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Caribbean Airlines to end London Gatwick service on January 10, 2016

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) will operate the last Boeing 767-300 revenue flight on the London (Gatwick) – Port of Spain route on January 10, 2016 per Airline Route. The airline is getting out of the long-haul business.

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The company will also retire its two Boeing 767-300 ERs when the route is ended.

Copyright Photo: SPA/ Boeing 767-316 ER 9Y-LGW (msn 26327) departs from London (Gatwick).

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JetBlue Airways flight 1295 aborts its takeoff at New York JFK to avoid a taxiing Caribbean Airlines flight 526

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JetBlue Airways (New York) flight 1295 from New York (JFK) to Austin, Texas with an Airbus A320 was ordered by FAA Air Traffic Control (ATC) to avoid its takeoff on runway 22 at JFK International Airport late Saturday night (January 17). The order was given to avoid a possible collision with a taxiing Caribbean Airlines flight 526 operated with a Boeing 737-800. According to this report, the Caribbean flight “taxied across” the JetBlue’s takeoff path. The two aircraft never came any closer than 2,800 feet. The JetBlue flight taxied back to the gate.

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Caribbean Airlines to end Georgetown-Toronto service

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) is dropping the Georgetown – Toronto (Pearson) route on February 25 per Airline Route. The route is currently operated two days a week with Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

In other news, the company will also add Boeing 767-300 service on the Port of Spain – New York (JFK) route from January 15 through March 27, supplementing existing twice-daily Boeing 737-800 service.

Copyright Photo: Jay Selman/ Boeing 737-8Q8 WL 9Y-BGI (msn 28232) arrives in New York (JFK).

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Is the Air Jamaica brand facing the final extinction?

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain), as we first reported in July of 2012, was modifying its aircraft that were painted in the Air Jamaica (Kingston) brand. The Trinidad and Tobago Civil Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA) in 2012 mandated Caribbean Airlines must drop the Air Jamaica brand because of the conditions of their Air Operators Certificate (AOC) that it operate under one name. The first casualty was the pictured Boeing 737-8Q8 9Y-JMA (msn 30645) “Spirit of Kingston” which was sporting Caribbean Airlines titles on the Air Jamaica 2011 livery in 2012. The airliner previously had full Air Jamaica titles and color scheme.

This thorny issue, one of national pride in Jamaica, has moved slowly since the issue first emerged in 2012. Now Caribbean Airlines has repainted 9Y-JMA (above) with full Caribbean Airlines titles (minus the tail logo) eliminating the Air Jamaica colors. The aircraft re-entered revenue service on the February 23, 2014. This new change may be a new signal that Caribbean has decided to move ahead with the mandated one brand ruling eliminating the iconic Air Jamaica brand and name.

Caribbean Airlines had previously adopted a “two brands, one airline” marketing strategy to mainly keep alive the Air Jamaica brand, especially for the Jamaican market. Because the aircraft were intermingled between markets, this often led to a diverse identity in the two main markets.

A report by The Gleaner of June 19, 2013 reported the government of Jamaica (which retains a 16 percent share) was concerned about the reduction of flights by Caribbean Airlines to the island nation. Caribbean Airlines reduced the number of flights to Jamaica on April 16, 2013. The new CAL board was given a month to come back with a new development plan for Air Jamaica. Previously the Jamaican government has threatened to withdraw the Air Jamaica brand from the combined airline per Caribbean 360.

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Finally, if this drama was not enough, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday reported Caribbean Airlines and Bahamasair (Nassau) in January 2014 were holding discussions on possible closer ties. Will this lead to a three-brand airline? Not likely.

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In addition, Americans were warned not to fly Caribbean Airlines to and from Guyana because of possible threats against the carrier.

In conclusion, Caribbean Airlines needs to make a final decision of this difficult national pride issue and move ahead towards profitability once again.

Read the full report from Reuters: CLICK HERE

Top Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele/ Boeing 737-8Q8 9Y-JMA (msn 30645) arrives back at the Port of Spain base with the new (almost full) identity.

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Caribbean Airlines puts its first Boeing 767-300 into revenue service today

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) put their newly-acquired Boeing 767-300 into revenue service today (November 3) from Port of Spain to Toronto (Pearson) as flight BW 610.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. The former LAN Airlines Boeing 767-316 ER 9Y-LHR (msn 27597, ex CC-CDP) climbs away from Port of Spain, Tobago on the historic first flight today.

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Caribbean Airlines takes delivery of its second Boeing 767-300 ER

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) on August 31, 2012 accepted this former LAN Airlines Boeing 767-316 ER, its second copy of the type. The pictured 767-316 ER is now appropriately registered as 9Y-LHR (msn 27597, ex CC-CDP) in salute of London Heathrow Airport, served for many years by BWIA.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. 9Y-LHR is pictured arriving at the POS base on August 31. Like the first (9Y-LGW), it also carries the special “Celebrating 50 Years of Independence” emblem.

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Caribbean Airlines takes delivery of its first Boeing 767-300

Caribbean Airlines (Port of Spain) yesterday (August 28) took delivery of its first (of two) Boeing 767-300. The former LAN Airlines (Santiago) Boeing 767-316 ER CC-CEB (msn 26327) is now registered appropriately as 9Y-LGW. The wide-body airliner was greeted with the traditional water cannon salute at POS on its arrival. Caribbean is planning to restore London (Gatwick) service from both Barbados and Trinidad with this new type.

The pictured 9Y-LGW also carries a special “Trinidad and Tobago – Celebrating 50 Years of Independence” logo.

Copyright Photo: Nigel Steele. The historic moment is captured at Port of Spain.

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