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Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) is shutting down all operations

FAT Taiwan Inc., doing business as Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT), is shutting down all operations tomorrow due to continued financial losses.

The company suddenly closed the ticketing system without warning on December 12, 2019 and immediately, due to long-term losses and difficulties in financing, the company announced it will stop all flight operations from tomorrow, December 13, 2019.

Since the end of 2018, FAT has been fined for more than NT$3 million by the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) due to its high proportion of canceled flights.
This situation has continued in 2019.
According to the statistics released by the Civil Aviation Administration, in April 2019, the flight cancellation rates of Penghu-Taipei, and Taipei-Taichung flights were 6.7% and 7.8%  respectively, all of which exceeded the 6% penalty standard.
Route Map.
The cumulative amount of fines has reached NT$2 million.
FAT had 11 Boeing 737-8 MAX 8s on order to replace the older MD-80 fleet.
This shut down is a second time FAT has ceased operations.  After a succession of financial crises in early 2008, the airline publicly announced its bankruptcy and stopped all flights with effect on May 13, 2008. The airline recommenced operations on April 18, 2011.
FAT was operating six 70-seat ATR 72-600s (above), four DC-9-82s (MD-82s) and four DC-9-83 (MD-83s) (below) all configured with 165 seats.
Above Copyright Photos: Operations today on the last day of operations (Manuel Negrerie).
FAT was founded in 1957 as Taiwan’s first private airline. Initially it carried mostly mail to the outer islands of Kinmen and Penghu.
Manuel Negrerie reporting from Taipei, Taiwan.
Far Eastern Air Transport aircraft photo gallery:

Far Eastern to become a Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 operator

Far Eastern Air Transport-FAT has announced it will add 11 new Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 aircraft to its fleet over the next five years. The first delivery will be in the fourth quarter of 2019. The new type will replace its aging McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82s and DC-9-83s.

Boeing made this short announcement on social media:

Congrats to Far Eastern Air Transport for selecting and becoming the first in Taiwan to operate the 737 MAX 8.

Image: Boeing.

FAT introduces its first ATR 72-600

FAT – Far Eastern AIr Transport (Taipei-Songshan) has officially introduced its first ATR 72-600 (ATR 72-212A) (B-28068, msn 1110, ex Jettime OY-JZA) at a hangar event at Songshan Airport. FAT is planning to start operations soon with new type after CAA certification.

All copyright photos by Manuel Negrerie.

Route Map:

Far Eastern Air Transport to launch 10 routes to China

Far Eastern Air Transport-FAT (Taipei) resumed operations again on April 4, 2011 after its reorganization. Previously the carrier had suspended operations on May 12, 2008.

On October 31 the carrier is launching 10 new routes to China with McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83s. According to this report by Taiwan News, one flight per week will be operated from Taiwan (Taoyuan International Airport) to Shijiazhuang on October 31. In addition, the carrier will also offer two weekly flights from Taipei (Songshan Airport) to Taiyuan on November 2. FAT is also planning to launch cross-strait flights to Chengdu in Sichuan, Nanning, Hefei, Sanya, Haikou , Gueiyang and Lanzhou. FAT is being permitted to operate total of 19 cross-strait flights using the six aircraft.

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Copyright Photo: Manuel Negrerie. The DC-9-83 has become the workhorse for FAT. DC-9-83 B-28025 (msn 53602) is pictured at the Taipei base.

FAT may resume operations in October


FAT's Boeing 757-27A B-27013 (msn 29608) climbs at Taipei in the special SinoPac Card Services colors.  Copyright Photo: Manuel Negreie.

FAT's Boeing 757-27A B-27013 (msn 29608) climbs at Taipei in the special SinoPac Card Services colors. Copyright Photo: Manuel Negreie.

Far Eastern Air Transport-FAT (Taipei) is planning to resume operations in October pending approvals by the Republic of China government. The airline suspended all operations on May 12, 2008.

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