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Japan Air Commuter takes delivery of its first ATR 72-600

First ATR 72-600, delivered on October 30, 2018

Japan Air Commuter Co. Ltd (JAC) took delivery of its first ATR 72-600 (JA06JC) following the conversion in June of one of its orders of an ATR 42-600 to its larger 72 version. The aircraft will have a 70-seat configuration.


The first ATR 42-600 entered service with JAC in early 2017 and the up-gauging of this order reflects the -600’s ability to effectively open and grow routes with the lowest possible risks, thanks to its 40% fuel burn advantage over its turboprop rival. The delivery of this larger aircraft allows JAC to fly more passengers to airports with shorter runways that are only accessible by turboprop. JAC have already taken delivery of five ATR 42-600 aircraft and they are going to introduce first ATR 72-600 in Japan with this delivery. With the delivery of the ATR 72-600 they will benefit from the commonality between the models. The ATR 42 and 72 share a Single Type Rating and 90% of spare parts. The versatility of the ATR -600 Series allows it to go where other aircraft simply cannot follow, performing a variety of operations with unbeatable economics.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by ATR): JAL – Japan Air Commuter ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-600) F-WWED (JA06JC) (msn 1524) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 943849.

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Japan Air Commuter orders eight ATR 42-600s

Japan Air Commuter ATR 42-600 (11)(Flt)(ATR)(LR)

Japan Air Commuter Company, Ltd (JAC) (Kagoshima) – a JAL Group Company and ATR announced the signature of a contract for the purchase of eight firm ATR 42-600s, plus 1 option and 14 purchase rights.

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The signature of this deal represents a major milestone for ATR, as it represents the 1500th ATR aircraft sold since the beginning of the program. It is also the first contract signed between ATR and a Japanese airline.

The operations with these new 50-seat ATR 42-600s will start in 2017 with the remaining aircraft to be delivered over the next three years. With its brand new fleet, Japan Air Commuter will replace its current regional aircraft on its main routes as well as on operations to smaller islands of the country. The state-of-the-art ATR42-600 turboprop is equipped with a glass cockpit incorporating the newest navigation technologies, -also available on the A380-. The aircraft are also equipped with the new ‘Armonia’ cabin, featuring the latest standards of comfort, including large overhead bins, LED lightening and more legroom for passengers.

Japan Air Commuter logoFounded in 1983, Japan Air Commuter is a JAL Group Company with Japan Airlines holding 60 percent as its principal shareholder, and the remaining shares jointly held by the 12 Municipalities of the Amami Islands of Kagoshima, Kyushu. Based in Kagoshima Airport, Japan Air Commuter operates 21 aircraft, 141 daily departures on 27 routes, and serves as the essential public air transport means for 1.8 million passengers annually between the beautiful Amami islands and Western Japan.

Top Image: ATR.

JAL produces a fiscal year operating profit but falls back into the red in April

Japan Airlines Corporation (Tokyo) reported a $2.3 billion operating profit in its fiscal year but fell back into the red in April due to the drop in tourism to Japan.

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