EasyJet agrees to buy 56 Airbus A320neo jets

easyJet (UK) has announced it has agreed to acquire 56 additional Airbus A320neo aircraft and convert a previous order for 18 A320neo aircraft to 18 A321neo orders


The airline stated this move firms up its order book with Airbus through 2028.

easyJet (UK) aircraft photo gallery:

Machinists Union reaches tentative agreement extension for 5,300 members at Alaska Airlines

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) has reached a tentative agreement with Alaska Airlines that, for the first time in the carrier’s history, will put approximately 5,300 Alaska Airlines workers at the top of the airline industry’s pay scale.

The tentative agreement extension covers IAM members who work in Ramp, Stores, Clerical, Office and Passenger Service at the carrier. Alaska Airlines hubs include Anchorage, Alaska; Seattle-Tacoma; Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; and Los Angeles.

If ratified by IAM members at Alaska Airlines, the four-year contract would:

  • Raise base wage rates for all classifications to between 8.9% and 17.4% on Aug. 10, 2022.
  • Further raise all base wages rates for all classifications by 2.5% on Aug. 10, 2023
  • Base wage rate will also increase a minimum of 2.5% on Aug. 10, 2024 and Aug. 10 2025, subject to an industry review.
  • In 2024 and 2025, the agreement calls for an industry review, which will give employees a minimum 2.5% base wage rate or the percentage required to match the top of the scale as the No. 4 airline, whichever is greater.
  • No changes to strong existing medical and other benefits.
  • Longevity pay increases starting after year 6 at 5 cents per hour, and topping out after year 12 and beyond at 35 cents per hour.
  • Strong existing job security language extended until Sept. 27, 2028.

Alaska Airlines/IAMAW



Existing Collective Bargaining Agreements extended 2-years with a new amendable date of 9/27/26



  • All Base Wage Rates will be increased on August 10, 2022 between 8.9% to 17.4% for all classifications.
  • All Base Wage Rates will be increased on August 10, 2023 by 2.5% for all classifications.
  • All Base Wage Rates will be increased on August 10, 2024 by a minimum of 2.5% for all classifications, subject to industry wage review.
  • All Base Wage Rates will be increased on August 10, 2025 by a minimum of 2.5% for all classifications, subject to industry wage review.


  • $.05 cents after 6 years
  • $.10 cents after 7 years
  • $.15 cents after 8 years
  • $.20 cents after 9 years
  • $.25 cents after 10 years
  • $.30 cents after 11 years
  • $.35 cents after 12 years and beyond


Existing Wage review LOA in both agreements modified to reflect a review in 2024 and 2025, which will give us a minimum 2.5% raise or an increase that will match the Top of Scale to number 4 in the industry, whichever is greater.


No changes to existing language in the Collective Bargaining Agreements.


Existing work security in current Collective Bargaining Agreements extended to September 27, 2028, which is two years past the new amendable date of September 27, 2026.

American Airlines launches mobile ID with TSA PreCheck®

American Airlines made this announcement:

Travelers can now enjoy a more convenient travel verification experience through facial recognition

  • No more fumbling for an ID or a boarding pass, American Airlines Mobile ID unlocks a more seamless and touchless travel experience.
  • Customers can create their secure American Airlines Mobile ID with TSA PreCheck® membership, AAdvantage® number, plus either a driver’s license or U.S. passport for a streamlined security experience.
  • The option to use either a driver’s license or passport provides broad accessibility for travelers to experience the next milestone in easy travel.

American Airlines customers with TSA PreCheck® can now breeze through the airport with just their phone and their face, thanks to a collaboration with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and American to test mobile identification.

Starting on June 22 at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), American Airlines AAdvantage® members who are enrolled in TSA PreCheck may choose to use their American Airlines Mobile ID at select TSA PreCheck checkpoints to have their identity verified. The experience is now available at every TSA PreCheck  location at DFW, with plans to deploy at select TSA PreCheck checkpoints at Miami International Airport (MIA), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA) and more later this year.

Seamless security

Creating and storing the American Airlines Mobile ID is simple. Before travel, American Airlines customers with TSA PreCheck who choose to participate in this program need to:

  • Download the Airside Digital Identity App on an iOS or Android device
  • Take a photo of their face
  • Scan their driver’s license or passport with the app*
  • Enter their American Airlines AAdvantage number

The app then:

  • Verifies the customers’ information using mobile ID technology powered by Thales to compare against each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles records or the passport’s embedded NFC chip.
  • Securely stores the customer’s American Airlines Mobile ID on their mobile device until they choose where and when to share it.

As they go through security, customers simply present a QR code on their phone and consent to share their American Airlines Mobile ID with TSA. After sharing their Mobile ID, customers look into a camera at the TSA PreCheck checkpoint. TSA’s computer system then matches the customer’s encrypted image against their American Airlines Mobile ID. The entire process at the airport typically takes less than five seconds.

Once verified, TSA erases the encrypted digital ID from its checkpoint readers and customers retain their digital ID on their device until they are ready to use it at another waypoint, such as an airport lounge.

Expanding innovation

This launch was informed by prior digital ID trials that American introduced in 2021 for touchless bag drop and Admirals Club entry at DFW. American customers participating in these trials have the option to use facial recognition technology instead of presenting a government-issued ID, boarding pass or cobranded credit card to check their bag or enter the lounge. Because either a passport or driver’s license are accepted, this trial provides broad accessibility for travelers to experience this next milestone in easy travel, and offers a scalable solution for future domestic security touchpoints.

In the future, American will roll out similar technology to additional kiosks, bag check and domestic boarding gates. American customers can already verify their identities through facial matching provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at several international boarding gates today.

*Drivers licenses from states that are part of the AAMVA DLDV program and U.S. passports are eligible.


Allegiant partners with the Detroit Pistons, new logojet coming?

Allegiant and the Detroit Pistons today announced they are entering a multi-year partnership designating Allegiant the “Official Airline of the Detroit Pistons.”

With two of Allegiant’s permanent bases located in Flint and Grand Rapids, Michigan is a key market for Allegiant’s network. The partnership with the Pistons – which begins July 1 – demonstrates the airline’s ongoing commitment to support the communities where its employees live and work.

The partnership between the airline and the team contains elements that reflect those shared values. For instance, Allegiant will serve as the presenting sponsor of the Pistons Pride Night, an annual event recognizing the efforts of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to achieve equality.

In addition to Pistons Pride Night, Allegiant will engage basketball fans across Michigan through activations, sweepstakes, and sponsored content.

Adding to the exclusive designation as the “Official Airline of the Detroit Pistons,” Allegiant will connect fans with the team at various points during the season. Sweepstakes will also be specially designed around marquee matchups and provide fans with unforgettable game day experiences.

Allegiant first identified Michigan as an important state for its cross-country service in 2009, when the airline launched service at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. Over the years, the airline added service to Traverse City and Flint and has grown to operate 29 routes from the three cities. Allegiant’s nonstop, low-cost service specifically caters to the greater Detroit area via Flint Bishop Airport (FNT) and Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport (TOL) in Toledo, Ohio. Allegiant invested over $117 million into the Grand Rapids and Flint bases, permanently stationing nearly 200 employees in the state.

The partnership with the Pistons expands the airline’s ties to sports organizations and teams. According to customer surveys, nearly a quarter of all Allegiant travelers say they are NBA fans.

Air Serbia celebrates Serbian aviation anniversary with a photo exhibition

Air Serbia and Belgrade Airport officially opened the exhibition titled “Year of great anniversaries of Serbian aviation: 95 years of the national airline and 60 years of the Belgrade Airport” at the head office of Air Serbia.

As a proud successor of the tradition of the first domestic airline, Air Serbia is celebrating 95 years since the incorporation of Aeroput, while Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The photo exhibition which displays the past, present and future of the two pillars of Serbian aviation will be held at the head office of Air Serbia. On July 1, it will be moved to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, whose visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the history of aviation in Serbia over the coming three months.

The official opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia, Air Serbia and Belgrade Airport, as well as business partners and media.

“In this year of great anniversaries, we particularly honour the visionaries who founded the first domestic airline – Aeroput all the way back in 1927. We are glad that, by joining forces with our partners from the Belgrade Airport, we celebrate this important year for Serbian aviation, and we are convinced that all visitors, as well as our passengers, will enjoy the exhibition of photographs documenting all key periods in the operations of the national airline and the Belgrade Airport. The exhibition is a symbolic testimony to the development of Aeroput, from Yugoslav Airlines (JAT) and JAT Airways, to Air Serbia, which continues to write chapters of history, confirming its role of regional leader in the aviation industry,” stated Jiří Marek, CEO of Air Serbia.

In addition to the photo exhibit and the implementation of a special emblem to its planes, Air Serbia will also be celebrating its 95th anniversary by creating a special postage stamp, in cooperation with the Post of Serbia.

“These two remarkable milestones for Serbian aviation industry are a proof how tradition and expertise can work successfully with modernization, expansion, and innovation event through very challenging times. Together, national airline and the airport will continue to strengthen Belgrade’s position as a well-connected regional hub and to reaffirm this part of Europe as a desirable destination“, stated Francois Berisot, CEO, Belgrade Airport.

As the successor to Aeroput, Air Serbia is in the eight place on the list of the oldest airlines in the world which are still operating. The first CEO of Aeroput, as well as the person who is the most responsible for its establishment despite numerous challenges, was Tadija Sondermajer, an elite Serbian military aviator and aeronautical engineer.


JAT Airways aircraft photo gallery:

SWAPA lists the reasons why it is picketing Southwest Airlines

Mission Statement:

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) is the union of Southwest Airlines Pilots with the mission of unifying, negotiating, and advocating for safety and security, career enhancement through collective bargaining, demanding contract compliance and job protection, and being the outspoken voice of all Southwest Airlines pilot interests to all audiences while also providing exceptional 24/7 representation and support to the pilots we represent.

Approximately 1,300 off-duty SWAPA pilots held an informational picket line at Dallas’ Love Field terminal yesterday. The union is concerned about poor working conditions as the pilot shortage lingers.

The union has listed the reasons for its concerns in this dramatic poster:

Southwest Airlines aircraft photo gallery:


Finnair and Gevo enter into sustainable aviation fuel sales agreement

Finnair has signed a new fuel sales agreement with Colorado-based renewable fuels producer Gevo, Inc. The agreement outlines the details for the purchase of 7 million gallons per year of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for five years starting from 2027. The expected value for the agreement is $192 million over the five-year period, including associated environmental benefits. This agreement is part of oneworld® Alliance’s plan to purchase up to 200 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel per year from Gevo.

Finnair uses an extensive toolkit to achieve emission reductions – using sustainable aviation fuels,  reducing the weight of aircraft, developing fuel-efficient flight methods, offsetting, and engaging customers in reducing aviation emissions. Finnair is also actively exploring the possibilities of introducing new technologies into its operations.

Gevo’s sustainable aviation fuel is produced using inedible corn products that are processed to create ethanol that is then converted into sustainable aviation fuel. The fuel is used with book and claim principle on Finnair’s flights from Los Angeles.

Finnair has also made a purchase agreement with Aemetis for a total of 17.5 million gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel to be delivered during 2025-2032. Finnair has earlier partnered with Neste in Finland to increase to use of SAF and hence reduce carbon emissions of flying.

In other news:

Finnair aircraft photo gallery:

SkyWest files with the DOT to operate 30-seat CRJs under Part 135

SkyWest through its new SkyWest Charter, LLC division filed with the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) for authority to operate 30-seat CRJ200s to smaller, underserved cities.

Here is the application:


SkyWest Charter, LLC (“SWC” or the “Company”) hereby applies for authority to conduct scheduled passenger operations as a commuter air carrier pursuant to 49 U.S.C. § 41738, Parts 201 and 204, and § 298.50 of the Department’s Economic Regulations (14 C.F.R. pt. 298) and the applicable Procedural Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (the “Department”). The proposed operations will provide underserved communities and markets with frequent jet service and ready access to the national transportation system. As explained in more detail below, the Company requests that this Application be processed on an expedited basis.

In support of this Application, SkyWest Charter, LLC states as follows:

1. The Company was originally organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey in the name USAC 691 Airways LLC. On June 14, 2022, the Company was purchased by SW Charter Holdings, Inc. A good standing certificate from the State of New Jersey is attached hereto as Exhibit SWC-100. The Company is in the process of being re-domesticated in Utah.1 The Company’s headquarters is located at 444 South River Road, St. George, Utah 84790 and its telephone number is 435-634-3500. SWC has no subsidiaries nor does it hold any stock in, or control of, any air carrier, foreign air carrier, common carrier or person substantially engaged in the business of aeronautics.

2. SWC is a citizen of the United States as defined in 49 U.S.C. § 40102(a)(15). An affidavit of citizenship is attached as Exhibit SWC-200.

3. SWC holds FAA Air Carrier Certificate J6BA933L together with operations specifications for on-demand operations under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (“FARs”). The certificate was recently transferred from the Allentown Flight Standards Office (“FSDO”) to the Allegheny FSDO. The Manager of the Allegheny FSDO is Wendy Grimm. The assignment of the FAA principal operations and maintenance inspectors to the Company is pending.

1 The Company has filed the paperwork to change its name under state law from USAC Airways 691, LLC to SkyWest Charter, LLC and will provide such confirming documentation upon receipt from the Secretary of State’s office upon receipt along with a good standing certificate from the State of Utah. The Company will be changing the name on the Air Carrier Certificate and op specs as well and will notify the Department upon completion of that process. With the exception of the questionnaires completed by key personnel that reference “USAC Airways 691, LLC,” the name SkyWest Charter, LLC or SWC is used in this Application for ease of reference since that will be the name under which service is provided.

individuals currently occupying the FAA-required positions worked for the Company under its previous ownership. SWC will be working with the FSDO to integrate into SWC other FAR Part 119-required personnel who are currently working for or recently retired from SkyWest Airlines, Inc. (“SkyWest Airlines”).

4. A list of the Company’s key personnel and their positions is attached as Exhibit SWC-300. All of the key personnel are citizens of the United States. An organizational chart reflecting the Company’s management structure is set forth in Exhibit SWC-301. SWC is wholly owned by SW Charter Holdings, Inc., which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc. as reflected in the chart attached as Exhibit SWC-302. Information regarding other aviation positions and ownership interests of the key personnel of the Company and relevant corporations are set forth in Exhibit SWC-303.

5. SWC’s management team and key personnel have extensive business and aviation expertise and are well-qualified to conduct the operations proposed herein as reflected in their resumes and background information contained in Exhibit SWC-304. In fact, most of the key personnel have hands-on experience providing service in these markets with the same aircraft type that will be used by SWC making SWC particularly well suited to provide the scheduled commuter air transportation services for which authority is being requested.

6. SWC requests authority to engage in scheduled passenger operations as a commuter air carrier under the public charter rules of Part 380 of the Department’s Regulations. SWC will operate the proposed service with 30-seat Bombardier Inc. CL-600-2B19 (CRJ-200) that it will lease from its affiliate, SkyWest Leasing, Inc. These aircraft are ideally suited for the markets to be served by SWC and, in fact, have operated in the same and similar markets for many years by its affiliate, SkyWest Airlines.2 Additional information regarding the aircraft fleet and the Affidavit of Safety Compliance are attached hereto as Exhibits SWC-400 and SWC-401. SWC is working with the Allegheny FSDO to add the CRJs to its op specs.

7. The proposed flights will enable many underserved cities to have a frequency of service that provides them with a meaningful connection to the national transportation system. SWC also plans to have working arrangements with major airlines for the ease of the traveling public. A more detailed description of the service is contained in Exhibit SWC-500. The financial statements and traffic forecasts for the first normalized year are contained in Exhibits SWC 501-503.

8. Except as set forth in Exhibit SWC-600:
(a) there are no actions, judgments, investigations or other matters involving SWC, its relevant corporations, their key personnel or persons with a substantial interest

2 SkyWest Airlines has been operating as an air carrier since 1972 and its fitness has been reviewed and confirmed by the Department throughout the years of its operation. See, e.g., Orders 2011-12-11. SWC requests that the Department take official notice of SkyWest Airlines’ fitness.

(b) there are no pending court actions or outstanding judgments (whether or not in excess of $5,000) against the Company, relevant corporations of SWC, or any key personnel of, or person holding a substantial interest in, any relevant corporation
(c) there are no pending DOT or FAA investigations, enforcement actions or formal complaints regarding compliance with Title 49, Subtitle VII of the U.S. Code or orders, rule, regulations or requirements issued pursuant thereto against the Company or any relevant corporation, or key personnel of, or person holding a substantial interest in, the Company.
(d) there have been no charges of unfair or deception or anticompetitive business practice, or of fraud, felony or antitrust violations brought in the last 10 years against the Company or any relevant corporation, or key personnel of, or person holding a substantial interest in, any relevant corporation.
(e) there have been no aircraft accidents, as defined in 49 C.F.R. § 830.2, or incidents for which notification to the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) is required under 49 C.F.R. § 830.5, experienced by the Company, its key personnel or any relevant corporations, either (i) during the year immediately preceding this Application and Notice or (ii) that remain under investigation by the NTSB, FAA or the Company.

9. A description of the Company’s operating history and its current financial information is attached as Exhibit SWC-700. The consolidated financial statements for SkyWest, Inc. and its related companies are contained in the Form 10-K reports filed by SkyWest, Inc. with the SEC for the years ending December 31, 2019, 2020 and 2021, and the Form 10-Q for the first quarter of 2022 attached as Exhibits SWC-702-705.

10. Grant of the requested authority will not cause a near term net change in aircraft fuel consumption of 10 million gallons or more. Accordingly, no potential major regulatory action is involved, nor is an energy statement required under Part 313 of the Department’s Regulations.

11. An executed counterpart of Agreement 18900 (OST Form 4523) will be provided in a supplementary filing and filed with the Department’s Docket Operations Office (DOT-OST-1995-236).

12. A Certificate of Insurance (OST Form 6410) evidencing the minimum insurance coverage levels required under Part 205 of the Department’s Regulations will be provided in a supplementary filing.

13. The required certification, signed by the Company’s Chief Operating Officer is attached as Exhibit SWC-800.

14. SWC respectfully requests that this Application be processed pursuant to the expedited non-hearing procedures under Subpart B of the Department’s Rules of Practice. The requested authority is critical to maintaining service in the underserved markets identified herein. The evidence contained in this Application and the exhibits attached hereto clearly establishes that SWC is fit, willing and able to operate as a commuter air carrier providing scheduled passenger air transportation. This Application presents no issues of material fact, or other complex issues of law or policy. Expedited treatment of this Application will directly service the public interest by providing continuity of service to underserved markets and will make efficient use of the Department’s staff and resources. To help facilitate that objective, SWC requests that the order to show cause specify an answer period no longer than five business days.

WHEREFORE, SkyWest Charter, LLC respectfully requests that the Department issue a commuter air carrier authorization on an expedited basis allowing the Company to provide scheduled passenger operations as a commuter air carrier.

SkyWest aircraft photo gallery (in-house livery):

RED Air DC-9-82 (MD-82) makes a hard landing at Miami, exits the runway and catches fire


Developing story:

RED Air McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82 (MD-82) (HI1064, msn 53027) operating as flight L5 203 from Santo Domingo to Miami made an emergency landing at Miami International Airport this afternoon around 5:30 pm (1730) local time. 140 passengers and 11 crew members were on board.

The aircraft made a hard landing, the nose gear reportedly collapsed and the aircraft veered off the runway impacting some signage. The aircraft caught on fire and burned. Minor injuries to three people while evacuating.

The two southern runways at MIA are closed.


The airframe was originally delivered to American Airlines as N16545 on December 18, 1990.

The aircraft is a probable insurance write off (WO) due to the damage and fire.


More details to follow.