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Snowbird Airlines is coming to London Gatwick starting on December 6

Snowbird A320-200 (14)(Flt)(Snowbird)(LRW)

Snowbird Airlines (Helsinki) starting on December 6 is planning to operate twice-weekly Airbus A320 service from Enontekiö to London (Gatwick) and return per Airline Route.

Enontekiö is located in northern Finland in Lapland and is an ideal viewing location for the winter northern lights.

According to Helsinki Times, the launch of the carrier has been delayed due to slumping Russian economy and a dispute with the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (KKV).

The virtual charter airline was planning to start operations on October 2 with a wet leased SmartLynx Airlines Airbus A320 (YL-LCM).

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Snowbird logo


Snowbird Airlines is a new airline in Finland, prepares to launch flights this summer

Snowbird A320-200 (14)(Flt)(Snowbird)(LRW)

Snowbird Airlines Ltd (Helsinki) is a new Finnish charter airline. The company will focus on serving the needs of tour operators and travel agencies and intends to operate flights to Egypt, Turkey, Greece and the other parts of the Mediterranean from Finland.

However the new airline is taking a new approach. The company wants to display Finnish products and invites Finnish businesses and designers to showcase their products.

The attractive logo was designed by Sami Wirkkala and will have a Finnish sister brand of “lumilintu” (Snowbird in Finnish).

Snowbird logo

The new airline plans to launch operations this summer with a single Airbus A320.

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