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Kuwait Airways touts its recovery, expects to achieve break-even by the end of 2024

Kuwait Airways organized a press conference to highlight the significant results achieved during the third quarter, commencing from 2022 until September. The company achieved an increase in revenue by 14% over the expected budget, profit margin improved by 57%, passenger traffic at Terminal 4 increased by 4%, seat factor on the aircraft increased by 3%, and the departure of flights increased by 3%.  In addition, the company achieved On Time Performance of its flights, which was at 89%.

During the conference, Kuwait Airways Chairman, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan stated, “We are pleased to review the most prominent results of the third quarter, commencing from 2022 until the month of September as Kuwait Airways proceeds in the right path with its strategic objectives towards developing and improving all its systems. The figures and results which have been presented are a clear confirmation of the developments of the Blue Bird and in achieving the objectives established by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management, with the efforts and dedication of its employees.”

Al-Dukhan added, “We expect Kuwait Airways to reduce its losses by about 50% by the end of 2022, when compared to 2019. We also expect to achieve break-even point in the budget by the end of 2024, as all indicators point to this trend. This will also contribute significantly to achieving excellence in the services provided to our valued customers.”

Al-Dukhan emphasized that Kuwait Airways is keen to provide distinguished services that suit the aspirations of its customers and meets their requirements and choosing the Blue Bird as their preferred carrier for travel.

In addition, Kuwait Airways Chairman, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan announced the signing of an agreement with a specialized company to develop the Al-Mubarakiya lounge for passengers of Royal Class, Business Class, and Oasis Club’s Platinum card holders, on the ground floor of Terminal 4, which will be completed by the beginning of 2023. 

Al-Dukhan indicated that the expansion of the lounge comes within the framework of Kuwait Airways’ continuous efforts and to pursue policies in developing the services provided to its passengers and customers. He mentioned that this was undertaken after careful review and consideration of the increasing requirements of customers to travel on Kuwait Airways, as their carrier of choice and taking into regard the growth of passenger traffic at Terminal 4.

Al-Dukhan mentioned that the Al-Mubarakiya lounge will be further equipped with various advanced features including state-of-the-art technology, in addition to providing passengers of Royal Class, Business Class, and Oasis Club’s Platinum card holders with comfortable and excellent services. This includes developing the integrated Business Center, that provides computers and printers, in addition to Wi-Fi facilities for passengers to browse the internet and offering passengers with an array of the finest selection of local and international cuisines, according to the new menus which were launched recently in September and to suit the preferences of it valued customers.

On his part, Kuwait Airways Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Maen Razouqi expressed his happiness with the achievement of positive results, which is a confirmation of the national carrier’s steady progress towards development and excellence in the services provided to its customers, and towards launching new destinations linking Kuwait to the world, through its new fleet of 33 aircraft, of the latest models and types, and with technological advancements, that are in line with the latest in the aviation industry.

Razouqi stated, “Kuwait Airways has recently launched 25 new destinations during 2022, the most important of which are Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Izmir, and Casablanca, which is in implementation of the strategic plans established by the company’s Board of Directors to expand its network around the world. Preparations are underway for the Blue Bird for operating during the winter travel season, commencing from November. In addition, the company has signed a partnership agreement with Air Europa to connect Kuwait with 18 destinations, consisting of cities in Europe, the Americas, and numerous other cities around the world.”

Razouqi concluded his statement by saying, “Kuwait Airways is preparing to carry fans to attend the largest sporting event in the world, which is the World Cup matches to be held in the State of Qatar and by providing unique and exciting offers for its flights.”

In other news, Kuwait Airways has received its seventh Airbus A320neo aircraft, named “Al Rawdatain” which arrived in Kuwait at Terminal 4, from the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France on Friday.


On this occasion, Kuwait Airways Chairman, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, stated, “Kuwait Airways is pleased to receive its seventh Airbus A320neo as the latest aircraft to its new fleet, arriving from the city of Toulouse, France. This aircraft is among the batch of Airbus aircraft to be received successively in the coming years, according to the agreement with Airbus and its agreed delivery plan.

The arrival of the new aircraft will benefit the company in achieving the anticipated objectives pursued by the Blue Bird, as part of its strategic objectives to develop its ability in linking Kuwait to the world.”


Al-Dukhan added, “The A320neo will undoubtedly support the national carrier, which Kuwait takes pride in, with its latest models and types of Airbus aircraft. The presence of the A320neo in the fleet will enhance Kuwait Airways’ position as a leading airline in the regional and global aviation industry, where the company is constantly developing its customer experience, and is steadfast in providing the best of services. KAC is also keen to provide all means of comfort and safety for its passengers during each flight. The arrival of the A320neo is a continuation of developing the prominent services that are provided to KAC’s valued customers on its aircraft, in addition to providing various air transport services.”


On his part, Kuwait Airways Vice-Chairman & Consultant, Mr. Faisal Al-Gharib expressed his happiness with the receipt and arrival of the seventh Airbus A320neo aircraft. He pointed out that the plans developed by KAC’s Board of Directors were progressing in the right optimal direction and as scheduled. He also indicated that the arrival of the new aircraft is a qualitative leap in the development of the Blue Bird’s fleet with modern advancements, which suits the requirements of the passengers.

Al-Gharib concluded his statement by saying, “Kuwait Airways is committed towards development and improvement of its systems by providing new and innovative services that suit the aspirations of its customers and meets their requirements for a safer and more comfortable travel experience.”

Kuwait Airways Chief Operations Officer, Captain Eisa Al-Haddad, added, “The arrival of the A320neo is a continuation of an important phase in fleet development by supporting it with various modern types of aircraft. This contributes to achieving the objectives of Beyond Excellence in the services provided. The new A320neo aircraft will give our customers a comfortable and exciting travel experience. The new aircraft includes superior technology and a diversified entertainment system, as well as being manufactured to be environmentally friendly.”

Al-Haddad also stated that with the arrival of the seventh Airbus A320neo aircraft, Kuwait Airways’ fleet will consist of 33 aircraft, organized as follows:

  • 5 Airbus A330-200 aircraft.
  • 7 Airbus A320-200CEO aircraft.
  • 10 Boeing B777-300ER aircraft.
  • 7 Airbus A320NEO aircraft.
  • 4 Airbus A330-800 aircraft.


Al-Haddad pointed out that in accordance with KAC’s agreement to restructure its fleet with Airbus, which was signed in February 2022, the company will receive two Airbus A320neo aircraft in succession, resulting in the company having 9 Airbus A320neo aircraft in its fleet. Furthermore, Kuwait Airways will receive 6 Airbus A321neo aircraft with a capacity of 169 seats and 3 Airbus A321neo-LR with 169 seating capacity in the coming years featuring advanced technical specifications.

Al-Haddad added, “The A321neo has additional advantages that will enable Kuwait Airways to achieve its objectives in terms of profitability and sustainability. The company will also achieve significant savings in operating costs due to the commonalities between the Airbus aircraft, its integrated models, and its flexibility in capacity. Today, the A321neo and the A330neo have proven to deliver up to 30% lower operating costs when operated together.”

Al-Haddad concluded his statement by highlighting Kuwait Airways’ continuous efforts to provide new and advanced services, that are aligned with the commercial aviation market and with international requirements, which will undoubtedly satisfy and meet the aspirations of its valued customers. In this regard, he also thanked Kuwait Airways’ employees in the various departments for their extensive efforts in the service of the country during the past period.

The aircraft was received by the Kuwait Airways delegation headed by the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Faisal Al-Gharib, Board Member, Mr Ahmed M. Al-Ebrahim and various officials.

Top Copyright Photo: Kuwait Airways Airbus A330-841 9K-APF (msn 1964) MUC (Gunter Mayer). Image: 956572.

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