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Albanian Airlines is shut down by the Albanian government

Albanian Airlines (Tirana) lost its AOC on November 10, 2011 as the government of Albania expressed concerns about the airworthiness of its aircraft. All operations were suspended.

Albanian fought back and issued this statement:

“The reason that we are writing to you today is related to a wrongful act that occurred on the Albanian Airlines Company with an order without notice issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Albania Republic. Decision that revokes the air operating certificate (AOC-Al 065). This means blocking the operation of the company in an unfair manner, thus resulting in the cancellation of flights.”

The airline was originally established in May 1991 as Arberia Airlines. It was renamed Albanian Airlines in May 1992. The company was originally formed as a joint venture between the Albanian state-owned Albtransport and Tyrolean Airways.

Copyright Photo: Lucio Alfieri.

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