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BA Euroflyer to add five additional short-haul routes from London Gatwick

British Airways’ Gatwick-based subsidiary, BA Euroflyer (EFW), has added Montpellier, Corfu, Mykonos and Innsbruck to its short-haul route network, in addition to a new summer Salzburg service.

Montpellier, in the south of France (above), is a new addition to British Airways’ network, operating three times a week in the summer from May 27, 2023.

The service to Mykonos bolsters the existing summer routes from London Heathrow and London City, while Corfu is in addition to the existing London Heathrow service. Innsbruck sees an addition of eight new weekly flights in the winter season, which complements the current six times weekly service from London Heathrow.

BA Euroflyer’s summer service to Salzburg will complement the existing winter services from London Gatwick and London Heathrow.

The airline has also put its short-haul Gatwick winter schedule on sale, offering 21 destinations to customers looking to book winter holidays and city breaks. Ski hotspots include Geneva and Turin, while winter sun destinations include Tenerife and Lanzarote.

The announcement of new routes follows recent news that BA Euroflyer received its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and Operating Licence from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on December 6, 2022. This allows it to operate as a subsidiary airline in a similar manner to the company’s existing subsidiary, BA Cityflyer, flying under the British Airways brand and delivering the premium British Airways service customers know and love.

Flying to nearly 40 destinations throughout the year, British Airways is the only airline based at Gatwick to offer both business and economy cabins on all short-haul flights. Customers flying from Gatwick also enjoy a generous baggage allowance, free water and snacks, free seat selection at -24 hours and frequent flyer benefits such as lounge access. Customers flying in Club Europe (business class) enjoy a premium check-in area, lounge access and a complimentary gourmet meal and bar service on board.

Start date Flight number Departing LGW Arriving at destination Flight number Departing destination Arriving LGW
London Gatwick (LGW) to Montpellier (MPL): Summer 2023
27 May 2023

Three per week

BA2620 Tue: 0720
Thu: 0715
Sat: 1350
Tue: 1005
Thu: 1000
Sat: 1635
BA2621 Tue: 1210
Thu: 1205
Sat: 1735
Tue: 1255
Thu: 1250
Sat: 1820
London Gatwick (LGW) to Corfu (CFU): Summer 2023
30 May 2023

Three per week

BA2812 Tue: 0715
Wed: 0835
Sat: 1700
Tue: 1230
Wed: 1350
Sat: 2215
BA2813 Tue: 1325
Wed: 1445
Sat: 2315
Tue: 1440
Wed: 1600
Sat: 0030
London Gatwick (LGW) to Mykonos (JMK): Summer 2023
10 June 2023

One per week

BA2814 Sat: 0820 Sat: 1420 BA2815 Sat: 1520 Sat: 1725
London Gatwick (LGW) to Salzburg (SZG): Summer 2023
28 March 2023

Three per week

BA2618 Tue: 1115
Thu: 1640
Sat: 0930
Tue: 1410
Thu: 1935
Sat: 1225
BA2619 Tue: 1505
Wed: 2025
Sat: 1400
Tue: 1610
Wed: 2130
Sat: 1505
London Gatwick (LGW) to Innsbruck (INN): Winter 2023
08 December 2023

Eight per week

BA2620 Mon: 0710
Wed: 0945
Thu: 0840
Sat: 1235
Sun: 0840
Mon: 1015
Wed: 1255
Thu: 1150
Sat: 1545
Sun: 1150
BA2621 Mon: 1105
Wed: 1345
Thu: 1240
Sat: 1645
Sun: 1250
Mon: 1210
Wed: 1445
Thu: 1340
Sat: 1750
Sun: 1350
BA2622 Fri: 1310
Sat: 1425
Sun: 1520
Fri: 1615
Sat: 1730
Sun: 1825
BA2623 Fri: 1705
Sat: 1830
Sun: 1925
Fri: 1810
Sat: 1930
Sun: 2025

Previously BA Euroflyer announced these summer 2023 flights:

BA Euroflyer’s summer 2023 schedule from London Gatwick to Europe has been released. The service opens more transit options from flights into London Gatwick, allowing groups to connect easier.

Destination Route Days of week
Arrecife, Lanzarote LGW – ACE
Catania, Sicily** LGW – CTA
Dalaman, Turkey LGW – DLM
Faro, Portugal LGW – FAO
Heraklion, Crete LGW – HER
Kos, Greece LGW – KGS
Malta LGW – MLA
Paphos, Greece LGW – PFO
Thessaloniki, Greece LGW – SKG 6
Tenerife, Canary Islands LGW – TFS
 Malaga, Spain LGW – AGP
 Alicante, Spain LGW – ALC
Antalya, Turkey LGW – AYT
Bordeaux, France LGW – BOD
Bari, Italy LGW – BRI
Cagliari, Italy LGW – CAG
Dubrovnik, Croatia LGW – DBV
Santorini, Greece LGW – JTR
Ibiza LGW – IBZ
Grand Canaria LGW – LPA
Menorca LGW – MAH
Nice, France LGW – NCE
Mallorca LGW – PMI
Marrakesch, Morocco LGW – RAK
Rhodes, Greece LGW – HO
Seville, Spain LGW – SVQ
Turin, Italy LGW – TRN
Venice, Italy LGW – VCE
Verona, Italy LGW – VRN


**All routes effective from March 26, 2023, except Catania which begins May 1, 2023

The new subsidiary is expected to operate Airbus A320 aircraft from LGW. G-GATL is the first aircraft.


British Airways returns to short-haul European flying from Gatwick Airport, BA Euroflyer is coming

British Airways made this announcement:

After two years British Airways returns to international short-haul flying from Gatwick Airport today (Tuesday, March 29), as its first service departed for Larnaca at 6:25am.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the airline suspended its European operation at Gatwick Airport, moving a number of flights over to Heathrow. Today marks a milestone in the airline’s recovery as it finally returns to international short-haul flying from the airport.

Initially services will operate under the British Airways Air Operators Certificate (AOC), before moving operations to a new British Airways branded subsidiary, BA Euroflyer* later in the year. The new airline will operate in a similar manner to the company’s existing subsidiary BA Cityflyer, flying under the British Airways brand and delivering a premium British Airways product.

On the first day of operation, British Airways will operate four short-haul flights to Larnaca, Amsterdam, Paphos and Tenerife. In total, customers will have the choice of 35 destinations to fly to from Gatwick, before more destinations are added later this year.

Not only has the British Airways return to Gatwick created more choice for customers, but also helped create jobs as the airline undertook both a cabin crew and pilot recruitment campaign to fill positions at its new subsidiary.

Customers flying on the airline’s new subsidiary will receive the same high level of service they expect of British Airways as well as enjoying the benefits of travelling with the UK’s flag carrier including a generous baggage allowance, free water and snacks, free seat selection at -24 hours and frequent flyer benefits which include lounge access.

All of the airline’s services will have a Club Europe (business class) cabin setting it apart from its no frills competitors. Customers flying in this cabin will have access to a premium check-in experience, exclusive lounges and a complimentary gourmet meal and bar service on board.

Customers in the airline’s Euro Traveller (economy) cabin will be able to purchase food before travel which will include fresh options from Tom Kerridge as part of the airline’s ‘Speedbird Café’ menu and / or order ambient products and drinks onboard via their mobile phone.

The return of European short-haul flying from Gatwick comes a day after the airline returned to its home at Gatwick South Terminal following its reopening. To mark the occasion the airline also showed off its new dedicated World Traveller Plus check-in zone which is available for customers flying on a long-haul service with the airline. The new zone which sits alongside the airline’s Club World desks gives those travelling in its World Traveller Plus cabin (premium economy) an exclusive check-in experience. They will shortly be rolled out at Heathrow, followed by the rest of the British Airways network.

*Although registered as ‘BA Euroflyer’ the subsidiary will be branded as ‘British Airways’ across its aircraft and its customer touchpoints

Destinations served from Gatwick and route launch dates:

Destination Country Airport code LGW start date
Alicante Spain ALC 01-Apr-22
Amsterdam Netherlands AMS 29-Mar-22
Antalya Turkey AYT 02-Apr-22
Arrecife (Lanzarote) Spain ACE 30-Mar-22
Athens Greece ATH 04-May-22
Bari Italy BRI 03-Apr-22
Berlin Germany BER 07-May-22
Bordeaux France BOD 16-May-22
Cagliari (Sardinia) Italy CAG 18-May-22
Catania (Sicily) Italy CTA 31-Mar-22
Dalaman Turkey DLM 23-Apr-22
Dubrovnik Croatia DBV 04-Apr-22
Faro Portugal FAO 30-Mar-22
Heraklion (Crete) Greece HER 24-Apr-22
Ibiza Spain IBZ 03-May-22
Kos Greece KGS 24-Apr-22
Larnaca Cyprus LCA 29-Mar-22
Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) Spain LPA 02-Apr-22
Madrid Spain MAD 16-May-22
Mahon (Menorca) Spain MAH 16-May-22
Malaga Spain AGP 02-Apr-22
Malta Malta MLA 14-Apr-22
Marrakech Morocco RAK 31-Mar-22
Milan Malpensa Italy MXP 01-May-22
Nice France NCE 31-Mar-22
Palma (Mallorca) Spain PMI 07-Apr-22
Paphos Cyprus PFO 29-Mar-22
Rhodes Greece RHO 28-Apr-22
Santorini Greece JTR 15-Apr-22
Seville Spain SVQ 15-Apr-22
Tenerife Spain TFS 29-Mar-22
Thessaloniki Greece SKG 14-Apr-22
Turin Italy TRN 04-Apr-22
Venice Italy VCE 15-Apr-22
Verona Italy VRN 16-Apr-22


British Airways wants to launch its Gatwick short-haul LCC (BA EuroFlyer) in March 2022

IAG is now targeting March 2022 as the proposed launch month for its new low-cost subsidiary from London’s Gatwick Airport.

The target month was announced by IAG’s CEO Luis Gallego during an interview with Bloomberg.

Negotiations continue with its ground staff at LGW. This group is the last outstanding union to give approval.

“BA EuroFlyer” has been registered as the name for the new entity.