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Indochina Airlines hopes to find investors by November

Indochina Airlines (Hanoi) as we previously reported suspended operations on November 23, 2009 and is now seeking investors. The private airline hopes to relaunch operations in November or it will be forced to declare bankruptcy.

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Indochina Airlines remains grounded

Indochina Airlines (Ho Chi Minh) halted all operations on November 23, 2009 when its leased Travel Service Airlines Boeing 737-800 (operated in Travel Service colors) returned to Europe. The company which commenced scheduled operations a year earlier on November 25, 2009 was declared bankrupt on December 15. However despite these setbacks the private airline was hoping to secure two Boeing 737-400s which so far has not yet materialized. The Vietnamese government is prepared to approve its new schedule if the company can pay off its debts and show new financial fitness.

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