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go! will thankfully not become Aloha (2nd)

go! (subsidiary of Mesa Air Group) (Honolulu) will not become the second version of Aloha Airlines. A U.S. bankruptcy judge (Lloyd King) denied the recommendation of the Aloha Airlines (1st) (Honolulu) bankruptcy trustee to sell the name to investment company Yucaipa.  Yucaipa was intending to license the use of the “Aloha Airlines” name to Mesa Air Group in order for its go! subsidiary to be renamed.  Unions representing the former employees of Aloha objected to the transfer. The judge cited Mesa’s strategy of forcing the original Aloha out of business as a major reason for the denial.

Meanwhile go! lost $2.1 million in the quarter ending on March 31, 2009.  How long will Mesa stay in the Hawaiian market?