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Cape Air flight 2072 crash lands at Provincetown

Cape Air flight 2072 with a Cessna 402 with seven people on board skidded off the end of the runway at Provincetown, MA on September 9 and ended up in a wooded area.

The aircraft caught on fire. Some passengers received broken bones and burns.

The airline issued this statement:

Cape Air confirms an incident involving Flight 2072 traveling from Boston Logan International on September 9 to Provincetown Airport. Upon landing at Provincetown Airport, the plane exited the runway. Six passengers and one crew member were onboard.

Cape Air confirms that all six passengers and one crew from Flight 2072 are being transferred by ambulance to Cape Cod Hospital.

More on the accident:

Cape Air to start flying to Nashville in January

Cape Air is adding new routes to Nashville, TN starting in January 2020.

Cape Air, the nation’s largest commuter airline, begins service between Owensboro, KY, and Nashville, TN, starting Wednesday, January 22, 2020.


Cape Air will operate 2 daily, year-round flights between Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport (OWB) and Nashville International Airport (BNA).

The airline will continue to offer 1 daily flight between OWB and St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL).

The carrier will also begin service between Marion, IL, and Nashville, TN, starting Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Cape Air is set to operate 2 flights on weekdays between Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois (MWA) and Nashville International Airport (BNA).  On weekends, Cape Air operates 1 flight per day between MWA and BNA.

The airline will use the 9-seat Tecnam P2012 Traveller aircraft on both routes.

All photos by the airline.

Cape Air to provide daily service to Portland from Boston, takes delivery of a new type

Cape Air will begin offering year round service between Boston Logan International Airport and Portland International Jetport, effective September 18, 2019. Four daily round-trips will connect the major cities making travel for both business and leisure faster and more efficient.

As a jetBlue partner, Cape Air’s new daily service in Portland will enable area travelers to tap into the Jet Blue network throughout the year. Additional airline relationships provide passengers with added convenience and flexibility when connecting to over 500 flights and 100 additional markets, from Cape Air’s Boston hub.

Daily roundtrip service will be aboard Cape Air’s Cessna 402, which is a nine passenger, twin-engine aircraft. Cape Air currently offers daily flights from Boston to Augusta, Bar Harbor and Rockland, Maine.

In other news, Cape Air has taken delivery of first two P2012 Traveller aircraft:

The acceptance of the aircraft, P2012 msn 003 and P2012 msn 004, took place from July 16 to July 18, 2019 at Tecnam Headquarters – Capua, in the presence of Cape Air Senior Vice President, Fleet Planning & Acquisitions, Jim Goddard, and Tecnam Chief Operating Officer, Giovanni Pascale.

Pilots and technicians from Cape Air had two days to inspect the aircraft, check all manuals and documents, and perform flight testing. The inspections were performed in the P2012 Production Facility, where other fuselages to be delivered to Cape Air are in stages of completion.

Acceptance of the aircraft is the last milestone before final delivery. A ferry flight from Capua, Italy to the Cape Air base in Hyannis, MA will be performed by Giovanni Pascale himself as Pilot in Command.

Powered by two 375 HP turbo-charged Lycoming engines, the Tecnam P2012 Traveller features a modern design and state-of-the-art equipment. The aircraft’s simple and easily accessed airframe and systems, fixed landing gear, robust interiors and easy-to-replace parts, result in high efficiency and low maintenance costs. These attributes, and many more, make it the ideal aircraft for regional airlines such as Cape Air. As part of the delivery, Tecnam also included Bose A20 headsets and Jeppesen bags for the pilots. These were much appreciated.

Eviation announces its first commercial customer, Cape Air, for its all-electric airplane, Alice

Eviation Aircraft Ltd. made this announcement:

Today in a live streamed press conference from the Paris Air Show, Eviation Aircraft, a global manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, announced the first commercial customer for its all-electric Alice airplane, Cape Air. With a fleet of 92 nine-seater airplanes, Cape Air is one of the largest regional airlines in the U.S., and has a double-digit purchase option for Alice. It will incorporate Eviation’s Alice nine-seater planes into its existing fleet, offering flyers in the U.S. an unparalleled flying experience.

Today regional travel in the U.S. is on the rise, with an increase in consumers flying short distances between 50 to 650 miles. This growing segment offers the ideal scenario for Eviation’s all-electric Alice, which aims to undercut the cost of travel by making middle mile trips cheaper, faster and cleaner. The shift to electric will reduce operating costs, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, make air travel more affordable and connect communities like never before.

With the goal of making regional air travel accessible for all, Eviation designed Alice to create a new flying experience for passengers that is cleaner, quieter and cost-effective. Inspired by the new design possibilities that emerged by replacing turbine engines with all-electric motors, Eviation and its team have reimagined what sleek, stylish and cost-effective air mobility can be with the introduction of the first zero-emission aircraft. Eviation’s Alice leverages an IP portfolio that includes innovations in thermal management and autonomous landing, as well as distributed electric propulsion, industry-leading battery technology and cutting-edge composite body frames, capable of flying with nine passengers at 240 knots to a range of up to 650 miles on a single charge.

Following test flights this year and certification in 2021, Eviation will begin shipping the aircraft for commercial use in 2022.

In other news, Cape Air has added this Cessna 208B Grand Caravan with floats to its fleet.

Photo: Cape Air.

Cape Air and Mountain Air Cargo announce new pilot pathway program

Cape Air and Mountain Air Cargo (MAC) announce a new Pilot Hiring Pathway Program that allows pilots from both airlines to transition between the two companies in order to gain valuable flight hours and experience. The Program is designed to assist MAC and Cape Air in the selection, training, and growth of potential new hire pilots, and to provide a designated career Pathway for selected candidates. This unique Pathway provides an opportunity for Cape Air pilots to transition into the ATR aircraft at MAC as a direct entry Captain to gain Pilot in Command (PIC) turbine time, and for MAC Caravan pilots to gain PIC multi-engine flight time as a Captain at  Cape Air.

Applicants who meet the program requirements, and are accepted into the pathway, can then transition to MAC as direct entry ATR Captains. Candidates must have 1,000 flight hours at Cape Air exercising their ATP and have completed their Cape Air Captain commitment specified in their offer letter. Pilots will be hired and paid as an ATR Captain but will serve as Second in Command (SIC) on the ATR until gaining 200 hours of flight time prior to acting as PIC. Candidates accepted into the Program from MAC, are required to serve as Captain for 12 months at MAC as a Cessna 208 Captain, or ATR pilot after completion of Operation Experience (OE). Once that commitment is filled they can then transition to Cape Air as a Captain.

Pilots in the Program will keep their actual longevity for pay and vacation accrual as they transition from one airline to the other, as applicable. The pilots who transition to MAC from Cape Air, qualify to apply for the Fed Ex Purple Runway Program after six months of employment at Mountain Air Cargo.

Visit for more information on this exciting new pilot pathway.

Cape Air Route Map:

About Cape Air- Now in its 29th year, Cape Air is one of the largest independent regional airlines in the United States, serving 35 cities in the US and Caribbean. The employee-owned company, based in Hyannis, Massachusetts, has grown from three flights a day between Provincetown and Boston in 1989 to a fleet of 92 aircraft, 400 flights a day and service to 500,000 passengers annually. Cape Air has been recognized as “One of the Top Ten Small Airlines in the World” by Condé Nast Traveler.
 About Mountain Air Cargo- Headquartered in Denver, NC. Mountain Air Cargo, Inc. (MAC) is an express cargo carrier providing flight and maintenance services in the eastern half of the U.S. and the Caribbean Islands. Established since 1982, our pilots operate 35 FedEx Cessna Caravans and 18 FedEx ATRs on 100 daily scheduled flights under part 121 and 135. We have pilots and mechanics based in over 50 cities.

All photos by the airlines.

Cape Air and Spirit Airlines announce Cape Air-Spirit Jetway Program

Cape Air and Spirit Airlines are pleased to announce the Cape Air-Spirit Jetway Program specifically designed for today’s aspiring pilots. The program is a defined career pathway designed to create a faster and more streamlined approach for pilots looking to transition from a regional carrier to a major airline.

Pilots are eligible to join the Cape Air team with as little as 500 flight hours, and fly as a First Officer for the nation’s largest independent regional carrier. Once ATP minimums are reached, the pilot will then upgrade to Captain for Cape Air and fly for a minimum of two years. Once the candidate has reached 3,000 hours, they will complete a jet transition course at Spirit Airlines Training Center and then be assigned a class date at Spirit Airlines.

“Our pilots are known industry-wide for their hands-on flying and aeronautical decision making skills making this partnership a win-win for both parties. Our commitment to safety, our communities, employees and our passengers is always at the forefront of everything we do. We are thrilled to partner with Spirit on this exciting new pathway, and we look forward to growing our pilot bases and nurturing the next generation of pilots for years to come,” said Linda Markham, Cape Air president.

“Spirit Airlines is proud to be partnering with Cape Air as we remain committed to connecting with and recruiting the best aviators in the industry,” said Ryan Rodosta, Spirit Airlines’ Chief Pilot.  “There is no doubt this innovative program will help us maintain a skilled and robust pilot workforce for years to come.”

The Cape Air-Spirit Jetway Program is open to all current and future Cape Air pilots. Candidates will have only one joint interview with both Cape Air and Spirit. Once the pilot is accepted into the program, a Spirit mentor will be assigned. Unlike most pilot pathways, candidates are not required to have a higher education degree. A two-year or four-year degree is preferred, but not required.

Pilots flying for Part 121 Operators, such as Spirit, face a mandatory retirement age of 65, while pilots flying for Part 135 Operators, like Cape Air, have no mandatory retirement age, only the ability to maintain a First Class Medical. Cape Air’s Gray Gull Program, provides pilots with an opportunity to continue flying past the age of 65. Retired or furloughed Spirit pilots can in turn transition to Cape Air and fly as a Gray Gull. Currently, Cape Air has retired pilots flying from almost every major carrier.

Photos. Cape Air.

Cape Air to fly to New York

Cape Air has made this announcement:

We’re spreading our wings to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport! Beginning on October 23, 2018, we will be offering one daily round-trip between Hyannis and Nantucket to New York’s JFK. This seasonal service will run through mid-May of 2019.

Our NYC connection means Islanders and Cape Codders have access to the Big Apple for fun, business, or domestic and international flight options from JFK. At JFK, we will be located in Terminal 5, which means easy connections with our partner, JetBlue.

New Yorkers who want to get back to ACK for Stroll Weekend, Daffy, Nantucket Wine, or just to visit the Cape & Islands during the beautiful (less crowded!) shoulder season can skip the traffic and ferries for an easy 1 hour and 20 minute flight.

All photos by Cape Air.

United to end Cape Air ATR 42 United Express service, the last turboprop service

United Airlines has announced it will end the United Express ATR 42 service provided by Cape Air on May 31, 2018 from Guam. United will use mainline Boeing 737s to fly between Guam and Saipan starting on June 1, 2018.

Cape Air’s wings in Micronesia includes service to the islands of Guam, Rota and Saipan. The market is served by Cape Air’s ATR 42s, and are operated for United Express (formerly Continental Connection).

Cape Air operates three ATR 42s for United in Micronesia. This operation is the last turboprop United Express operation.

Route Map in Micronesia:

Photos: Cape Air/Kim Barksdale.


JetBlue Airways becomes a pathway for ExpressJet Airlines pilots

ExpressJet Airlines (Atlanta) has announced a new partnership with JetBlue Airways (New York) through the JetBlue University Gateway Program to offer qualified students and current pilots a clear pathway to a career at JetBlue.

ExpressJet 2011 logo

The partnership expands on an earlier agreement with JetBlue to create three distinct pathways from an Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) partner school to ExpressJet to JetBlue:

JetBlue Blueberries logo

ExpressJet to JetBlue: Graduate AABI partner school and serve as a flight instructor for one year to meet Airline Transport Pilot (“ATP”)/Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (“R-ATP”) minimums >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 3,000 hours and 36 months for at least 4,000 hours total flight time >> Interview and begin training at JetBlue.

Cape Air logo

ExpressJet to Cape Air to JetBlue: Graduate AABI partner school and serve as a flight instructor for one year to meet ATP/R-ATP minimums >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 24 months >> Serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 12 months for at least 3,800 hours total flight time >> Interview and begin training at JetBlue

Cape Air to ExpressJet to JetBlue: Graduate AABI partner school and serve as a flight instructor for one year >> Serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 18 months >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 18 months for at least 3,800 hours total flight time >> Interview and begin training at JetBlue

In addition, this new partnership will offer current ExpressJet pilots who meet all program requirements an additional option for career advancement.

The new ExpressJet pathways join the long-standing partnership between Cape Air and JetBlue. The Cape Air to JetBlue pathway requires graduation from an AABI partner school, flight instructor experience and at least 2,500 hours and 24 months at Cape Air for at least 3,200 total flight hours, plus a jet transition course before an interview at JetBlue.

Pilots in the Gateway program must meet a defined set of criteria, including regular performance reviews, and successfully complete new hire interviews at each airline in the path they choose. In addition, for the University Gateway Program, pilots must attend Auburn University, Bridgewater State University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona and Prescott campuses), Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Jacksonville University and the University of North Dakota. For the Advanced Gateway, pilots who graduated with an accredited major and flight training from any AABI school are eligible. For more information, visit

ExpressJet Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc., and operates an average of more than 1,800 daily flights and an all-jet fleet of Embraer and Bombardier aircraft. Through capacity purchase agreements, ExpressJet operates as American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express to serve 190 airports in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

Copyright Photo: Ken Petersen/ Embraer ERJ 145XR (EMB-145XR) N11109 (msn 145657) operating for United lands at Raleigh-Durham.

United Express-ExpressJet aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

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