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Daallo Airlines and Jubba Airways merge under a single holding company

Daallo (Aviostart) 146-200 LZ-DAL (Grd)(Daallo)(LRW)

Daallo Airlines (Djibouti and Dubai) and Jubba Airways (Nairobi), both Somali-owned airlines and past rivals, announced they have merged under a single holding company named the African Airways Alliance. Driven away in the past from its Mogadishu base due to the past on-going civil war between warlords, both carriers will keep their separate brands but will now be united under this single holding company. Both airlines provided lifeline services to Mogadishu, Somalia during the war years.

Jubba Airways logo

According to this report by Voice of America, the alliance is now attempting to attract other airlines to the alliance. The two airlines are now facing increased competition on its international routes. The two carriers are now using two leased Air Mediterranee/Hermes Airlines Airbus A321-100s (Daallo) (below) and one Boeing 737-300 (Jubba). The pictured Aviostart BAe 146-200 (above) will be used on charter services. Both carriers will also expand the number of international destinations.

Daallo (Air Mediterrannee-Hermes) A321-100 SX-BHS (Air Mediterranee CS)(Grd)(Daallo)(LR)

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Daallo Airlines describes its activities:

Daallo Airlines logo

Daallo Airlines is the flagship company of the Daallo Group and is considered one of the best known companies in Somalia and Djibouti. Daallo Airlines is the national carrier for Republic of Djibouti and serves the East African region with flights to the Middle East. The company has significant dominance in the passenger traffic and from these countries.

Daallo Airlines began operations in 1991 using a single wet-leased Cessna Caravan operating from Djibouti to Hargeisa, Somalia, after the demise of Somali Airlines following the civil war in Somalia.

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