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USA Jet Airlines introduces a new livery

USA Jet Airlines has introduced a new logo and livery on ex-Delta McDonnell Douglas MD-88 N832US (msn 53259).

The new logo and livery includes lower case titles.

USA Jet Airlines aircraft slide show:

USA Jet Airlines aircraft photo gallery:

Video of N832US in the new 2021 livery:

USA Jet Airlines introduces a new look

USA Jet Airlines (Ypsilanti) as we reported previously was preparing to introduce a new color scheme. This Douglas DC-9-15 registered as N191US (msn 45718) now displays the new livery.

Top Copyright Photo: Tony Storck.

USA Jet Photo Gallery: CLICK HERE

Bottom Copyright Photo: USA Jet Airlines. VIP Interior.

USA Jet Airlines is operating its first McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 for DirectAir

USA Jet Airlines (Ypsilanti) acquired its first McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83) on December 31, 2009 when this ex-Alaska Airlines aircraft joined the fleet. N949NS (msn 53022, ex N949AS) is being operated for public charter company DirectAir (Myrtle Beach) in this basic all-white condition minus any titles. DirectAir returned to the golfing and beach destination Myrtle Beach, SC for the season starting on February 4, 2010 with charter service to and from Myrtle Beach. Service to other cities is now ramping up.

Copyright Photo: Jan Petzold. N949NS is pictured on final approach to MYR on March 5.

DirectAir adds titles to USA Jet’s DC-9-31 N231US

Copyright Photo: Jan Petzold. N231US lands at Myrtle Beach in USA Jet Airlines' 1994 colors with DirectAir titles.

DirectAir (Myrtle Beach) has now added titles to the wet leased McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 N231US (msn 48114) of USA Jet Airlines (Ypsilanti). USA Jet has been operating for DirectAir for approximately six months.