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Chinese pilots falsified their flying backgrounds

Henan Airlines’ (Zhengzhou) recent crash has triggered an investigation by the CAAC on the qualifications of Chinese pilots. According to this report by the BBC more than 200 pilots falsified their records to qualify for positions.

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Henan Airlines shuts down following the fatal crash

Henan Airlines (formerly Kunpeng Airlines) (Zhengzhou) suspended all operations yesterday (August 25) following the fatal Embraer ERJ 190 crash the previous day. The investigation continues concerning the crash that killed 42 people and injured another 54.

Henan Airlines Embraer ERJ 190 B-3130 crashes in China

Henan Airlines (formerly Kunpeng Airlines) (Zhengzhou) lost its Embraer ERJ 190-100LR B-3130 (msn 19000233) tonight in China. The jet broke apart as it approached the fog-shrouded runway at Lindu Airport near Yichun and crashed into a grass field, killing 43 people and injuring 53 others, state media said.

The airliner had departed from Harbin.

Kunpeng Airlines was originally founded as a joint venture between Shenzhen Airlines and the Mesa Air Group. In 2009 Mesa Air Group and Shenzhen terminated their agreement and Shenzhen announced that the airline would be renamed Henan Airlines.