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Blue Air expands its Turin base by adding Palermo flights in April 2021

Blue Air will introduce three weekly services between Turin and Palermo, effective in April 2021.

Blue Air will operate up to 4 flights weekly flights between Turin and Palermo, according to the following schedule:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

TRN 13:30   PMO 15:10

PMO 15:55  TRN 17:35

Blue Air is constantly developing its local network, connecting Turin with 8 key Italian destinations: Alghero, Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Lamezia, Naples, Palermo (NEW), Trapani.

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Blue Air announces the transfer of its Paris operations to Charles de Gaulle Airport, starting December 18, 2020

Blue Air has announced direct flights between Bucharest Otopeni and Paris Charles de Gaulle, effective December 18, 2020.

Starting with December 18, 2020, all Blue Air flights operated on the route Bucharest – Paris will have Charles de Gaulle as their destination airport. Blue Air will transfer to Charles de Gaulle the flights previously operated at Beauvais Airport, offering 3 weekly services under the 20/21 Winter Schedule.

Effective December 18th, Blue Air will operate flights from Bucharest Otopeni to Paris Charles de Gaulle according to the following schedule:


  • Wednesdays, Sundays

Bucharest OTP 08:00 –  Paris CDG 10:05

Paris CDG 10:50 – Bucharest OTP 14:40    


  • Fridays

Bucharest OTP 07:05 – Paris CDG 09:10

Paris CDG 09:55 – Bucharest OTP 13:45  

In other news, the airline also announced flights from Bucharest and Bacau to Rome Ciampino Airport.

Starting on December 18, 2020, all Blue Air flights operated on the route Bucharest – Rome and Bacau – Rome will have Ciampino International Airport Giovani Battista Pastine as their destination airport. Blue Air will implement a temporary transfer of the flights operated at Rome Fiumicino to Ciampino Airport, offering 3 weekly flights on the route Bucharest Otopeni – Rome Ciampino and up to 7 weekly flights on the route Bacau – Rome Ciampino.

From December 18, 2020 Blue Air will operate flights from Bucharest Otopeni to Rome Ciampino according to the following schedule:


Tuesday, Friday, Sunday (18.12. 2020 – 10.01.2021)

Bucharest Otopeni 20:00  Rome Ciampino 21:10 

Rome Ciampino 22:10 Bucharest Otopeni 01:20


  • From December 18, 2020 Blue Air will operate flights from Bacau to Rome Ciampino according to the following schedule:


Monday, Thursday, Saturday (18.12. 2020 – 27.03. 2021)

Bacau 16:35  – Rome Ciampino 17:50 

Rome Ciampino 18:50 – Bacau 22:05     


Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (18.12. 2020 – 27.03.2021)

Bacau 12:45 – Rome Ciampino 14:00 

Rome Ciampino 15:00 – Bacau 18:15  


Tuesdays (12 .01-27.03. 2021)

Bacau 14:35 – Rome Ciampino 15:50

Rome Ciampino 16:35 -18:50 – Bacau 19:50

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Blue Air announces the resumption of international flights from Cluj Napoca

Blue Air has announced the introduction, starting with March 2021, of 13 new routes that will connect Cluj with key destinations in Europe.

At the same time, Blue Air is consolidating its leading position in Moldova, re-launching operations in Bacau after 3 months of service interruption due to the runway reconstruction, and developing its presence by introducing 7 new routes and smart connections from its Bacau base.

Starting with March 2021, Blue Air will operate direct flights to 13 key destinations in Europe from Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj Napoca, including the double daily domestic service to Bucharest. The new routes will optimize travel options of Romanians in the Cluj region, offering them efficient connections with European destinations of major interest for both the business and leisure segments. The new destinations to be operated from Cluj are: Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bruxelles, Dublin, Hamburg, Koln, Larnaca, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome and Stuttgart.

As part of its positioning strategy as the first ULC air transport option for Romanians, Blue Air announces development plans for 2021, focusing on expanding its network of direct and connection routes and on quickly adapting to the profile and demand of local markets.

On the occasion of the reopening of Bacau International Airport, Blue Air reconfirms its commitment to Bacau as a strategic market for the company and announces 7 new routes operated from Bacau starting with December 2020, smart connections with Europe via Bucharest, as well as personalized offers and services, and connectivity solutions adapted to the local needs of the people of Bacau.

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Blue Air launches the Bucharest – Amsterdam route

Blue Air launched the Bucharest – Amsterdam route yesterday (October 9).

The airline announced on social media:

To celebrate the first flight Bucharest – Amsterdam, the Blue Air aircraft was greeted with the traditional water salute upon arrival at Schiphol International Airport.

Happy to be here, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and thank you for the warm welcome!

Marcel Lekkerkerk, Director Route & Business Development Royal Schiphol Group, and Krassimir Tanev, Chief Commercial Officer of Blue Air were happy to cut the blue ribbon to mark the first Blue Air flight on this new route.

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Blue Air introduces 7 new routes for the winter

Blue Air has made this announcement:

Between December 18, 2020 and January 10, 2021, Blue Air introduces a number of 49 new flights weekly to seven of Romanians’ favorite travel destinations for the winter holidays.

Blue Air anticipates a significant increase in its passengers’ travel appetite during the winter holidays and meets their expectations by introducing seven new international routes from Bucharest.

The seven new destinations – Barcelona, ​​Birmingham, Bologna, Glasgow, Madrid, Rome, and Vienna – will be operated on a temporary basis during the 2020-21 Winter Schedule and will be included in the Blue Air 2021 Summer Schedule.

The new flights operated between December 18, 2020 and January 10, 2021 (except for December 25th and January 1st) are:

BUCHAREST – ROME (Fiumicino): 9 flights / week

BUCHAREST – GLASGOW: 7 flights / week

BUCHAREST – MADRID: 5 flights / week

BUCHAREST – BOLOGNA: 7 flights / week

BUCHAREST – VIENNA: 7 flights / week

BUCHAREST – BIRMINGHAM: 7 flights / week

BUCHAREST – BARCELONA: 7 flights / week

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Blue Air expands its Turin base in Italy

Blue Air has made this announcement:

Blue Air enhances its operations in Italy by allocating an additional aircraft to its Turin base, effective September 2020. Blue Air will introduce three new routes from Turin and will increase current flight frequencies on domestic routes.

Blue Air upgrades its offer of 7 domestic routes (2 New) from Turin with a double daily service to Catania, a daily service to Lamezia Terme and new services to Bari (New) and Cagliari (New), in addition to the existing service to Naples, Alghero and Trapani.

Blue Air will fly to 8 destinations from / to its Turin base, according to the following schedule:

Turin – Catania 13 flights / week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Lamezia 7 flights / week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Bari 6 flights / week NEW ROUTE

Turin – Cagliari 4 fights / week NEW ROUTE

Turin – Naples 4 flights/ week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Alghero 3 flights/ week ADDITIONAL FREQUENCY

Turin – Trapani 2 flights/ week

Turin – Bacau 3 flights/ week NEW ROUTE from October 1st


“We are happy to announce the expansion of our operations in Turin as part of Blue Air’s strategy to offer ever-better connectivity between key regions in Italy. Since 2015, Blue Air has continuously invested in the Turin market, consolidating its operations on the local base and achieving a sustainable growth of its customer base and local expertise. By allocating two aircraft to our Turin base, we are now further developing our local network, introducing new routes and supplementing our flights between Italy’ s most sought-after destinations. Italy is a core market for us, and Blue Air is restating its commitment to the Italian travelers by quickly adapting to the growing demand for domestic travel and by offering more connectivity at best-in-class service and fair prices. At the same time, we respond to the extensive demand for regional connection between Moldova and Northern Italy by reintroducing the Bacau-Turin route from October 1st”. says Oana Petrescu, Blue Air CEO.

Blue Air announces 5 new routes from Bacau starting October 1

Blue Air has made this announcement:

Starting October 1, 2020 Blue Air will fly to 13 destinations from / to its Bacau base, according to the following schedule:

Bacau – London Luton 7 flights/week

Bacau – Rome Fiumicino 7 flights/week

Bacau – Bergamo 6 flights/week

Bacau – Turin 5 flights/week

Bacau – Dublin 4 flights/week

Bacau – Bucharest Otopeni 4 flights/week NEW ROUTE

Bacau – Cluj Napoca 3 flights/week NEW ROUTE

Bacau – Brussels 3 flights/week

Bacau – Paris Beauvais 2 flights/week NEW ROUTE

Bacau – Madrid 2 flights/week

Bacau – Barcelona 2 flights/week

Bacau – Cologne 2 flights/week NEW ROUTE

Bacau – Munich 2 flights/week NEW ROUTE

“We are happy to announce the upgrade in our Bacau operations as part of our committment to focus on better connectivity between key domestic destinations and between major Romanian hubs and the rest of Europe. By allocating three aircraft to our Bacau base we are consolidating our leader position at Bacau Airport and we are strengthening our operations in Bacau with five new domestic and international routes, covering a total of 13 destinations from October 1st.

We are looking forward to October 1st as the day we are able to resume flights from Bacau Airport after its planned closure due to modernization works, and we are ready to better serve our passengers in Bacau with a new flight schedule that now offers direct connections between Moldova and Transylvania and opens up new destinations such as Bucharest, Cluj, Munich, Cologne and Paris” says Oana Petrescu, Blue Air CEO.

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Blue Air adds two new routes to Spain, cancels 6 MAX orders

Blue Air has added two new routes to Spain from Bucharest.

The Bucharest – Valencia route was added on July 3.

The Bucharest – Malaga route was added on July 4.

In other news, Blue Air cancelled its order for 6 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

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Blue Air announces the reopening of scheduled flights as of early July 2020

Blue Air has announced the gradual reopening of scheduled flights in early July 2020, following a program aligned with the mobility regulations implemented at European level.

Until then, Blue Air will continue to operate on-demand and charter flights, according to the volume in demand and to travel regulations specific to each destination. These flights represent a central part of the company’s strategy to adjust to the new economic conditions generated by the mobility restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Destinations covered by Blue Air On Demand flights

Blue Air currently operates on-demand flights to and from Ireland (Dublin) and charter flights to any destination, provided that customers obtain all travel approvals.

As restrictions are lifted, the covered destinations will be: Belgium (Brussels), Cyprus (Larnaca), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris, Nice, Lyon), Germany (Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart), Ireland (Dublin), Israel (Tel Aviv), Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Turin, Naples), Great Britain (London, Liverpool), Norway (Oslo), Spain (Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Malaga) and Sweden (Stockholm).

In addition, with the lifting of restrictions in Italy and Cyprus, Blue Air will operate domestic flights in Italy (from Turin to and from Catania, Lamezia, Naples, Alghero, and Trapani) and Greece – Cyprus, on the routes Larnaca – Athens and Larnaca – Thessaloniki.

In terms of scheduled flights, Blue Air will resume operations with a limited frequency and number of routes, while gradually rebuilding the operational network.

Additional safety measures

Blue Air has implemented rigorous safety protocols on board its aircraft. As early as February, at a time when there was only one case of SARS-CoV-2 infection confirmed in our country, Blue Air started to disinfect its planes, being the first and the only airline in Romania whose aircraft were subjected to a daily nebulization process, which uses substances that sterilize the entire space in which they are distributed. This modern process of sterilization and disinfection will be maintained indefinitely.

Furthermore, the Blue Air aircraft are equipped with HEPA air filters that capture over 99.97% of the airborne microbes in the filtered air, while passengers are provided with masks, alcohol wipes and disinfectant gel. As a confirmation of the correctness and effectiveness of the measures implemented, no member of the Blue Air crew was infected with the new coronavirus, despite the fact that during the state of emergency, Blue Air operated numerous charter and repatriation flights, including in the countries of red zone.

Blue Air passengers are required to wear masks throughout the trip, disinfect their hands and  avoid traveling in the cabin; a single hand luggage is allowed on board, measuring 55 x 40 x 20 cm and weighing a maximum of 10 kg. Crews will instruct passengers on sanitary safety measures and ensure their compliance.

The plan to return to normality and actions for recovery

During the period of complete suspension of scheduled flights, Blue Air took all steps to ensure the continuity of its activity in the new context of flight restrictions and limited demand, as well as to obtain the financial resources necessary for resuming activity and for strategic recovery. On April 23, 2020, the Government of Romania approved the start of procedures for granting a state aid in the form of a credit or a guarantee to cover the losses generated by the cessation of activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We, at Blue Air, are looking forward to resume flights as soon as restrictions are lifted and we obtain the financial resources needed to operate a predictable flight schedule. During this difficult period, we continued to fly on demand to make possible repatriations or work – related travel organized by our customers and approved by the authorities. We also operated cargo flights for the transport of masks, medical equipment, and food.

To get through this period, the Blue Air team has implemented a rigorous plan to adapt to the new economic conditions, including fleet optimization, technical unemployment for over 90% of our colleagues and reduced salaries for all our colleagues who remained active. This is our way of restating, in the context of this crisis, our strong commitment to our profession, to Romania and to our passengers.” says Oana Petrescu, CEO of Blue Air.

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