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Ukrainian Antonov An-12 cargo plane crashes near Kavala, Greece

Meridian (Kiev) Antonov An-12BK, registered as UR-CIC from Ukraine, while flying on a cargo flight from Nis, Serbia to Amman, Jordan reported engine trouble over the Aegen Sea.

The freighter attempted to make an emergency landing at Kavala, Greece but crashed short of the airport on July 16, 2022

All eight people on board were killed in the crash according to the BBC..

The Antonov An-12 was reportedly carrying 11 tons of weapons to Bangladesh according to the BBC.

Meridian LLC was founded on July 11, 2003 and is one of the first private airlines in Ukraine, which has received international status by registering in the ICAO (ICAO Call-sign MEM). The business activity of the Airline is aimed at cargo air transportation on domestic and international routes.

Currently the airline operates An-12 aircraft only.

The airline carries out charter cargo flights around the world, as well as fulfilling contracts with governmental and non-governmental organisations for transportation of humanitarian goods. Meridian closely cooperates with the UN and NATO on the delivery of urgent cargo, including military and dual-use cargo.

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