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Joon to add six new destinations in summer 2019

Joon (Air France) Airbus A321-211 F-GTAS (msn 3419) BCN (Tony Storck). Image: 941918.

Starting in summer 2019, Joon will serve 6 new destinations:

In Europe:

  • Madrid;
  • Stockholm;
  • Prague;
  • Manchester.

In the Caribbean:

  • Saint Martin.

In South America:

  • Quito.

Starting next summer Joon will serve 6 new destinations from Paris-CDG: Madrid* (Spain), Stockholm* (Sweden), Prague* (Czech Republic), Manchester* (UK), Saint-Martin* (France) and Quito (Ecuador).

  • Madrid, Stockholm, Prague and Manchester by Airbus A320 and A321!

From Paris-CDG, Joon will fly to Madrid, Stockholm, Prague and Manchester by Airbus A320 (174 seats) and A321 (212 seats).

In Business, Joon provides all you need! A full meal for lunch, hot pastries for breakfast and a snack at any other time of the day are available free of charge.

In Economy, there is a choice of free drinks at any time of the day. Would you like something else? A savoury snack? Or something sweet? Joon has something for everyone, with a selection of organic and gourmet products sold by the crew.

During the flight, you have free access to YouJoon, the onboard streaming offer available on your own smartphone, tablet or computer, which now offers a wide range of newspapers & magazines.

  • Enjoy the new cabins on the Airbus A340 to Saint Martin and Quito !

Flights from Paris-CDG to Saint Martin and Quito will be operated by Airbus A340 with 278 seats including 30 in Business, 21 in Premium Economy and 227 in Economy.

In Business, Premium Economy and Economy on long-haul flights, you can enjoy the new cabins on the Airbus A340, with:

  • Latest-generation individual touch screens with more than 1,200 hours of entertainment;
  • YouJoon, your onboard streaming offer available on smartphone, tablet or computer;
  • A wide choice of TV series, newspapers & magazines, web TV, cartoons, music and games.

In business, sleep in a seat-bed and enjoy all the comforts. Your seat can be transformed into a 2-metre long bed. As far as the in-flight catering is concerned, Joon takes you on a culinary journey with dishes designed by exceptional French chefs, with savoury and sweet gourmet delights.

The Premium Economy cabin offers you a brand new seat with optimal comfort: a 133° seat recline, 99 cm of generous legroom and 49 cm wide seat. At mealtime, your starters and desserts are inspired by those served in the Business cabin and are accompanied by a drink of your choice, including champagne!

In the Economy cabin, you have 78 centimetres of legroom and a 118° seat recline. A full meal is also available. And if you wish, you can treat yourself to a drink or a sweet or savoury treat from our additional menu!

About Joon

Joon is the new generation of travel by Air France. A trip designed for you that you can create yourself. Launched in September 2017, Joon has carried more than two million customers in Europe and worldwide from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Its fleet consists of Airbus A320 and A321 on its medium-haul network and Airbus A340 on its long-haul network. Joon is an innovation laboratory for the Air France group, with a modular offer, in-flight catering, streaming programmes with original content and multiple and innovative partnerships for a global travel experience.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Air France, the company will have a fleet of 28 Airbus aircraft in 2020 (18 A320/A321 and 10 A340/A350). Joon currently employs more than 500 people.

Top Copyright Photo: Joon (Air France) Airbus A321-211 F-GTAS (msn 3419) BCN (Tony Storck). Image: 941918.

Joon aircraft slide show:

Joon Destinations:


Small Planet Airlines will restructure its German business

Small Planet Airlines (Germany) Airbus A321-211 D-ASPD (msn 808) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 941834.

Small Planet Airlines Germany GmbH, a part of Small Planet Group, has commenced a restructuring process. The German Civil Aviation Authority has no objections that the Air Operator’s License (AOC) will remain in place and therefore, all scheduled flights of Small Planet Airlines GmbH will continue to operate as before.

Small Planet Airlines GmbH has been operating as an independent entity in Germany since the year 2015 and acquired Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) in the spring 2016. This year Small Planet Airlines Germany has decided to go for rapid expansion which didn’t go according to plan.

“After Air Berlin went bankrupt last year, a niche emerged for the other carriers, and Small Planet Airlines Germany chose to almost double in size year on year in order to take advantage of these newly opened possibilities in the market. However, the company struggled to manage this successfully due to several factors: late delivery of aircraft before the start of the summer season, shortage of crews in the market, unreliable sub charter aircraft and unforeseeable technical events had a devastating impact on a very intense schedule, which led to flight irregularities which in turn led to increasing cost burden. The financial losses incurred by the German company forced it to file for a restructuring process under the German law. Nevertheless, the company continues operations under restructuring”, said Vytautas Kaikaris, the CEO of Small Planet Group, adding “we all stand together in this period to achieve the best possible result out of restructuring for our employees, clients and partners”.

Small Planet Airlines in Lithuania, Poland and Cambodia will continue to operate their flights as planned and prepare for the upcoming winter season by cooperating with the tour operators and carrying passengers to the popular tourist destinations. Lithuanian and Polish entities will also continue implementing its seasonal winter projects in Asia, aimed at increasing the aircraft utilization and balancing seasonality. By the end of this year, Small Planet Airlines expects to fly 3,9 million passengers, an increase of 29% from 2017.

As for today, Small Planet Airlines fleet consists of 29 Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. The airline operates around 240 leisure routes from 15 European bases.


Dear Passengers,

Small Planet Airlines GmbH has decided to restructure its business and today filed an application for insolvency proceedings in self administration with the aim of maintaining the airline’s flight operations in the long term.

This means:

  • All flights from and to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands will continue to be operated by Small Planet Airlines Germany
  • Booked tickets retain their validity
  • All flight schedules remain valid


Will flight operations in Germany and the Netherlands continue with Small Planet Airlines?
The current flight program and all scheduled flights under 5Pxxxx flight code will be continued according to an agreement with the German civil aviation authorities about further continuation of the flight operation.

Where will I receive a confirmation that my flight will take place?
No separate confirmation about flights that take place will be send. All (electronic or paper) tickets remain valid.

I have booked a package holiday and am flying with Small Planet Airlines Germany – will this still go ahead?
Yes, all flights will be continued as planned. At this point a cancellation of a ticket for a future flight is not permitted. In case a flight will be changed, your tour operator will inform you accordingly with an upfront notice about any change.

Is it safe to fly with Small Planet Airlines?
Yes, Small Planet Airlines is operating under highest European Civil Aviation standards and is safe and will continue to be safe to fly on board of our aircrafts. “Safety first” remains our top priority.

Will there be any changes in the service level during flights with Small Planet Airlines?
During the flight, our crew will continue to keep up the same service level. Food and drinks will still be available during the flight for purchase.

Can I still book a seat reservation, extra luggage or sports equipment without losing my money? What happens with bookings I already made?
All seat reservations, as well as bookings for extra luggage or sports equipment for all flights remain valid. New services can still be booked through our “check-in” function on our website at http://www.smallplanet.aero.

How can I contact Small Planet Airlines for further information?
We ask for your understanding that due to the current situation the amount of passenger requests will be exceeding our capacities. We can therefore only respond to those which are relevant for the current flight operation.

How can I request special services like Wheelchairs or medical equipment?
Please continue to use info@smallplanet.aero yet put “special service request” into the heading. These will be attended to with priority.

Will I still receive compensation for cancelled flights and delays?
Due to the opening of any insolvency proceedings of Small Planet Airlines GmbH Compensation claims for flight delays prior to 18.09.2018 will have to be lodged to the list of creditors. For this purpose, all affected passengers will automatically receive a form with instructions on how to proceed.

Top Copyright Photo (all others by Small Planet): Small Planet Airlines (Germany) Airbus A321-211 D-ASPD (msn 808) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 941834.

Small Planet (Germany) aircraft slide show:


Hongtu Airlines rebrands as Air Travel

Formerly Hongtu Airlines

Hongtu Airlines (Kunming) commenced scheduled operations on May 21, 2016.

In 2017 Chinese travel agency Tongcheng acquired a controlling interest in the relatively new airline.

Now the airline is apparently set to rebrand itself as Air Travel. The new livery and identity has been revealed on the pending delivery of the pictured Airbus A320 (top).

The company has not yet formally announced the change.

Top Copyright Photo: Air Travel (China) Airbus A320-214 WL F-WWIH (B-303M) (msn 8448) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 943387.

Bottom Copyright Photo: Hongtu Airlines Airbus A321-211 F-WTDB (B-8318) (msn 6268) TLS (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 933073.

Hongtu Airlines commences operations on May 21, 2016

Air Transat signs agreement to lease seven new Airbus A321neos

Air Transat's first Airbus A321, delivered on April 12, 2018

Air Transat, wholly-owned business unit of Transat A.T. Inc., has signed an agreement with AerCap for the long-term lease of seven new Airbus aircraft: two A321neos and five A321neo LRs (long-range). These next-generation, single-aisle jets, which will be delivered gradually between 2020 and 2022, will notably replace wide-body A330s whose leases will expire during this period.

“We are continuing our fleet transformation in order to achieve greater efficiency and versatility,” said Jean-François Lemay, President of Air Transat. “With their smaller size, the A321neos will enable us to implement our air strategy, which involves increasing our flight frequencies, expanding our network and strengthening our position in several markets. The goal: continue to provide our customers with comfortable service at the best possible price.”

With 199 seats in a two-class configuration, the A321neo will be used for feeder flights and service to the South (short- and medium-haul) while the long-range version (A321neo LR) will be deployed for Sun and transatlantic destinations (medium- and long-haul). These aircraft will be added to the 10 new A321neo LRs, on lease from AerCap, announced in July 2017, which will gradually be introduced to Air Transat’s fleet starting in spring 2019.

While this type of aircraft has been selected to optimize the fleet, its fuel efficiency will also keep cost per seat as low as possible, while reducing its carbon footprint. Additionally, because of the cockpit commonality of the A330 and A320 (including the A321), Air Transat’s pilots will be able to fly both types of aircraft, which will result in greater operating flexibility and savings, including on training costs.

Air Transat’s fleet currently consists of 33 permanent aircraft in a unique flexible-fleet model that allows it to deploy more wide-body aircraft in summer for the high transatlantic season, and narrow-body aircraft in winter for the high Sun destinations season.

By 2024, Air Transat will have an all-Airbus fleet.

Copyright Photo: Air Transat Airbus A321-211 C-GEZD (msn 4099) YYZ (TMK Photography). Image: 942492.

Air Transat press releases:

Aeroflot introduces a special livery on VP-BEE to celebrate its 95th anniversary

Aeroflot presented an aircraft decked out in the company’s 95th anniversary celebration livery at Sheremetyevo Airport on May 4.

In the summer of 2017 Aeroflot announced a competition to design an aircraft livery. Members of the public were given the opportunity to create their own livery design and upload it to the contest website.

The next step was online voting, which narrowed the field to 10 finalists. Then the winner was chosen from amongst the finalists by an expert jury that included members of Aeroflot’s Management Board.

Ekaterina Lesik took first place in the competition with a white and blue design in stylized traditional Russian patterns.

An Airbus 321 was painted according to the design of the competition winner. The aircraft bears the name of the celebrated theater director Yuri Lyubimov.

The pictured Airbus A321-211 VP-BEE (msn 6726) performed its first flight in its festive livery on the Moscow-Yerevan route on May 4, 2018.

Photo: Aeroflot.

LaudaMotion and Ryanair partnership takes off with new details

LaudaMotion and Ryanair on March 28 announced details of the LaudaMotion summer 2018 schedule with a total of 21 aircraft operating from 9 cities in Austria and Germany from June.

LaudaMotion’s summer 2018 schedule will deliver:

– 21 aircraft

– 9 bases in three countries:

Austria – Vienna

Germany – Berlin Tegel, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart

Switzerland – Zurich

– 44 airports

– 65 routes

Last week, LaudaMotion and Ryanair announced a new aviation partnership where the Irish airline is initially taking a 24.9% stake in LaudaMotion, which will increase to 75% subject to approval by the EU Competition Authority. The aim is to further develop and expand Austria’s LaudaMotion GmbH, headquartered in Vienna.

Niki Lauda will chair the newly created LaudaMotion Board and will be responsible in his new role for establishing LaudaMotion as an Austrian low-fare airline for the scheduled and charter market.

This agreement with Ryanair will allow the gradual growth of LaudaMotion in Austria which currently has a fleet of ten Airbus aircraft. Ryanair will provide financial and management support to LaudaMotion as well as 6 wet-lease aircraft for summer to enable LaudaMotion to complete an extensive 21 aircraft flying program from June.

Four aircraft will be based in Vienna and the frequency of flights to Palma de Mallorca will increase to up to three daily connections. Four LaudaMotion aircraft will be based in Berlin Tegel, six in Dusseldorf, one each in Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart respectively, with two in Zurich.

LaudaMotion’s new Berlin Tegel base will open on June 1, 2018 with four based aircraft, offering low fare routes to 17 sunshine destinations: Barcelona, Brindisi, Corfu, Faro, Fuerteventura, Heraklion, Ibiza, Kos, Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Malaga, Milan Malpensa, Palma de Mallorca, Pula, Rhodes, Rijeka and Tenerife.

This coming winter, LaudaMotion will focus on a city shuttle service with up to three more aircraft based in Vienna, allowing Austrian customers to benefit from a wider selection of flights at affordable prices to Europe’s major cities.

The inaugural LaudaMotion flight from Dusseldorf to Palma de Mallorca took off last Sunday in record time – just 25 days after the takeover from Niki on March 1, 2018. The Spanish sunshine isle is one of the most important destinations in the LaudaMotion route network.


In Vienna, Niki Lauda, LaudaMotion Chairman said:

“I am pleased to confirm that LaudaMotion is now up and running and I would like to thank the Laudamotion team for all their hard work and enthusiasm, which has allowed us to start efficiently and on time. We look forward to building the Laudamotion brand and to creating new jobs, more promotional opportunities and greater consumer choice, particularly in Vienna where we will more than double our Airbus aircraft base next year.

I am pleased to welcome Michael O’Leary and the Ryanair team to Vienna to mark the start of our partnership, which will see Laudamotion grow its fleet to more than 30 Airbus aircraft and provide wider choice and lower fares to Viennese consumers and visitors.”


Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary said:

“Ryanair is pleased to support this first summer schedule for LaudaMotion, which is great news for Austrian consumers and visitors, who can now book low fare flights and benefit from genuine competition and more choice. We share Niki Lauda’s vision to develop a successful Austrian low fares airline in a market dominated by Lufthansa’s high fare Austrian and Swiss subsidiaries. Indeed, Laudamotion is now in pole position to accelerate rapidly in both the scheduled and charter markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

This partnership will be of enormous benefit to both Ryanair and Laudamotion customers. The LaudaMotion AOC will support a fleet of Airbus aircraft, which is something we have hoped to develop within the Ryanair Group for some years. And in turn, Ryanair will support LaudaMotion by providing access to our fleet and financial resources, allowing for more rapid growth. This is also good news for LaudaMotion’s people, providing improved job security and promotional opportunities at Austria’s first low fares airline.”

Below Copyright Photo (all others by LaudaMotion): LaudaMotion Airbus A321-211 OE-LCG (msn 1988) (Airberlin colors) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 941370.

LaudaMotion aircraft slide show:

LaudaMotion Airbus A321-211 OE-LCG (msn 1988) (Airberlin colors) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 941370.

Vietjet introduces a new Airbus A321 logo jet for the France – Viet Nam relationship

Vietjet has made this announcement:

Vietjet is on a high note in France recently as it received its newest Airbus A321 which bears the official logo of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France. The hand-over ceremony took place in the presence of His Excellency

Speaking at the ceremony, Vietjet Managing Director Luu Duc Khanh, said: “It is our great honor to have our aircraft emblazoned with the official logo for the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam – France diplomatic relations. This is a meaningful tribute that acknowledges Vietjet’s continual efforts to introduce a vivid image of an innovative and integrated Vietnam to the international community. Standing high from profoundly comprehensive collaborations among Vietjet and French partners, we would contribute more to the development of economic – cultural – trade cooperation between Vietnam and France.”

The newly added A321 is the 43th of a total 121 aircraft that Vietjet has ordered from Airbus. This delivery is the fastest ever handover made between the two companies. The new aircraft boasts a wide cabin with a logical configuration that will give passengers extra comfort so they can enjoy a superlative flying experience with Vietjet. The latest addition to Vietjet’s expanding fleet will allow the airline to pursue its strategy to improve its services and to expand operation to farther destinations in South Korea, Japan, India, Australia and other destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.

The official logo for the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France was unveiled by the French Embassy in Hanoi on January 24, 2018.

In another important event in France, Vietjet signed a comprehensive agreement with Safran – CFM worth US$6.5 billion for the supply of 321 engines to power the airline’s 148 aircraft as well as fleet management services, training, R&D programs (for example, in fuel efficiency), and technical management. Safran – CFM will also help the airline develop regional-level support maintenance capabilities.

Also in France, Vietjet leaders also inked a finance agreement with GECAS France on purchasing and leasing six A321neo aircraft worth US$800 million.

All photos by Vietjet Air. The pictured Airbus A321-211 VN-A657 (msn 8215) was handed over in on March 27, 2018.

Vietjet Air aircraft slide show: