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Flybondi starts flights to the southernmost city in the world

Flybondi ( Boeing 737-8JP WL EI-FJG (LV-HXQ) (msn 37818) QLA (Jacques Guillem Collection). Image: 949353.

Flybondi on January 15, 2022 launched a new route from its Buenos Aires hub at Ezeiza International Airport to Ushuaia in the province of Tierra del Fuego in southern Argentina.

The flight arrived Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas International Airport (below).

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and is a gateway for Antarctica.

The new route will operate three days a week.

Flybondi operates from both Aeroparque (AEP) and Ezeiza (EZE) airports in Buenos Aires.

Flybondi’s Boeing 737-800 fleet is back to five aircraft.

Top Copyright Photo: Flybondi ( Boeing 737-8JP WL EI-FJG (LV-HXQ) (msn 37818) QLA (Jacques Guillem Collection). Image: 949353.

Flybondi aircraft slide show:

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Flybondi grows in 2019 with new passenger records

Flybondi made this announcement:

Flybondi, the first low cost airline in Argentina, reported its results for December 2019 with indicators of excellence in its performance. During the last month of the year, the destinations of its domestic flights were consolidated with a load factor of 90%, which puts the airline on the podium of the industry with the best indicator. Moreover, the airline had 89% punctuality on its flights and broke records of transported passengers: more than 143,000 chose to fly low cost to reach their destinations.

Also, this month, the route to Florianopolis, its second destination in Brazil, began to operate and launched the route to Porto Alegre for sale, which together with San Pablo will be the first routes to open in 2020 (March and January respectively).

In this way, Flybondi offers a total of 20 destinations that connect through its 25 routes: 6 regional and 19 cabotage. It is important to highlight that the company’s offer for domestic flights includes routes that for more than 20 years had no new air offers, such as Posadas, Corrientes or Santiago del Estero, and some interprovincial connection routes such as Córdoba-Salta, Rosario-Iguazu, Córdoba-Neuquén. Approximately 20% of Flybondi customers travel on these routes, which do not pass through Buenos Aires.

With the new connections incorporated, Flybondi has established itself as the country’s leading low cost with more than 2,400,000 passengers transported, of which 480,000 are people who traveled by plane for the first time in their lives. For much of the year it was positioned as the third largest airline in the country with a market share of 9% and 15% on those routes to which it flies.

Shortly after completing 2 years of operation, Flybondi reinforces its commitment to generate a positive impact on the development of the Argentine air market, with a clearly federal objective and ensuring always offer a service with the highest standards of quality and safety, and with the lowest rates in the market.

Flybondi in numbers

– 570 employees.

– 5 Boeing 737-800 NG

– 20 destinations connected through 25 routes

– Only low-cost airline to connect Argentina with Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

– Airline with the best occupation in Argentina and third in Paraguay

Destinations to which it flies

Nationals: Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Cordoba, Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquen, Posadas, Puerto Iguazu, Rosario, Salta, San Carlos de Bariloche, Santiago del Estero, Trelew and Tucuman.

International: Asuncion, Punta del Este, Florianopolis and Rio de Janeiro. And from 2020, San Pablo and Porto Alegre.

All photos by the airline.

Martín Ortiz reporting from Argentina

Flybondi sets a company record in August

Flybondi, the first ultra-low-cost airline in Argentina, ended the month of August breaking its own records. According to ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration). Flybondi became the largest low-fare airline in Argentina for travel between January and August of this year

During August, the company flew more than 143,000 passengers, a record number of passengers transported in a month. The airline has already flown over 1.9 million passengers since the beginning of its operations in January 2018. More than 285,000 people (15% of the total) flew for the first time in their life. In addition, with 82% of flights on-time, punctuality also marked the highest percentage in its 18 months of operation.

The occupancy factor remained at 87%, which explains – among other factors – that Flybondi has already managed to position itself as the third largest airline in Argentina. In addition, the airline has 9% of the market share in the entire domestic market and an average of 14% on those routes where it flies.

The company recently launched new international destinations in Brazil, which will start operating from next month, thus adding a total of 18 national destinations, of which 4 are international including Punta del Este (Uruguay), Asunción (Paraguay), Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis (Brazil).

A large part of Flybondi flights are operated from El Palomar Airport (EPA), the first low cost airport in the country and Latin America, from which it flies to 16 destinations. Only 18 kilometers from the downtown, it has already positioned itself as the third airport of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area – after Ezeiza and Aeroparque – and the seventh nationwide.

Martin Ortiz reporting from Argentina.

Flybondi renews its relationship with Superliga Argentina (SAF)

Flybondi ( Boeing 737-8F2 WL LV-HQY (msn 34406) PAL (Yulia Furda). Image: 947386.

Flybondi has announced a renewal of their alliance with “Superliga Argentina de Futbol SAF”.

SAF is the organization who manages the Argentina’s league of football soccer. Through this agreement, the airline will facilitate the transport of football teams between the different provinces of country.

Currently the Superliga (A series) is in the match week number 3 and it’s will extend until March 2020.

Most relevant matches

Week 5: River – Boca 01/09 17hs

Week 6: Rosario Central – Newell’s – 15/09

Week 9: Unión – Colón – 06/10

Week 10: Huracán – San Lorenzo – 20/10

Week 12: Gimnasia – Estudiantes – 03/11

Week 13. Lanús – Banfield – 10/11

Week 19: Racing – Independiente – 02/02/2020

Martin Ortiz reporting from Argentina.

Top Copyright Photo: Flybondi ( Boeing 737-8F2 WL LV-HQY (msn 34406) PAL (Yulia Furda). Image: 947386.

Flybondi opens a new international route

Flybondi on July 31 launched a new international route from Buenos Aires to Florianopolis.

The new Buenos Aires-Florianopolis route will operate from El Palomar Airport (EPA) to Hercilio Luz (FLN). It will operate three days a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Florianopolis will be the fourth international destination operated by Flybondi, thus joining Asuncion (Paraguay), Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

“Adding Florianópolis as a destination consolidates our regional growth and our proposal for the summer season 2020. In this way we become a great option to fly to Brazil at ultra-low prices and demonstrates the commitment we have to connect Argentina more and more with neighboring countries and between provinces.” said Sebastián Pereira, CEO of the company.

“In addition to connectivity and supply, with each new route there is also other good news, because it generates direct and indirect employment and benefits economic and tourism development. And we know that our proposal of low fares will allow thousands of people to access the plane as a means of transportation,” he concluded.

Martin Ortiz reporting from Argentina.

Flybondi adds another Boeing 737-800

Flybondi received from Aercap its newest airplane, Boeing 737-800 LV-HKN (msn 30734).

The new leased 737 arrived on July 9 at El Palomar International Airport.

LV-HKN is a replacement for Boeing 737-800 LV-HKR which will now be operated by Southern Air as N5179A.

The new addition was built in 2008 and has 189 seats.

Martin Ortiz reporting for Argentina.

All photos by the airline.

Flybondi to add a new international route to Rio de Janeiro

Flybondi will launch a new international route from the Rio de Janeiro area to Rio de Janeiro starting in October.

The new route will connect El Palomar international airport (EPA) with Rio de Janeiro Galeao international Airport (GIG).

This new route will operate three days a week with Boeing 737-800s.

Martin Ortiz reporting from Argentina.

All images by the airline.

Flybondi starts operations from El Palomar Airport

Flybondi completed the second phase of its start-up by launching operations from El Palomar Airport in Buenos Aires after receiving permission from the government to operate commerical passenger flights from the third airport in the capital.

The first flight from El Palomar departed on February 9 to Cordoba.

According to Wikipedia, El Palomar Airport (IATA: EPA, ICAO: SADP), is a military airport in El Palomar, Argentina. It is the homebase of Argentine Air Force 1st Air Brigade (Spanish: Primera Brigada Aérea), which is mainly a transportation unit, and is located 18 km (11 miles) west of Buenos Aires, near the El Palomar station of the San Martín railway line.

The previous inaugural flight of the airline from Corboda was operated on January 26, 2018.

All photos by Flybondi.

Flybondi to commence operations this month

Flybondi (Buenos Aires and Córdoba) is the first low-cost airline in Argentina. The airline will operate Boeing 737-800s.

The pictured Boeing 737-8AS LV-HKS (msn 33821) is the first aircraft. It was delivered on December 1, 2017.

The new airline is planning to launch its first scheduled flight on January 26, 2018 between Córdoba and Iguazu.

The new airline plans to fly to these destinations:

All photos by Flybondi.

Flybondi selects the Boeing 737-800 as its launch aircraft

Flybondi ( (Buenos Aires), a new low-cost carrier in Argentina, has selected the Boeing 737-800 as its launch aircraft. The new carrier is planning to launch operations in September 2017.

The new airline would also like to add the Boeing 737 MAX 200.