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Buffalo Airways to add its first pure jet

Buffalo Airways is joining the pure jet age. The long-time piston and turboprop operator will be adding its first pure jet freighter – a Boeing 737-300F freighter (msn 23512) in June 2022.

Image: Buffalo Airways.

The new addition will be operated from Yellowknife to Edmonton.

The airline has been featured on the TV series Ice Pilots NWT.


Buffalo Airways is a Northern based airline operating primarily from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.  Since 1970 Buffalo Airways has been operating as a family run business founded by Joe McBryan (aka Buffalo Joe).


The airline operates scheduled passenger, charter passenger, charter cargo, firefighting and fuel service from out main base is at Yellowknife Airport (CYZF) with offices in Hay River (CYHY), a courier office in Edmonton (CYXD) and a heavy maintenance base in Red Deer (CYQF).

Mikey McBryan, son of Buffalo Airways’ owner “Buffalo” Joe McBryan, and his crew have spent two months saving an abandoned Douglas DC-3 in the middle of Quebec, Canada.

Follow along with the restoration on YouTube and see with your own eyes how miracles happen.

With the start of our show “Plane Savers” a plane that comes back to life after 30 years on the ground – a dramatic but exciting story, that shows one more time that we should never say never.


Buffalo Airways aircraft slide show:

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Buffalo Airways’ passenger Douglas DC-3 makes a hard landing, all on board safe

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Buffalo Airways (Yellowknife), one of the last passenger operators of the venerable Douglas DC-3 in the world, suffered a hard landing at Yellowknife yesterday evening (August 19). The DC-3 had departed Yellowknife on its regular run to Hay River when it was forced to return to Yellowknife after the right engine caught fire.  According to this report by CBC News, the DC-3 clipped some trees and suffered a hard landing. There were no injuries to the passengers and crew members on board. Buffalo Airways is famous as the airline featured in the Canadian TV series “Ice Pilots”. It is not clear if any of the TV production crews were filming yesterday.

Read the full story: CLICK HERE

Passengers boarding the DC-3 (Buffalo

Buffalo Airways Passengers boarding DC-3 (Buffalo)(LR)

Regular Schedule (photos: Buffalo Airways):

Buffalo Airways DC-3 Schedule