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West Atlantic’s CRJ200 SE-DUX crashes in the border region of Sweden and Norway, 2 crew members dead

West Air Europe Cargo (West Atlantic Group) Bombardier CRJ200 (CL-600-2B19) SE-DUX (msn 7010) OSL (Gunter Mayer). Image: 930938.

West Atlantic Cargo Airlines (West Air Europe-Sweden) (West Atlantic Group) (Gothenburg, Sweden) Bombardier (Canadair) CRJ200 (CL-600-2B19) with the registration of SE-DUX (msn 7010) late on January 8 with two pilots was operating flight SWN 294 between Oslo and Tromso, Norway, crashed in the mountainous border region of Norway and Sweden. The crew members declared an emergency and disappeared from radar. The jetliner impacted a mountain northwest of Lake Akkajaure in Lapplandsfjällen near the Norwegian border. There were no survivors.

West Atlantic was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Operations are performed all over Europe.

The company issued this statement:

West Atlantic logo

The aircraft departed Oslo on route to Tromsö and declared mayday at 23:31 (January 8) whereby the Swedish and Norwegian search and rescue teams were notified. The crash site was located at 03:10 (January 9) near the Norwegian border by the Lake Akkajaure in the Swedish Lapplandsfjällen by air rescue services with support from Hovedredningssentralen in Norway.

The search has been taken over by the Swedish police which are on their way to the accident site. The internal process is coordinated by the Company’s Emergency Response Team.

Flight no: SWN 294
Route: Oslo – Tromsö
Crew members on board: 2
Type of freight: General freight / Post

Registration: SE-DUX
Aircraft Type: Bombardier CRJ200 PF
Year of manufacture: 1993
Manufacturer’s serial number: 7010
Hours flown since manufactured: 38 601:49
Total flight cycles since manufactured: 31 036

West Atlantic Sweden AB has operated the aircraft since 2007 and flown approximately 10,000 hours.

Age: Captain 42, First Officer 34
Employed with the company: 2011 and 2008
Flight hours: Captain 2 050 hours on type, total hours 3 173
First officer: 900 hours on type, total hours 3 050

Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer/ SE-DUX arrives at Oslo before the tragic accident.

West Atlantic (West Air Sweden) aircraft slide show: AG Airline Slide Show

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West Atlantic (West Air Sweden) receives its Chilean AOC to operate this CRJ200 freighter for Rio Baker

Rio Baker Cargo Airlines (Antofagasta) is the cargo division of Rio Baker. Rio Baker is an FBO and air taxi company based at Cerro Moreno Airport in Antofagasta. Until the arrival of this CRJ200 freighter, Rio Baker only had a Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain and a Lance as a fleet.

Rio Baker is wet leasing Bombardier (Canadair) CRJ200LR (PF) (CL-600-2B19) freighter SE-RIF (msn 7142) from West Atlantic (Gothenburg).

The CRJ200 will be used to support the aviation needs of the mining companies of northern Chile.

West Atlantic (West Air Sweden) received its Chilean AOC (Air Operator Certificate) on April 5, 2012. The local DGAC (General Directorate for Civil Aviation) issued this AOC to allow West Atlantic to operate SE-RIF in Chile for Rio Baker. SE-RIF’s operational base will be Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport where its pictured landing.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero.

West Atlantic to take delivery of the first A320 freighter

Copyright Photo: Gordon Stretch. West Atlantic now operates a fleet of 33 BAe ATP freighters.

West Atlantic (Gothenburg) will become the first operator of the converted Airbus A320 freighter. AerCap Holdings N.V. has announced that it has placed the first converted Airbus A320 freighter from its fleet on lease with European cargo operator West Atlantic. These aircraft are part of a passenger to freighter (P2F) conversion project for up to thirty A320 aircraft that AerCap agreed with Airbus Freighter Conversions (AFC) in 2008.

Under the lease agreement between AerCap and West Atlantic, which is subject to finalization of terms and conditions, West Atlantic will become launch operator for the A320 P2Fs by taking an initial three aircraft on lease from AerCap with deliveries between 2012 and mid-2013, with the option of a further four aircraft by 2015.

AerCap, AerCap’s subsidiary AeroTurbine and AFC will provide certain spares, crew training and line support to West Atlantic for facilitating the entry of the converted aircraft into service.

West Atlantic was created in 2008 with the merger of West Air Europe (Sweden), West Air Europe (Luxembourg) and Atlantic Airlines (UK).

World Atlantic Airlines starts its certification process

World Atlantic Airlines (Miami) on September 10 started its FAA proving flights, hopefully leading to its AOC and Part 121 certification. The new charter airline plans to operate for federal agencies.

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. The first aircraft for the new company is this ex-Alaska Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 (MD-83) N802WA (msn 53052).

West Air Europe+Atlantic Airlines = West Atlantic


Pictured at Coventry, ATP G-BTPH (msn 2015) is basically painted in United Express' 1993 colors with a new logo and West Atlantic titles.  Copyright Photo: Gordon Stretch.

Pictured at Coventry, ATP G-BTPH (msn 2015) is basically painted in United Express' 1993 colors with a new logo and West Atlantic titles. Copyright Photo: Gordon Stretch.

West Air Europe (Gothenburg) and Atlantic Airlines (Coventry) announced in October 2008 they would merge to form West Atlantic Airlines (Gothenburg). ATP G-BTPH (msn 2015) now spots new titles and logo.