The fleet count excludes:
– Two (2) A320 aircraft leased to a third party airline

1st Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

1st Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

1st Quarter 2022 Operating Statistics

1. Number of earned seats flown. Earned seats comprise seats sold to passengers (including no-shows)
2. Number of seats flown
3. Number of Passengers Carried as a percentage of Capacity
4. Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) measures an airline’s passenger capacity. Total seats flown multiplied by the number of kilometres flown
5. Revenue Passenger Kilometres (RPK) is a measure of the volume of passengers carried by the airline. Number of passengers multiplied by the number of kilometres these passengers have flown
6. Number of flights flown
7. Number of aircraft including spares

¹ Capital A Berhad Consolidated AOCs refers to AOCs whose financial and operational results are consolidated for financial reporting purposes and these are the Malaysian, Indonesian and Philippines AOCs.

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AirAsia Philippines welcomes strong summer demand

AirAsia Philippines is gearing up for a stronger travel demand this summer as the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) placed Metro Manila and 38 other provinces, mostly AirAsia destinations, under Alert Level 1 beginning today until March 15, 2022.

Intrazonal and interzonal travel is allowed under Alert Level 1 for all public transport including airlines which will be at 100% capacity.  This is expected to entice more people to travel, especially that all AirAsia destinations are now accepting vaccination cards for fully inoculated travelers.  Partially vaccinated guests will also be accepted but subject to LGU travel requirements such as Antigen tests.

But even before the lowering of the alert level, AirAsia Philippines has already recorded a whopping 145,978 seats sold for travels from March 1 to 31, 2022 alone.  This is an increase of 131% from the same month of 2021.

AirAsia Philippines Spokesperson Steve Dailisan said, “AirAsia Philippines attributes this significant increase to revenge traveling with relaxed travel protocols being implemented in most of its destinations. In fact, we are looking forward to sustaining full capacity in time for the various festivities in the different provinces we fly to. Our contribution to our LGU destinations moving forward is to bring as many guests as much as we can with strict adherence to standard health and safety protocols.”

The Malay-Boracay Tourism Office meanwhile recorded 47,500 local and foreign tourist arrivals in the island for the month of February alone. The Bohol Tourism Office also reported the same buoyancy as it recorded 4,196 tourist arrivals in January.  Puerto Princesa Tourism Office on the other hand recorded 1,158 tourist arrivals from December 2021 to February 2022.

Seeing the impending influx of travelers, guests may take advantage of AirAsia Philippines’ 3.3 Summer Blowout and purchase from as low as P233 one-way base fare for popular destinations such as Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Puerto Princesa, Davao and Cagayan De Oro.

AirAsia Philippines increased its flight frequency for the month of March.  Flights to popular summer destinations like Caticlan have been increased from 18x weekly to 34x weekly; Kalibo which is another gateway to Boracay, from 7 x weekly to 11 x weekly; Cebu from 14 x weekly to 21 x weekly; Tagbilaran (Panglao) from 7 x weekly to 14 x weekly; Puerto Princesa from 7 x weekly to 14 x weekly.   Flight frequency to other destinations such as Bacolod was also increased from 7 x weekly to 14 x weekly; Iloilo from 7 x weekly to 14 x weekly; Tacloban from 21 x weekly to 23 x weekly; and Cagayan from 7 x weekly to 9 x weekly.

AirAsia orders 100 additional Airbus A320 Family aircraft

AirAsia A320-200 F-WWIC (9M-AQQ)(12)(Grd) TLS (YD)(LRW)

AirAsia ( (Malaysia) (Kuala Lumpur) has placed a new order with Airbus for 100 additional A320 Family aircraft. The contract covers an additional 64 A320neo and 36 A320ceo aircraft for operation across the carrier’s network.

The order was announced during a visit by British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Airbus wing manufacturing facility at Broughton in the UK, where Mr Cameron witnessed the signing of documents by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia and Fabrice Brégier, President & CEO, Airbus.

The contract reaffirms AirAsia’s position as the largest A320 Family airline customer in the world. Altogether, the carrier has now ordered 475 single aisle aircraft from Airbus, comprising 264 A320neo and 211 A320ceo. Over 100 aircraft have already been delivered to the airline and are flying out of its bases in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Tokyo.

Top Copyright Photo: Eurospot. The first new Airbus A320 for AirAsia with the new Sharklet winglets is this Airbus A320-216 with the temporary registration of F-WWIC (msn 5428) at Toulouse. The new airliner, which also sports the new 2012 livery, will be delivered as 9M-AQQ.

AirAsia (Malaysia): AG Slide Show

Bottom Image: Airbus.

AirAsia A320-200neo (Flt)(Airbus)(LRW)

Thai AirAsia to return to Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport on October 1

Thai AirAsia ( (Bangkok) will move all of its operations from the large (but more congested) Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) back to the smaller (but underutilized) Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) on October 1. The low-fare airline is currently being impacted at BKK with a runway closure that is renovating the east runway until August 9, 2012.

The company issued the following statement:

“AirAsia affirms its readiness to transfer all operations to Don Mueang International Airport by October 1, 2012. The airline assures Don Mueang Airport will be able to accommodate its growing fleet and provide its customers with the utmost satisfaction.”

Thai AirAsia is planning to grow its Airbus A320 fleet to 48 aircraft.

Copyright photo: Jay Selman. Airbus A320-216 HS-ABI (msn 3729) in the standard 2003 livery lines up to land at BKK.

Thai AirAsia: 

AirAsia faces possible legal action in Australia, will launch a new logojet in Thailand

AirAsia ( (Kuala Lumpur) is facing possible legal action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for allegedly failing to disclose the full price of fares for flights from Australia to internation destinations according to this report by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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Copyright Photo: Laurent Errera. Thai AirAsia will soon take delivery of this new “World’s Best Low Cost Airline 2009 2010 2011” logojet. The special Airbus A320-216 with the temporary marks of F-WWIZ will become HS-ABW (msn 4980) on delivery.

AirAsia X to stop flying to India and Europe

AirAsia X ( (Kuala Lumpur) has announced it will suspend scheduled low-fare flights to Mumbai, India from January, while the services to New Delhi, London and Paris will all cease at the end of March due to high taxes and high fuel costs.

The long-range subsidiary of AirAsia will concentrate on serving Asia and Australia. AirAsia will continue to serve India with Airbus A320s.

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Copyright Photo: Pedro Pics. Please click on the photo for information on this Oakland Raiders logojet.

AirAsia X Slide Show: CLICK HERE

AirAsia is considering another order for 25-30 Airbus A320s

AirAsia ( (Malaysia) (Kuala Lumpur) is considering another order for 25 to 30 additional Airbus A320s according to CEO Tony Fernandes and this article in the Business Times.

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Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Please click on the photo for additional information.

AirAsia (Malaysia) Slide Show: CLICK HERE

AirAsia’s domestic routes in Malaysia:

AirAsia to launch the Kuala Lumpur-Da Nang route on December 16

AirAsia ( (Malaysia) (Kuala Lumpur) has announced it will launch the Kuala Lumpur-Da Nang, Vietnam route on December 16.

AirAsia Slide Show: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Please click on the photo for additional information.

AirAsia’s first quarter net profit declines 23% to $56 million

AirAsia Bhd’s (AirAsia Group) (Kuala Lumpur) net profit declined 23% to $56 million for the first quarter ending on March 31.

AirAsia’s Short-Haul Routes from Kuala Lumpur:

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AirAsia’s 2Q profit rises 43% to $63 million, sells 500,000 tickets in 24 hours

AirAsia ( (Malaysia) (Kuala Lumpur) reported its second quarter net profit rose 43 percent to $63 million.

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In other news, the airline is claiming to have set a world record for the most tickets sold in 24 hours – 500,000.

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Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. A fine ramp study of Airbus A320-216 9M-AHE (msn 3327) at Denpasar.