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Norwegian closes its long-haul network, Gatwick jobs at stake, will focus on Europe and 737s

Norwegian has made a major decision to shut down its long-haul Boeing 787 Dreamliner network and concentrate on short-haul operations from Europe with this announcement:

Norwegian’s Board of Directors has outlined a simplified business structure and dedicated short haul route network. With this plan, Norwegian can build a robust and solid company that will attract investors and continue to serve new and existing customers.

Norwegian has long been recognized as an industry leader in low cost travel, winning numerous awards. The company will build on this foundation, focusing on its core Nordics business, operating a European short haul network with narrow body aircraft. The airline will continue to meet its customers’ needs by offering competitive fares across a broad range of domestic routes in Norway, across the Nordics and to key European destinations.

“Our short haul network has always been the backbone of Norwegian and will form the basis of a future resilient business model,” said Jacob Schram, CEO of Norwegian.

The current plan is to serve these markets with around 50 narrow body aircraft in operation in 2021 and to increase that number to around 70 narrow body aircraft in 2022. Furthermore, Norwegian targets to reduce its debt significantly to around NOK 20 billion and to raise NOK 4 – 5 billion in new capital through a combination of a rights issue to current shareholders, a private placement and a hybrid instrument. The company has received concrete interest in participation in the private placement. Norwegian has recently reinitiated a dialogue with the Norwegian government about possible state participation based on the new business plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the entire aviation industry. Travel restrictions and changing government advice continue to negatively influence demand for long haul travel, and Norwegian’s entire Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet has been grounded since March 2020. Future demand remains highly uncertain. Under these circumstances a long haul operation is not viable for Norwegian and these operations will not continue. The consequence of this decision is that the board of directors of the legal entities employing primarily long haul staff in Italy, France, the UK and the US have contacted insolvency practitioners. Norwegian will continue to assess profitable opportunities as the world adapts and recovers from the impact of COVID-19.

Customers with bookings affected by the future changes in our route network will be contacted directly and will be refunded. The examinership and reconstruction processes undertaken in Ireland and Norway will continue as planned, and the plan presented today is subject to approval by the Examiner and Reconstructor, support from the creditors and subsequently court approval.

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Norwegian donates a Boeing 737-300 Classic to the Bodø Aviation Musuem

Norwegian 737-300 LN-KKW final flight arrival at Bodo (Norwegian)(LRW)

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( (Oslo) retired its Boeing 737-300 Classic fleet last month. Yesterday (December 9) the carrier retired and donated Boeing 737-3K9 LN-KKW (msn 24213). A final non-revenue ferry flight was conducted to Bodø. logo-1 (LRW)

According to the carrier, “Yesterday morning (December 9) landed one of Norwegian’s 737-300s with the registration of LN-KKW at Bodø Airport in Norway (above) and thus made its last flight. Norwegian donated the aircraft to the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø.

Norwegian 737-300 LN-KKW final flight crew (Norwegian)(LRW)

Above Photo: Norwegian. Captain Johnny Silberg and First Officer Olav Hynne sit in the cockpit of LN-KKW on its final flight.

Behind the controls of the historic flight sat Captain Johnny Silberg who has worked at the airline since 2006.

This aircraft operated 40,106 flights and spent 64,656 hours flying. The plane was part of Norwegian in 2006 when the company had 14 aircraft, 54 routes and 560 employees. Today the company has 102 aircraft, 439 routes and over 5500 employees.”

The remaining four Boeing 737-300 aircraft are parked in Budapest in anticipation of a decision on where they will end up. Norwegian has over 250 aircraft on order including 100 of the new Boeing 737 MAX and 30 of the slightly larger Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Norwegian has one of the youngest fleets in the sky with an average of 3.6 years for its fleet.

Norwegian aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

LN-KKW has had a colorful career with Norwegian carrying these two special liveries in 2007 and 2009 including Norwegian’s UNICEF special livery:

Translated "The most flexible food and travel"

Above Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best/

"Every child deserves a childhood" UNICEF logo jet

Above Copyright Photo: Stefan Sjogren/

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Norwegian to start Stockholm-Manchester service on November 1

Norwegian Air Shuttle (Oslo) will start a new route connecting Stockholm (Arlanda) and Manchester starting on November 1. The new route will operate four days a week.

Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems.


Norwegian to lease a third Boeing 787 Dreamliner from ILFC

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( (Oslo) has announced it has entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) to lease one new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner long haul aircraft from ILFC. The aircraft is the third leased Dreamliner from ILFC, and the sixth Dreamliner on order for Norwegian.

Norwegian will take delivery of the aircraft in early 2014. The lease term is for 12 years.

So far this year, the company has received 12 new Boeing 737-800s. A further three will be delivered from Boeing later this year. At the same time, older Boeing 737-300s are being phased out. As of July 2011, Norwegian has 35 new Boeing 737-800 in its fleet.

On the financial side, Norwegian reported second quarter net profit of $9.6 million.

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Norwegian Air Shuttle wants to add 15 long-range aircraft

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( (Oslo) wants to add 15 long-range aircraft and is in discussions with both Airbus and Boeing.

Here is a translated article:


Norwegian reports a first quarter loss of $33.7 million

Copyright Photo: Javier Rodriguez.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( (Oslo) reported a $33.7 million first quarter net loss according to this ATW report.

Passengers carried was up an impressive 28 percent to 2.68 million.

During the quarter Norwegian received six new Boeing 737-800s, bringing its fleet to 51 aircraft excluding those on wet-lease.

Read the full report:

Copyright Photo: Javier Rodriguez. Newly-acquired Boeing 737-8FZ LN-NOV (msn 31713) now carries the tail image of Sedish Poet Evert Taube. The new airliner is pictured landing at Palma de Mallorca.

Norwegian again supports UNICEF with a new logojet


Copyright Photo: Klaus Ecker. Boeing 737-3K9 LN-KKW (msn 24213) is seen on the tarmac at Munich. The inscription on the fuselage reads "Every child deserves a childhood".

Norwegian Air Shuttle ( ( (Oslo) is again supporting the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), this time with this logojet. UNICEF was created by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1946, to provide emergency food and health care to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II.


Norwegian secures financing for seven 737-800s's Boeing 737-81Q LN-NOC (msn 30785) with a photo image of Norwegian Ole Bull on the tail is pictured at the Oslo (Gardermoen) hub.  Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer.'s Boeing 737-81Q LN-NOC (msn 30785) with a photo image of Norwegian Ole Bull on the tail is pictured at the Oslo (Gardermoen) hub. Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer.

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Boeing delivers 6,000th 737 to Norwegian


Please click on photo for full view, caption and other hot photos.

Please click on photo for full view, caption and other hot photos. (Norwegian Air Shuttle) (Oslo) was the proud customer yesterday (April 16) when it accepted the 6,000th Boeing 737. 737-8Q8 LN-NOL (msn 37159) wears a special “6000th 737” design on the tail. Norwegian currently operates 39 737s and has 42 more on order.