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PAL Airlines completes inaugural flight under new commercial agreement with Air Canada

On Saturday, July 1, 2023, PAL Airlines and Air Canada jointly completed the inaugural PAL Airlines operation of an Air Canada Express flight.

Operated between St. John’s International Airport and Halifax Stanfield International Airport, this inaugural section was the first flight operated under a newly completed commercial agreement achieved between the two carriers to fortify regional service in eastern Canada.  

The commercial agreement will see PAL Airlines acquire up to six additional Dash 8-400 aircraft to be progressively introduced into service on behalf of Air Canada for a term of up to five years. This is the most recent in a series of agreements achieved between the two carriers which have built connectivity and enhanced regional travel options in eastern Canada through the addition of PAL Airlines as an Aeroplan partner, the achievement of an interline agreement that allows for seamless customer connections between the two networks, and the sale of certain PAL Airlines flights on

Route Map:

Principal Airlines to add its first Boeing 737-300

PAL-Principal Airlines (Santiago) announced the arrival of a Boeing 737-300 that will allow the company to increase its payloads and range over the 737-200s currently in service. The new arrival will be the first of a number of CFM56-powered 737s that are expected to be acquired by PAL during the year.

PAL has also confirmed the lease of an Airbus A340 from HiFly that will transport soccer fans from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay to the World Cup in South Africa.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero. The classic Boeing 737-236 CC-CZO (msn 22030) arrives at the Santiago base.

PAL-Principal Airlines launches scheduled flights


737-236 CC-CZK displays the new 2009 livery at Santiago.  Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero.

737-236 CC-CZK displays the new 2009 livery at Santiago. Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero.

PAL-Principal Airlines (Aeolinea Principal de Chile) (Santiago) began scheduled domestic operations in Chile yesterday (june 18) with a flight linking Santiago with the cities of Antofagasta and Iquique in the north of the country. The first flight, call sign PCP 822 took off from SCL operated by Boeing 737-236 CC-CZK (msn 21804). The second 737-200 (CC-CZO) is currently in maintenance and will soon be ready for service. PAL will operate the northern route two times a day during the week, only once on the weekends.

Principal Airlines to start scheduled flights

PAL-Principal Airlines (Aerolinea Principal de Chile) (Santiago) will launch scheduled domestic service between Santiago, Antofagasta and Iquique on June 18 with its two ex-Aircomet Chile Boeing 737-200s (CC-CZK and CC-CZO). The company, which started operations in 2003, previously relied on aircraft supplied by Futura International Airways. Owned by the Musiet family, which also owned National Airlines (Chile) between 1992 and 1998, Principal has been previously operated as a charter airline which will continue. The company on June 2 also introduced a new “rainbow star” color scheme which emphasizes this new English operating name.