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Three former Helios Airways executives and one British mechanic are convicted in absentia for the August 14, 2005 crash

Helios Airways (Larnaca) did not survive the well-publicized August 14, 2005 crash near Athens, Greece of this Boeing 737-300 despite a name change to Ajet Airways. Three former Helios executives and one British mechanic who inspected the ill-fated airliner before it departed for Athens were convicted in absentia in an Athens court room for the death of the 121 passengers and crew members. Previously the four were found not guilty in a Cyprus court. The flight crew failed to switch the oxygen supply system from manual to active prior to takeoff which cut off the oxygen supply en route to the crew and the passengers. The airliner flew until it hit a mountain near Athens. Fighter jet escorts observe one individual in the cockpit trying to avoid the inevitable fuel starvation and crash.

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Copyright Photo: Christian Volpati Collection.