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German Airways promotes Leysieffer chocolates with its newest Embraer

German Airways is now promoting Leysieffer chocolates on its latest Embraer 190.

The pictured D-APRI is the eighth Embraer 190 in the German Airways fleet. It joined the fleet on November 11.

Top Copyright Photo: German Airways (WDL) Embraer ERJ 190-100LR D-APRI (msn 19000178) (Leysieffer chocolates) CGN (Rainer Bexten). Image: 959380.

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German Airways ends its relationship with EGO Airways, leases a Embraer 190 to Luxair

German Airways has ended its relationship with EGO Airways.

Meanwhile, Luxair will lease a German Airways Embraer 190 on its European route network. Due to the foreseeable resumption of leisure travel, the airline needs additional capacity on longer routes for the summer season 2022 in order to meet the expected high demand.

From mid-May, the Embraer 190 will join Luxair’s current fleet of eight Boeing 737s and eleven de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400s. With a capacity of 100 seats, the German Airways aircraft allows greater flexibility and better meets the strong travel desire of Luxair passengers.

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German Airways to operate two Embraer 190s for ITA Airways

German Airways will operate and wet lease two Embraer 190s for ITA Airways from Milan (Linate).

The aircraft will fly ITA Airways flights from LIN to London City, Geneva and Luxembourg starting on March 28, 2022.

In other news, German Airways continues to expand its fleet. Four more Embraer E190 LRs will strengthen the aircraft fleet.

The aircraft complement the existing fleet of five aircraft of this type, which the second oldest German airline already operates. Of the four new aircraft, three will be delivered this year, one in 2023.

German Airways rents the aircraft mainly to other airlines in wet leases including crews. Sports clubs, tour operators or companies also like to use the 100-seater aircraft for orders in the charter business.

Top Copyright Photo: German Airways (WDL) Embraer ERJ 190-100LR D-AJHW (msn 19000061) CGN (Rainer Bexten). Image: 948383.

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Green Airlines to fly from Cologne/Bonn to Sylt

Green Airlines made this announcement:

From July 9, 2021, travelers from Cologne-Bonn Airport will be able to fly to Sylt with Green Airlines. The new German airline will connect Cologne-Bonn to the popular North Sea island, via a stopover in Paderborn, every Friday and Sunday.

Green Airlines will take off from Cologne Bonn Airport at 17:00 on Friday. With a stopover at Paderborn Lippstadt Airport, the journey will continue to Sylt at 18:00, arriving on the island at 19;00. The return flight from Sylt via Paderborn to Cologne Bonn will be at 18:00 on Sunday.

A German Airways Embraer 190 with space for 100 passengers will be used for the flights.

Note: Green Airlines is a virtual airline using other airlines to operate their flights.

German Airways parks its Bombardier Q400 fleet, the end?

"Mannschaftstransporter" for the German football team "1. FC Union Berlin"

German Airways’ fleet of 16 ex-LGW Bombardier DHC-8-402s (Q400s) is grounded. The fleet was due to be replaced with new Embraer 190s.

The Q400s were previously operated for Eurowings. 15 of the fleet have been flown to Bratislava for storage, reportedly returning to the lessor.

Only D-ABQK, which exited the Eurowings lease on November 20, 2019, is still in Saarbrücken preparing for the final phase out. Is this the early end of the Q400 era at the airline?

The airline also operates five Embraer 190s.

Top Copyright Photo: Eurowings (LGW) Bombardier DHC-8-402 (Q400) D-ABQA (msn 4223) (1. FC Union Berlin) NUE (Gunter Mayer). Image: 949752.

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New proposed Swiss airline FlyBair seeks crowdfunding capital

FlyBair (stylized as flyBAIR) is a new proposed Swiss airline based in Bern. The upstart is seeking capital to start operations through a crowdsourcing effort.

If successful in funding, the new carrier is targeting May 2020 for the start of operations.

FlyBair will be a virtual airline, marketing flights under their brand. Aircraft would be operated by and leased from German Airways (formerly WDL Aviation and LGW).

FlyBair is proposing to fly from Bern to these holiday markets:

LGW and WDL Aviation to operate under the German Airways brand

Delivered on March 13, 2019

Zeitfracht Group has announced its two airlines, Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter mbH (LGW) and WDL Aviation, will operate under the German Airways brand. However the two airlines will keep their separate AOCs.

LGW operates for Eurowings.

WDL Aviation was acquired by the Berlin logistics company Zeitfracht on October 1, 2017 and operates charter and wet lease services.

Top Copyright Photo: WDL Aviation Embraer ERJ 190-100LR D-ACJJ (msn 19000114) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 947368.

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