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DAP Mineral Airways retires its last Boeing 737-200

Type Retired: July 12, 2019 (El Salvador, Chile - Santiago with CC-AAG)

There a very few Boeing 737-200s still in airline passenger service. Now there is one less.

On Friday, July 12 2019, the last Boeing 737-200 revenue flight of DAP Mineral Airways (Aerovías DAP subsidiary) was operated. The pictured CC-AAG (msn 23608) (above) flew a round trip between Santiago (SCL) and the northern city of El Salvador (Ricardo García Posada airfield, SCES).

The other two Boeing 737-200s were CC-ABD (msn 22736) and CC-CTK (msn 22402), that have been out of service for a few months. Sources from the company said CC-AAG will be flown to its new owner in Alaska, while the remaining 737s are to be scrapped.

The Boeing 737-200s were mostly used for charter flights by mining companies, transporting personnel between Santiago and cities in northern Chile, and also carrying soccer/football teams and supporters to neighboring countries.
DAP will continue operating charters with its current fleet of BAe146/Avro RJ.
Top Copyright Photo (all others by the airline): Mineral Airways Boeing 737-247 CC-AAG (msn 23608) SCL (Alvaro Romero). Image: 937199.
Alvaro Romero reporting g from Chile.

DAP Mineral Airways starts operations in northern Chile

DAP Mineral Airways (the mining-related division of Aerovías DAP)  has begun using BAe (Avro) RJ85 OY-RCE (msn E2233) on January 10 2013 from Atlantic Airways (Faroe Islands). The aircraft has small Mineral Airways titles on the left front fuselage. The airline is operating from Santiago (SCL) to the Ricardo García Posada airfield of El Salvador in the northern part of Chile (SCES) as flight DAP 442.

OY-RCE made a test and certification flight on January 9 from SCL. The jetliner arrived in Chile on December 31 2012. The other two BAe 146-200 aircraft of Aerovias DAP are based in Punta Arenas (CC-CZP and CC-ACO), operating to Antarctica as DAP Antarctic Airways (Antarctica).
Aerovías DAP (Las Aerolíneas de la Patagonia) is based in Punta Arenas, in southern Chile.
Aerovias DAP logo
Top Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero. Pictured arriving at Santiago, Chile on January 10, 2013 is Atlantic Airways’ RJ85 OY-RCE about to land on runway 17L. OY-RCE is operating for the new DAP Mineral Airways arriving from El Salvador, Chile (SCES), as flight DAP 443. OY-RCE does not have the Mineral Airways titles on the right side of the fuselage.
Bottom Copyright Photos and Maps: Aerovias DAP.
Aerovias DAP Antartica RJ85 (Aerovias DAP)(LR)
The two BAe 146-200s now carry Antarctic Airways titles.
DAP Antarctic Airways (titles)(Aerovias DAP)(LR)
Local Aerovias DAP routes in southern Chile:
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Charter flights to Antarctica as DAP Antarctic Airways (now with titles):
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