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Southwind Airlines launches a new route to Tbilisi, Georgia

Southwind Airlines (Antalya) launched the Antalya – Tbilisi charter route on August 21.

According to TAV Airports, Southwind Airlines will run charter flights to Antalya on a weekly basis, with an Airbus A21 aircraft every Sunday until September 25.

The new describes its mission:

Southwind Airlines is headquartered in Antalya and will continue its operations with a total of 4 aircraft, 2 wide body Airbus A330 and 2 narrow body Airbus A321 in the first stage.

In order to take an important position in Turkey and in global civil aviation, we combine our vision and mission with our global, young and dynamic perspective, and we are actively working to carry our country’s flag in the skies on the routes of Germany, England, France, Russia, Scandinavian countries and Israel.

We aim to increase the number of tourists who will visit our country by concentrating on charter flights to contribute to Turkish tourism by cooperating with tour operators in these countries and evaluating today’s dynamics.