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Alitalia Cargo lifts 1 million vaccine doses from Italy to El Salvador

Alitalia Boeing 777 cargo flight landed in San Salvador, El Salvador at 1:55 pm on July 26, 2021 with one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from China.

Alitalia flight number AZ9460 operated by Boeing 777-243ER EI-DDH. It returned as AZ9461 the following day to Milan Malpensa.

A few weeks ago Alitalia Cargo operated a similar cargo flight from Milan Malpensa to Port of Spain for delivery vaccines to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.

Alitalia suspends the New York route until May 31

Alitalia has announced that it has proceeded with the suspension of the Rome Fiumicino-New York JFK service from May 5 to 31, 2020 due to the marked slowdown in demand recorded in the last ten days of April and the worrying level of COVID-19 positive cases persistent in New York.

More specifically, on the 18 flights operated between April 20 and 30, the airline carried only 580 passengers, on average 32 per flight, with 12% load factor compared to the 4,675 seats offered.

The high percentage of no-show in airports of passengers holding regular ticket was presumably determined, beside the current restrictions to the mobility, by the spread of COVID-19 in the New York area (169,000 positive cases, more than double incidence, compared to Lombardy, in relation to the population). With this in mind, the Airline considered the measure – as well as economically inevitable – also appropriate for the protection of its flight crew resting so far in the American city before entering in service.

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Alitalia 4 is coming in June, again state owned

Alitalia will initially be state-owned according to Transport Minister Stefano Patuanelli according to a report by Reuters.

The reorganized flag carrier will be relaunched in June with “over 90 planes”.

Italy was unable to find a buyer, hence the relaunch.

From Reuters:

“Speaking before a parliamentary committee for transport, the minister said the government would create a new company at the beginning of June that would take 100% of the airline.

“The new Alitalia will start with a fleet of more than 90 aircraft compared with its current 113 airplanes,” Patuanelli said, denying reports the fleet could be cut to 30 planes.”

Read the full story.

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Alitalia organizes nonstop cargo flights from China to import medical supplies

Alitalia has made this announcement:

Alitalia has organized, in coordination with the Italian Department of Civil Protection, the first of a series of cargo flights from China with the purpose of transporting medical equipment necessary for Italian hospitals to manage the Covid-19 emergency.

For this first humanitarian flight, an Alitalia’s Boeing 777-300ER, the aircraft with the largest cargo capacity among the Airline’s fleet, will take off to Shanghai next Wednesday and return to Rome on Thursday 26 March with 160 cubic meters of medical supplies stowed, including approximately 3 million of protective face masks.

The delegation comprising 37 Cuban medical doctors and 15 hospital nurses will land today at 6.10 pm in Milan Malpensa airport. Alitalia had organized the trip of the medical team from Havana to Italy, accepting the request of the Italian Prime Minister and the Department of Civil Protection.

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Alitalia continues to operate special repatriation flights

Alitalia made this announcement (translated from Italian):

New Alitalia special flights, in collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and more scheduled connections to facilitate the return to Italy of thousands of compatriots, including many students.

In line with the mission of ensuring an essential public service, Alitalia has increased the number of scheduled flights to five a day from London Heathrow to meet the needs of those who want to return from the United Kingdom. From Brussels, Alitalia flights have become two a day to meet the needs of those in Holland, after the blockade of services on Amsterdam. Also the connections from Paris increased to two a day.

The organization of special flights continues to facilitate the repatriation of thousands of compatriots from those countries to which normal scheduled services can no longer be operated, due to the restrictions imposed on air traffic to and from Italy.

In the next few hours other special flights will be organized from Spain (Madrid and Malaga) between March 21 and 26, from Moldova (Chişinău) for March 22, from Greece (Athens) and from Poland (Warsaw) to March 23, from Ukraine (Kiev) for March 25 and Serbia (Belgrade) for March 26.

Since the beginning of the emergency, Alitalia has already made special connections from the Maldives, Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), Warsaw, Sofia, Kiev, Madrid, Malaga, Bucharest, Algiers and Tunis, bringing over three thousand compatriots to Italy.

At the moment there is no outstanding request for special flights, however the Company remains in constant contact with the Crisis Unit of the Farnesina to prepare new ones for both passengers and freight.

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Alitalia temporarily increases London Heathrow flights

Alitalia, starting today, has upgraded to five daily flights between London Heathrow and Rome Fiumicino.
This new schedule will continue until April 5, 2020. The new pair of daily flights becomes available due to high demand from UK to Italy. Flights can be booked on Alitalia website.
Yesterday Alitalia used an Airbus A330-200 instead  of an A320 on one of the three planned flights.
Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.

Alitalia: hundreds of Italian citizens repatriated

Alitalia has made this announcement:

Alitalia continues to ease return home for thousands of compatriots stranded abroad. Since Sunday 15 March, Alitalia has operated special flights with the Maldives, Warsaw, Sofia and Kiev in collaboration with the Crisis Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing hundreds of Italian citizens to return to their places of residence. In addition, over 200 passengers disembarked from a cruise returned to Italy on Monday with an Alitalia flight from Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe).

Alitalia has planned further special flights to and from those countries where normal scheduled flights are no longer possible, due to the restrictions imposed on air traffic with Italy. A flight to repatriate compatriots from Morocco will take off on Thursday 19 March, two services from Tunisia and Romania will depart on Friday 20 March and a flight from Algeria on Saturday 21 March. Passengers who need to travel on these special flights can purchase tickets on website or, where required by the country’s regulations, they can contact the Italian embassies and local consulates.

At the same time, in line with the mission of ensuring an essential public service, Alitalia will operate three daily services on the London Heathrow-Rome route until 3 April in order to allow many Italian citizens still remaining in the United Kingdom, to come back to Italy.

Alitalia is also working with the Crisis Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on new requests for special flights.

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Reuters: Italian government to take control of Alitalia, passengers must wear masks!

Get ready for Alitalia 4. Due to the coronavirus, efforts to sell the flag carrier have failed. Now the beleaguered Italian government is preparing to take control of the carrier. What could go wrong?

From Reuters:

“The Italian government plans to take control of Alitalia, a draft decree seen by Reuters showed on Monday, as the loss-making carrier risks going belly up due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

The government has earmarked 600 million euros ($670 million) to keep the airline afloat, the draft decree also showed.

On Sunday a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters Alitalia had nearly run out of cash despite having received 400 million euros from the government at the beginning of this year.”

In other news, Alitalia is operating special repatriation flights of Italian citizens.

After the decision of almost all international airlines to suspend air services to and from Italy, Alitalia will continue to guarantee, unless restrictions on air traffic, international flights to and from Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Cairo and Algiers.

Alitalia will also fly on long-haul routes to and from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Delhi, Tokyo and – until March 17 – Miami and Buenos Aires.

In Italy, the airline will continue to operate at least one daily return flight to and from most of the domestic airports still open after the provisions of the Decree of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports.

Alitalia also reminds that, following the temporary closure of Milan Linate airport, from March 16, it will move its operations to Terminal 2 at Milan Malpensa airport. The airline will fly from Malpensa to domestic airports such as Bari, Cagliari, Catania, Lamezia Terme, Naples, Palermo and Rome Fiumicino. Furthermore, starting from March 17, check-in operations for all Alitalia’s domestic, international and intercontinental flights at Rome Fiumicino airport will be carried out at Terminal 3, following the temporary closure of Terminal 1.

Finally, Alitalia is requiring passengers to wear protective masks.

Alitalia issued this statement:

The health and safety of travellers and employees has always been Alitalia’s top priority. For this reason, Alitalia informs passengers that they will be asked to provide themselves, before boarding the plane, with a protective breathing mask which must be worn if a large number of travelers on board doesn’t allow to respect the 1-meter interpersonal safety distance.

The measure comes into force with immediate effect and is part of the protocols against infection that have been adopted by Alitalia in accordance with the provisions of the competent Authorities. Alitalia could therefore deny boarding to passengers who will not be in possession of the personal protective devices. Alitalia recommends travelers to wear protective breathing mask also at airports and during boarding and disembarking from aircraft.

The new safety procedure comes on the heels of the other extraordinary measures adopted by Alitalia to protect the health of travelers and employees, sometimes also through the redesign of the onboard service. Furthermore, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, Alitalia has increased the cleaning activities on its entire fleet, with daily disinfection and sanitation of all the surfaces in the aircraft cabins.

Alitalia crews are trained to activate, if necessary, the health protocol provided to protect travelers from the risk of contamination. Crew members also have on planes a biohazard kit available to deal with passengers with suspicious symptoms, latex gloves to collect items distributed on board and protective breathing masks to be used during service.

All of Alitalia aircraft fleet are equipped with hospital grade high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters which ensure 99.7% cleaning of the cabin air and completely exchange with fresh air thirty times per hour.

Staff at airports may also use protective breathing masks and latex gloves during service. Furthermore, Alitalia has established a quota system for access to the lounges with the aim of ensuring compliance with the safety distances established by the Italian Government’s provisions.

Alitalia has also adopted smart working solutions to keep its ground employees as safe as possible preventing the spread of the disease.

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Alitalia to suspend all operations from Milan Malpensa Airport

Alitalia has made this announcement:

Following the today Decree of the Italian President of the Council of Ministers, which includes new measures for the containment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Alitalia informs that it has implemented a plan to reorganize flights to and from Milan (Linate and Malpensa) and Venice airports. The plan comes on the heels of the reductions already undertaken by the Airline in recent days as a consequence of the drop of passengers due to the increased number of restrictions and travelers’ lower propensity to circulation.

During the period indicated by the Decree, therefore until April 3, Alitalia will operate the following changes at flights. The airline will operate from March 9 only national services from Milan Linate airport, reducing the number of flights on the domestic routes, while services on international routes will be guaranteed via Rome Fiumicino airport.

As from March 9, the Italian airline will suspend any national and international service to and from Milan Malpensa airport. The last Alitalia service for Milan Malpensa airport will be flight AZ 605 from New York which will land in Malpensa at 10:40 am tomorrow morning.

Furthermore, Alitalia will continue to operate flights between Venice and Rome with a reduction in number of services.

Alitalia is offering to travelers affected by reorganization of flights change fee waiver for rebooking their travel, as described on website.

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Alitalia signs code share agreement with Azul Brazilian Airlines

Alitalia has signed a codeshare agreement with Azul Brazilian Airlines, the largest airline in Brazil by number of cities served.

As part of this agreement, customers can conveniently connect to Azul’s unrivaled domestic network when flying Alitalia into and out of São Paulo (Guarulhos) and Rio de Janeiro (Galeão).

The benefits and convenience of a codeshare ticket include those of thru check-in and thru-baggage.

Under the agreement, the codeshared network will include 19 domestic Brazilian destinations served by Azul in connection with Alitalia services to/from São Paulo (Guarulhos) and Rio de Janeiro (Galeão):  Belém, Porto Seguro, Brasilia, Cuiabá, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Goiânia, Foz do Iguaçu, Ilhéus, Navegantes, Porto Alegre, Ribeirão Preto, Recife, Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont, Salvador, Vitória and Campinas-Viracopos.

In other news, Alitalia will start a new route from Milan (Linate) to Hamburg starting on March 29, 2020.

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