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National Airlines adds the 8th Boeing 747-400F to its fleet

National Airlines has announced the arrival of a Boeing 747-400F, Factory Freighter, to its fleet. This addition is a fuel-efficient freighter under registration N537CA (MSN 33749). Featuring a nose door and a large side door, it is the best option to transport long and heavy cargo around the globe. As the most preferred cargo aircraft, this freighter holds a maximum gross payload of up to 124 metric tons (124,000kgs). The induction is part of National Airlines’ current global fleet and network expansion approach to meet the massive demand to move huge shipments.

The airline’s fleet expansion is impactful for high-volume cargo industry customers globally. Innovative and larger capacity availability at shorter notices will reboot many supply-chain networks and production lines across various commercial industries.

National Airlines offers on-demand cargo capacity through its fleet of 8 Boeing freighter aircraft with daily service options to over 200 airports in its global network. National operates 8 x B747-400 freighters out of which 6 are B747-400BCF, 1 x B747-400ERF, and 1 x B747-400F. The airline also offers passenger charter services on 1 x A330-200 and 1 x B757-200 aircraft.

Top Copyright Photo: National Airlines (5th) Boeing 747-428 (F) N952CA (msn 25238) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 959033.

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A Boeing 747-400ERF joins the National Airlines fleet

National Airlines (5th) has made this announcement:

National Airlines has announced the arrival of a Boeing 747-400 ERF, Extended Range Freighter, to its fleet. This addition is a fuel-efficient freighter under registration N663CA (MSN 35237). Featuring a nose door and a large side door, the aircraft is a logical choice globally for sophisticated cargo movements across long distances. The induction is part of National Airlines’ current global fleet and network expansion approach to meet the massive demand to move huge shipments worldwide.The aircraft has a maximum gross payload of an incredible 128 metric tons (about 282,000 pounds). The nose door loading capability, a unique feature of this type of aircraft, gives National the capability to move customers’ shipments of any length, which is not possible with the B777 freighter. This aircraft is also particularly suitable for pharmaceuticals, seafood, perishables, and other cold chain shipments.

With this addition, National Airlines offers additional freighter capacity to carry lengthy, odd-sized, bulk and delicate cargo across its global network of over 200 airports within a stipulated time frame. National will continue to add more freighter aircraft to its fleet in the coming months.

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National Airlines airlifts hundreds of drinking water cases amidst crisis in Mississippi

National Airlines (5th) has made this announcement:

As Mississippi’s capital city, Jackson, faces an unprecedented water shortage crisis, National Airlines donated and airlifted hundreds of cases of drinking water to the city, as part of its social responsibility initiative. Over 150,000 people in the city are left without safe running water after the city’s main water treatment facility failed due to the recent flooding.

The National Airlines A330-200 flight from Fort Lauderdale to Jackson was transporting a prominent school band along with their specialized equipment in the cargo belly. The crew and operations team used the remaining luggage space as an opportunity to load the water cases, making sure the needed supplies reached Jackson on time for distribution.

“National has always been in the forefront of transporting immediate relief supplies to crisis-hit regions. Be it COVID-19 medical supplies or essential supplies during natural calamities, National Airlines aircraft airlifts supplies to the most affected areas for timely distribution. The recent efforts to bring drinking water to Jackson, is yet another opportunity for us to serve people when in dire need”, remarked Christopher Alf, Chairman, National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc.

The recent flooding of the Pearl River led to the failure of pumps at the Jacksonwater treatment plant. This decreased the water supply to households this week. Currently, state officials and voluntary organizations are coordinating efforts to distribute safe drinking water to each household as the situation gets better in the region. People are also advised to boil water before using it for essential purposes.

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National Airlines celebrates 30 years of flying

National Airlines (5th) Boeing 747-446 (F) N936CA (msn 25308) (30 Years) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 956628.

National Airlines has announced it has operated its last military supply flight to eastern Europe as tensions rise due to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The National Airlines name has been used five times in the United States. The latest version is expanding with more Boeing 747-400BCFs. It is also looking at new freighter versions by both Airbus and Boeing.

Murray Air commenced DC-8 operations in December 1986. In December 2008 the company changed its name to National Airlines.

National Airlines (5th) (formerly Murray Air) is now celebrating 30 years of flying. The airline issued this look back:

Since its inception, the group is focussed on offering niche solutions for its corporate, government, defense and humanitarian aid customers. The group expanded from being a domestic U.S logistics service provider into Europe in the late 90s. The begin of 2000s witnessed further expansion into the Middle East with the opening of offices in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur respectively. Later it further extended its footprint in the far east by opening offices in Tokyo, Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. National Air Cargo group is a prime transporter for the US Department of Defense, supporting the logistical requirements for missions in the Middle East (Iraq & Afghanistan).

Mid 2000s, the group took a bold step forward by acquiring airline operations and constantly focused on modernizing the aircraft fleet from DC-8Fs to Boeing 747-400Fs. With further business diversification, passenger operations commenced with the introduction of Boeing 757-200 and later adding the Airbus A330-200 passenger aircraft, offering premium charter services to its government, defense and commercial customers across the globe. Though the two main business division of the group National Air Cargo and National Airlines thrives on its individual growth, nevertheless they also complement each other in projects where the group offers the capability of an integrator.

Over the years, National Air Cargo division expanded its offerings from freight forwarding to 3rd party logistics, multimodal movement, warehousing and ground handling support services. The airline division constantly expanded over the past 2 decades taking the freighter feet of six Boeing 747-400Fs and combination of Boeing 757-200 and Airbus 330-200 in the passenger fleet. With significant investment on infrastructure at the headquarter level in Orlando, the airline has round the clock operations team and crew supporting daily flights serving e-commerce conglomerates, oil & gas manufacturers, automobile industry leaders, electronic manufacturers, FMCG companies and governments everywhere in the world. The group has been a strategic partner to various governments and international aid organizations, including United Nation agencies, to airlift immediate relief supplies to disaster-struck regions. Notably, National’s aircraft airlifted PPE kits, protective masks, oxygen cylinder and other medical supplies to U.S, Europe, Africa and Asia during the COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, the passenger fleet was instrumental in airlifting evacuees to Washington, after the Afghanistan drawdown.

“Over the years what has separated us, is our commitment to deliver the world to our partners and customers each time. A strong vision and adaptability towards the changes in customer and market demands has always been the core competency of the company. We have been creative in offering complete solutions to the business requirements of our customers. During any global emergency, our personnel and aircraft are ready to airlift immediate aid to crisis hit regions. The trust our customers bestowed upon us has been phenomenal and helped us grow over the years. We will continue to offer more effective and personalized cargo and passenger solutions to our customers in every possible region in the coming years”, said Mr. Christopher J. Alf, Chairman, National Air Cargo group.

National Air Cargo group shares the gratitude of the 30th anniversary momentous occasion with all its the customers across continents, government agencies, commercial partners and over 600 employees steering and implementing the group’s missions worldwide.


Top Copyright Photo: National Airlines (5th) Boeing 747-446 (F) N936CA (msn 25308) (30 Years) LAX (Michael B. Ing). Image: 956628.

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Photo: National Airlines (5th) Boeing 747-446 (F) N936CA (msn 25308) ONT (Arnd World). Image: 056097.

"Lori", celebrating 30 years with special red/gold livery

Copyright Photo: National Airlines (5th) Boeing 747-446 (F) N936CA (msn 25308) (30 Years) ONT (Arnd Wolf). Image: 056097.

National Airlines unveils a special red livery on Boeing 747-400F N936CA

National Airlines has announced a new “signature livery” on its sixth Boeing 747-400 N936CA.

“Blending Originality with Legacy N936CA is National’s 6th Boeing 747-400 freighter aircraft with a livery keeping the original color combinations and blending with 30 years legacy of global business.”

National’s traditional livery colors are blue and silver.

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National Airlines delivers critical COVID-19 relief

National Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighters are carrying out highly critical COVID-19 missions worldwide to quickly deliver urgently needed COVID-19 laboratory testing supplies and protective gear.

The airline continued;

With the World struggling to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, governments across the World are in dire need of masks, gloves, and other relief materials. National has been steadfast in supporting the World in these difficult times by ensuring the supply chain process is maintained, while also moving crucial passenger missions.

(PRNewsfoto/National Air Cargo Group, Inc. )

Among the many relief missions National Airlines has been involved with, the most recent is a flight operated into Mumbai, India with one of its Boeing 747-400 freighters carrying key COVID-29 laboratory testing supplies to identity COVID-19. The second largest country in terms of population has just implemented a complete lock down to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

National has completed several missions and are contracted to perform numerous more from India, Europe, and Chinainto the USA carrying pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies. Chris Alf, Chairman of National, said, “We salute our members, especially the crew who are doing an extraordinary job and accepting the responsibility to fly to world-wide destinations carrying medical supplies and relief materials and braving the challenges we’re all facing today. Delivering the COVID-19 laboratory testing supplies and protective gear are highly time-critical missions in which our fantastic team have accomplished on time.”

USA Air Carrier National Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 747-400 freighters, A330 and Boeing 757-200 passenger aircraft globally.

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National Airlines adds its first Airbus A330-200

National Airlines has made this announcement:

National Airlines, is pleased to announce the Airbus A330-200 as its newest addition to its fleet, joining Boeing 747-400 Freighter and Boeing 757-200 Passenger Aircraft. This aircraft has been delivered with its N819CA registration in National’s striking livery. The Airbus 330-200 commences its international charter missions in May of this year. The current two-class configuration of 288 seats provides a generous seat pitch while providing onboard entertainment to all seats. National Airlines will be adding an additional A330 by June of this this year and additional aircraft in the future.

National Airlines, a subsidiary of National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc., operates intercontinental cargo and passenger charters for both Government and Commercial customers. Heem Ashar, Vice President Commercial Services along with Robert Perry, Passenger Sales Manager, mentioned that National has been successfully managing its passenger segment of business with its medium range Boeing 757 aircraft, and with the introduction of the Airbus A330-200 allows National to enter the medium and long-range business needs of its customers.

Chris Alf, Chairman of National Air Cargo Holdings said, “National has plans to introduce two additional Airbus A330 family aircraft into its fleet by early 2021. We at National take pride in delivering personalized service offerings to our customers. Fleet improvements are continuously evaluated, and the demand for the passenger business drove us to the decision to acquire the Airbus A330-200, based on its proven history of providing the highest level of safety and performance.”

National recorded positive economic results during the year 2019 in spite of the global economic challenges. Joseph Batten, Vice President of Operations said, “National always maintains a competitive corporate structure, which helps National to service our niche customers globally, while keeping costs at minimum.”

National Airlines is coming to Vancouver and Windsor from Sanford, Florida

National Airlines (5th) (Orlando) is expanding to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) issued this statement:

YVR Airport logo

Vancouver Airport Authority has announced the upcoming arrival of National Airlines to Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Starting January 20, 2016 , the twice weekly scheduled service will operate between Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB) and YVR.


National Airlines will operate a Boeing 757-200 aircraft on the route. Flights will depart SFB on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 18:45 and arrive in YVR at 22:15. The aircraft will turn around and leave YVR at 23:55 and arrive in SFB at 08:30 the following morning.


Previously National Airlines announced nonstop service between Windsor, Ontario, (YQG), and Sanford, Florida, (SFB). The inaugural flight, on Thursday, December 17, 2015, will depart Windsor International Airport at 2:30 PM EST and arrive Orlando-Sanford International Airport at 5:00 PM EST. National Airlines will fly this route year ‘round. National will offer return flights from Orlando-Sanford International Airport also on Thursdays and Sundays, departing at 10:30 AM EST and arriving in Windsor at 1:00 PM EST.

National Sanford Poster

This winter National Airlines will operate nonstop service from Orlando-Sanford International Airport to five destinations:

  • Las Vegas McCarren International Airport *
  • San Juan Luiz Munoz’ International Airport, Puerto Rico (SJU) *
  • Windsor International Airport, Ontario
  • Vancouver International Airport, British Colombia
  • St. Johns International Airport, Newfoundland

* Flights to/or from Las Vegas and San Juan are Public Charters under DOT PC # 15-189, and operated by National Air Cargo, Inc. d/b/a National Airlines.

Copyright Photo: Tony Storck/ National Airlines (National Air Cargo Group) (5th) Boeing 757-28A N176CA (msn 24543) with special Expo 2020 Dubai UAE markings taxies at Baltimore/Washington (BWI).

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National (5th) 10.2015 Route Map

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National Airlines helps to bring medical and relief supplies to Monrovia, Liberia

National Airlines (5th) (formerly Murray Air) (Orlando) is helping in the Ebola relief efforts in Liberia. In cooperation with the United States Government, National Airlines, using one of its Boeing 747-400 Freighters, carried a planeload of medical and other relief supplies from New York to the Monrovia Airport.

Copyright Photo: Brian McDonough/ Formerly operated by Air France, Boeing 747-428 (F) N952CA (msn 25238) arrives at Washington’s Dulles International Airport (IAD).


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CDC Map of affected Ebola areas in West Africa:

CDC Map - Ebola Affected Areas in West Africa