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AirX integrates Flymingo Box aboard its aircraft

AirX made this announcement:

Moment has been selected by AirX, a dynamic European airline operating private and business jets, to deploy its Flymingo Box solution aboard the company’s VIP A340 aircraft. The installation of the W-IFE system contributes to extending the connected offering with advanced onboard entertainment services, enhancing passengers’ comfort throughout the flight. Operating a wide range of private aircraft, AirX fleet has a best-in-class approach to service.

Based in Malta and in the UK, the business charter specialist operates, with 17 aircraft, one of the largest and most diversified fleets in European private aviation. This strategy enables the company to propose access to selected airports or to answer the large cargo demand, small and large groups. While VIP aviation has gained traction since the pandemic, passengers are also increasingly demanding, expecting to stay connected at all times, even during a flight.

Known for combining performance with cost-effective offerings, and winner of numerous awards, AirX has had to adapt to a changing market since the pandemic, with passengers keen to fly safely and prioritise comfort with first-class services. Following the acquisition of an A340, the company chose a VIP configuration for the aircraft.

Looking for an immersive entertainment experience for its passengers, whether they travel for business or leisure, AirX has partnered with Moment to upgrade the cabin with the Flymingo Box. A portable plug-and-play system, the wireless inflight device enables AirX to provide premium services and entertainment content, including films, tv shows, magazines and music. Once set up in the cabin, the Box supports advanced streaming and ensures unmatched reliability for passengers looking for always-on connectivity. With a few clicks and from their own electronic devices, they access a personalised digital portal providing optimal services.