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Bankruptcy trustees: Batavia Air owes over $123 million

Batavia Air (Jakarta) ceased operations on January 31 and went into bankruptcy protection. The trustees appointed to oversee the bankruptcy estimate the bankrupt carrier owes over $123 million to its creditors including its lessors, employees, passengers and other businesses according to this report by the Jakarta Post.

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Top Copyright Photo: Kenneth Wong. Airbus A319-132 PK-YVC (msn 2660) prepares to land at Singapore.

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The cabin of the Airbus A330-202 (Batavia Air):

Batavia Air A330-200 cabin (Batavia Air)(LR)


Copyright Photos: Batavia Air. Batavia Air also operated two Airbus A330-202s (PK-YVI and PK-YVJ), Airbus A319s, A320s and an A321 and a large Boeing 737-300/400 Classic fleet.

Batavia Air A330-200 (Batavia Air)(LR)

Batavia Air A320 PK-YUG (11)(Tko)(Batavia Air)(LR)

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AirAsia drops all plans to acquire Batavia Air

AirAsia ( (Malaysia) (Kuala Lumpur) has dropped all plans to acquire Batavia Air (Jakarta) because it creates too many risks for the fast-growing low-fare airline according to this report by Reuters. AirAsia had announced its intention to acquire Batavia Air for $80 million in July.

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Copyright Photo: Christian Volpati. Batavia Air is now gradually adding Airbus A320s (compatible with AirAsia) to replace its aging fleet of Boeing 737-300/400/500s by 2014. The pictured A320-233 PK-YUE (msn 461) arrives at Singapore.

AirAsia (Malaysia): 

Batavia Air: 


Batavia Air adds Singapore as a new destination

Batavia Air A319 (PK-YVC) DSC0233, originally uploaded by KWsideB.

Batavia Air (Jakarta) added Singapore as a new destination on November 25 with daily service to both Jakarta and Semarang.

Copyright Photo: Kenneth Wong. Batavia Air’s Airbus A319-132 PK-YVC (msn 2660) arrives at SIN.