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Investigation of Islander CC-CYR crash has been released

After four years, the results of the Britten-Norman BN-2B-27 Islander CC-PYR of Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos has been released.

Copyright Photo: Alvaro Romero. Britten-Norman BN-2B-27 Islander CC-PYR of Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos taking off from Ayacara.

The pilot took off with an empty fuel tank, attempting to return to Marcel Marchant-Puerto Montt airfield, crashing on a village, with all on board killed as a result. 

Link to the investigation (in Spanish):

Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos takes delivery of its second Islander

Archipiélagos Servicios Aéreos (Puerto Montt) received on September 21 its second Britten-Norman BN-2B-27 Islander. Aircraft arrived in the late afternoon of that day at Marcel Marchant Binder airfield at Puerto Montt (SCPF) after being ferried from Santiago. The airliner is registered CC-PAC (msn 2166) and was used for fisheries prospection duties in northern Chile.
This is the second Islander for Archipiélagos (the first one is CC-CYR) converting the airline as the sole operator of the type in Chile, replacing in some way the Piper Saratoga CC-CDU that had a crash landing at Hornopirén Airfield on July 8 2010 fortunately with minor injuries to the six on board. The airline operates from Puerto Montt to Ayacara, Nueva Chaitén, Poyo, Santa Bárbara, Segundo Corral  among other isolated settlements.