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BN-2B-27 Islander CC-CYR crashes in Chile

On April 16 2019, around 11:00 (local time) the pictured Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2B-27 Islander registered CC-CYR, c/n 2169 of Sociedad de Servicios Aéreos y Marítimos Archipiélagos Ltda. crashed after taking off from Marcel Marchant Binder/La Paloma Airfield of Puerto Montt (SCPF). The twin-engined airplane impacted -and subsequently burned- into two houses located West of the airfield, with all six on board (pilot and five passengers) killed as a result; a woman transiting in front of the accident site was also heavily injured by debris.
CC-CYR was performing one of its various daily flights between SCPF and Ayacara, a town located some 100 km south of Puerto Montt city. The latter city community expressed its fears because of the airfield location, surrounded by villages, supermarkets and schools, something that has been constantly growing since the early 2000s. The administrators of Marcel Marchant Binder/La Paloma airfield, Club Aéreo de Puerto Montt stated that this airfield was created in 1943 in an empty field far from the downtown, and security measures have been taken over the decades because of the constant growth of Puerto Montt city.
Archipiélagos ( operated a fleet of four aircraft, two BN-2B-27, a Cessna T303 Crusader and a Cessna T206H.
Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero. CC-CYT taking off from Ayacara airfield, April 7, 2017.
Alvaro Romero reporting from Chile.