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Virgin Atlantic moves up the retirement date for the last Airbus A340-300 flight

Virgin Atlantic Airways (London) has moved up the planned date for the final revenue flight of the Airbus A340-300 according to Airline Route. The last flight is tentatively scheduled as flight VS 251 from Shanghai (Pudong) to London (Heathrow) on March 29.

Copyright Photo: Keith Burton/ Airbus A340-313 G-VELD (msn 214) departs from London (Heathrow).

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Virgin Atlantic Airways to retire the last Airbus A340-300 on October 24, 2015

Virgin Atlantic Airways (London) is currently scheduling the last Airbus A340-300 revenue flight on October 24, 2015 subject to change. The last route for the type is currently planned to be from Johannesburg to London (Heathrow) per Airline Route. The A340 is currently also operated to Boston (ending on May 14, 2015) and New York (JFK).

In other news, Virgin Atlantic will now introduce the new Boeing 787-9 on the daily London (Heathrow) – Shanghai (Pudong) route on June 15, 2015 (moved up from October 25 per Airline Route).

Copyright Photo: Airbus A340-313 G-VELD (msn 214) departs from London (Heathrow).

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Virgin Atlantic flight VS 43 to Las Vegas returns safely to London Gatwick with a main gear problem

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 G-VROM over Brighton

Virgin Atlantic Airways (London) flight VS 43 from London (Gatwick) to Las Vegas today encountered a technical problem after departure with its main landing gear. After dumping fuel over the Atlantic Ocean and circling south of LGW, the Boeing 747-400 landed safely at LGW. One of the main gears was not fully locked.

Virgin Atlantic tweeted this message:

Virgin Atlantic can confirm that flight VS 43 has landed safely back at Gatwick. Our priority now is to look after our passengers and crew.

Above Twitter photo by GorseFires Collectif. Boeing 747-443 G-VROM (msn 32339) circles over Brighton with the unsafe gear.

Below Copyright Photo: Robbie Shaw/ A close-up of the main gear moments before it landed at London Gatwick. The right outboard main gear did not deploy fully.

Virgin Atlantic 747-400 G-VROM gear LGW (RSW)(LRW)

Read the full report from The Guardian: CLICK HERE

Video of the landing minus one main gear:

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Virgin Atlantic to bring the Boeing 787-9 to Los Angeles

Virgin Atlantic Airways (London) will introduce the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on the daily London (Heathrow) – Los Angeles route on April 30, 2015 per Airline Route.

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best/ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner G-VNEW (msn 40956) approaches the runway at the London Heathrow base.

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Virgin Atlantic is assessing a London-Lusaka route

Virgin Atlantic Airways (London) is assessing the opportunity of a direct route to the Zambian capital, with founder Sir Richard Branson saying the airline will “consider the possibilities” of launching the route according to The Post in Zambia.

The airline’s owner has also advised the Zambian government to ensure local entrepreneurs are able to invest in the country and thrive.

Two major European carriers, British Airways and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, previously abandoned direct flights to the Zambian capital. Both within the space of a year; rendering the African nation without a direct flight service between Lusaka and a respective European capital.

The government has consistently intimated that a national carrier is in the pipeline, but progress still depends on the final decision the nation’s Cabinet will make.

Addressing a media briefing at Lusaka’s Radisson Blu Hotel on Friday, December 5, Sir Branson said the Virgin Group will look at the feasibility of establishing a direct London-Lusaka route but would first have to assess how viable the Zambian market would be in view of the two recent pull-outs by other carriers.

“It seems a great pity that you [Zambia] don’t have a direct service to the UK. When I leave, I will look at the feasibility. I certainly don’t promise that we could make a success of it, but we will certainly have a look at it and see whether we can make the figures work,” he said.

Read the full story: CLICK HERE

Reported by Assistant Editor Oliver Wilcock from Manchester.

Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing/

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Virgin Atlantic to add a second daily seasonal flight to Miami

Virgin Atlantic Airways (London) is adding a second daily flight to Miami for the winter season 2015/2016. The second flight, operated with Airbus A330-300 aircraft, will start on October 25, 2015 from London (Heathrow) per Airline Route. The second flight will compliment the daily Boeing 747-400 flight.

Copyright Photo: Airbus A330-343 G-VNYC (msn 1315) taxies at the London Heathrow base.

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