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Volare Air Group announces a new subsidiary, Grace Airways, also wants to revive the Northeast Airlines name

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Volare Air Group (Chicago) owns the Northeast Airlines name, logo and trademark. The travel company has proposed a new airline division named Grace Airways and has issued this statement:

The Volare Air Group, the parent company for Northeast Airlines, is pleased to announce the launch of their new subsidiary Grace Airways, and is scheduled to be operationally performing by later this year into select Caribbean, European, and Asian markets. This venue has been in development for some time now, stemming over 2 years in collaboration, and will emulate the legacy quality of services once enjoyed by the iconic Pan Am brand.

Grace Airways logo

“In a literal sense, this brand has been devised to deliver a millennial adaptation of true quality Pan Am style, but geared for the economies of scale in today’s flying market place”.

Additionally, Volare will be releasing news of some key industry personnel that have been chosen, to lead their family of brands into service in upcoming announcements. One such appointment is pending an official acceptance by a chosen former female CEO of proven success, and brings ambitious quality to the current executive team.

Grace Airways will primarily serve international destinations, and is currently slated to launch an operational hub from Birmingham’s Shuttlesworth International Airport, which will focus on various key aspects for the subsidiary in terms of both maintenance, and operational support as the brand prepares to come online in the near future months. Final negotiations are currently being ratified to secure operational readiness from the former Pemco maintenance facility that is currently unused, and has been extended to Volare in previous discussions for future reuse by the airline.

Grace’s primary business model will focus of a key mix of quality upper end service to most of its destinations, but will extend its product on a more economical price class, without the final markups on inclusive fares. Many European carriers now offer higher end services to their flying public, but are more exclusively geared at fares structured on economy class rates, and that is a distinct gap that is currently felt in many U.S. markets today.

Northeast (2nd) 737-800 (Flt)(Northeast)(LR)

Image above: Volare Air Group.

More on the Northeast Airlines (2nd) brand proposal:

The home of the yellowtails returns soon offering a new service class operated as Yellowliners, to various destionations throughout the Atlantic states, & the warm and sunny coastal areas of central and southern Florida, the Caribbean, and a new intratstate system operated within Florida and select southeastern locations with the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama. Stay tuned for updates and further details issued by Volare.

More on the Volare Air Group, Inc.:

The Volare Air Group is a privately held Indiana corporation, and the parent of Northeast Airlines, Inc., Northeast Jetlines, Grace Airways and Yellow Freight Systems, both being subsidiaries of Northeast Airlines, and Volare Air Tours, a division of the Volare Air Group, and serves as a travel arm in association with Global Travel International. Volare Air Tours currently maintains alliances with most major cruise lines throughout the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, Volare Air Tours is also partnered to sell and arrange ticketing for many airlines worldwide, through its partnered agreement in association with a dynamic European operator. Volare is an accredited member of the Cruise Line International Association, ARC, and IATA.