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Flyr continues to expand, adds five new routes to Spain and Portugal

Flyr is adding five new routes from Oslo:

From Oslo:

Ibiza – starting on June 9

Madrid – starting on June 23

Valencia – starting on June 30

Porto – starting on July 1

Faro – starting on July 2


Flyr takes delivery of its first Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 via ALC

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) delivered the first Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 (LN-FGF) to Flyr on February 22, 2022.

Flyr is to deliver a total of six new Boeing 737-8 aircraft to the Norwegian carrier. The aircraft are being delivered in the first half of 2022.

Photo below: LN-FGF over Seattle prior to the delivery.

Fly also has an option for four additional aircraft in 2023.

On the economic side, the new airline issued this statement:

Fourth quarter 2021 was characterized by the Omicron wave of the Covid-19 pandemic impacting demand for air travel significantly. Despite the challenging market conditions, Flyr continued the building and development of the company to become an efficient and flexible low-cost carrier.


  • Operations developing according to plan
  • Two new aircraft received, increasing the fleet to 5 aircraft in operation by end of the quarter
  • Load factor strongly impacted by Covid Omicron wave and government-imposed restrictions.
  • Adjusting route offering to adapt to market development and minimizing financial effects of the pandemic
  • Proven concept with robust and flexible operations and high customer satisfaction
  • Signed aircraft order for 6 new 737-8 aircraft to be delivered during 2022, with option for further 4 aircraft. Positioned for building an environmentally efficient fleet
  • Raised NOK 250 million in new equity, re-establishing financial buffer
  • Improving load factor into 2022 and preparing operations for market recovery
  • 44 routes to 38 destinations planned for the summer program

Entering 2022, all administrative and organizational functions are in place, the fully integrated booking-system is delivering on promises, the company’s brand name recognition is growing, and the company’s on-time performance has been excellent.

Commenting on the fourth quarter, CEO Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid says:

“Flyr is progressing according to plan, and we have been very well received in the market. We are very happy with the development and after a period heavily influenced by Omicron and government- imposed restrictions, we are now prepared for the summer season where we will offer 44 routes to 38 destinations.”

Adapting to the volatile market conditions, the company has swiftly adjusted production and offering, proving the organizations inherent flexibility.

The company’s strategy of demand driven growth remains, targeting domestic routes and selected European leisure destinations. Since commencement of first flights on June 30th, 2021, Flyr expanded its fleet with four aircraft, utilizing favorable terms securing capacity to fulfill the company’s long-term ambitions.

Flyr continues to expand its route map

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 2021

Flyr (Oslo) will add new routes to Billund, Edinburgh, Pisa, Prague and Stockholm (Arlanda).

The new airline also issued a traffic report for January:

Market strongly affected by the Omicron situation and government restrictions.

Flyr had a total of 30.042 guests travelling to 13 destinations in January. Flyr’s total production was adjusted in line with the reduced demand for airline travels caused by the increase in the spread of Omicron and the restrictions implemented by the government in December.

Total capacity in January, with on average 3 aircraft in operation, was 53.5 mill ASK (available seat kilometers), with a load factor of 53.7%.

  • The recommendation of home office and the newly implemented social restrictions immediately affected the aviation industry and led to a substantial reduction in customer bookings, in particular for January. Considering this situation, we are very satisfied with the load factor we achieved during the month, says Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid, CEO of Flyr.

Unit revenue (PASK) in January was NOK 0.24, equal to average PASK from first flight in June 2021.

Flyr had a regularity in operations of 97.6 % and punctuality of 72.0 %. The development in punctuality is influenced by the winter storms during the month.

Flyr was established during the Covid-19 pandemic with the aim to build a sustainable and profitable business model by adapting and scaling production to meet the needs of the market. Expansion plans and the route network will be adjusted continuously depending on the pandemic situation.

The airline is currently operating five aircraft on domestic routes in Norway and to European destinations. The company plans to have 12 to 18 aircraft in operation by the end of 2022.

Top Copyright Photo: Flyr Boeing 737-8JP WL LN-DYI (msn 40866) GVA (Corentin Altherr). Image: 956747.

Flyr aircraft slide show:

Flyr aircraft photo gallery:

Flyr adds service to Geneva

Fly (Oslo) is adding the Oslo – Geneva route today with Boeing 737-800 LN-DYS.

The airline announced on social media:

We enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps on our first trip to Geneva today.

In other news, the new airline issued this traffic report for January:

In January, Flyr had a total of 30,042 travelers in 13 destinations. Flyr’s production in January was adapted to the reduced demand in the market, which has led to increased omicron infection and stricter infection control measures. Flyr’s total capacity in January, with three operational aircraft, amounted to 53.5 million seat kilometers (ASK), with a filling rate of 53.7 per cent. The average filling level since start-up is 47.6 percent. – The recommendation for a home office and the new measures that were introduced in December immediately affected aviation and led to a sharp reduction in bookings also for travel in January, says Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid, CEO of Flyr.

Considering the situation, we are satisfied with the degree of filling we achieved during the month, says Wikstrøm Frislid. The unit income (PASK) for January was NOK 0.24, corresponding to the average PASK since start-up. The traffic figures for the month show that Flyr achieved a regularity of 97.6 percent and an arrival punctuality of 72 percent. The development in punctuality is affected by the winter storms we experienced in January.

Flyr had its first flight on June 30, 2021 and has since then had a total of 305,924 passengers on board. The airline was established during the Covid-19 pandemic with the goal of building a sustainable and profitable business model, adapted to market demand. Expansion plans and the grid will be adjusted continuously depending on the pandemic situation.

Flyr currently operates five aircraft on domestic routes in Norway and to European destinations. The ambition is to increase the production capacity of 12-18 aircraft by the end of 2022.

Route Map:

Flyr to add flights to Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and Gran Canaria

Flyr (Oslo) continues to expand internationally. The new airline has announced new routes from Oslo to Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels and Gran Canaria with this announcement:

Photo: NewYard 25

Our route map continues to expand and this week we welcomed Gran Canaria and three big city favorites.

Weekly departures to Gran Canaria will begin on December 14, increasing to three in early 2022. Our routes to Barcelona and Berlin will start on March 27, 2022, and we will start service to Brussels on May 6, 2022.

Barcelona, Berlin and Brussels go on sale on and in the Flyr app from November 4, 2021.

Flyr’s destinations:

In Norway, Flyr already has routes to Tromsø, Bodø, Evenes, Trondheim, Bergen, and Stavanger.

Flyr’s first international routes went to Nice, Alicante and Malaga on August 21, 2021.

Then Paris, Copenhagen, and Rome entered the route map.

Recently, Flyr launched the following attractive ski destinations and cities in Europe; Salzburg, Milan (Bergamo), Geneva, and Grenoble.

Thus, Norwegian travelers and ski enthusiasts will have access to direct routes to several popular destinations this winter.

Flyr is also open for booking with new direct flights from Trondheim to Tromsø, as well as from Trondheim and Bergen to Alicante.

On November 3, 2021, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria came on the route map.

Route Map:

Flyr to lease six Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 aircraft from ALC + 4 options

Flyr has made this announcement:

Flyr is taking a new and important step towards a more sustainable operation by phasing in the very latest aircraft technology with the lowest carbon footprint and fuel costs. On average, the Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 emits up to 14 percent less emissions than previous models.

The company has signed a letter of intent with Air Lease Corporation (ALC) for six brand-new Boeing 737-8 MAX 8 aircraft.

The aircraft will be delivered directly from the Boeing factory to Flyr during the first half of 2022. There is also an option in the agreement for four more aircraft with delivery in 2023.

Sustainability is an essential part of Flyr’s strategy. Always choosing the most climate-friendly solutions is crucial. So is the company’s approach to employees and unions.

As a newly established airline, Flyr is the only airline in Norway that pays for 100% of its emissions under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), in contrast to other domestic airlines that receive large exemptions in the form of free allocation of emission allowances.

Unions positive about new aircraft

Both Flyr Cabin Association and Flyr Pilot Association are positive about the company’s choice of new aircraft type.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the leasing company Air Lease Corporation (ALC) are pleased about Flyr’s decision to transition to the most environmentally friendly option.

The plan is that the first aircraft will arrive in early 2022 and arrive continuously towards the summer.

Current Route Map:


Flyr expands to Copenhagen, Paris and Rome

Flyr (Oslo) is again expanding in Europe.

Flyr previously added its first European destination, Alicante, Malaga and Nice on August 21. The company is now expanding its frequencies to Alicante and Malaga.

Now the new airline has announced it will also add three new destinations.

The airline issued this statement:

Flyr is launching three new routes to some favorite destinations among Norwegians: Copenhagen, Paris, and Rome.

Simultaneously, the new Oslo-based airline’s flight program will expand with more weekly departures to the popular destinations of Alicante and Malaga.

“We listened to our customers, and many wanted Flyr routes to Copenhagen, Paris, and Rome. In addition, we now also have the pleasure of expanding our route offerings for Norwegians who want to travel to Malaga and Alicante”, says Thomas Ramdahl, Commercial Director of Flyr.

Flyr’s first international routes went to Nice, Alicante, and Malaga on August 21, and the company has subsequently experienced great demand from Norwegians who want more weekly departures to Alicante and Malaga.

Flyr will launch several additional exciting destinations in the coming weeks.

Top Photo (all others by the airline): NewYard25.

Flyr adds its first international routes

Flyr on August 21, commenced scheduled flights from Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) to Alicante and Malaga in Spain and Nice in France.

Flyr launches operations, Menzies Aviation to ground handle

Flyr (Oslo) on June 30 operated its first flight from Oslo to Tromsø was operated by a Boeing 737-800.

Bergen and Trondheim will be added on August 16.

International flights to Alicante, Malaga and Nice will be added on August 21.

All destinations:

Menzies Aviation, the global aviation logistics specialist, has announced that it has won the ground-handling contract to serve new airline Flyr at its home base of Oslo Airport (OSL).  Menzies will also serve the airline at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE).

Flyr is headquartered in Norway and commenced passenger flight operations on June 30, 2021. The airline will offer domestic flights from Oslo as well as international services to European leisure destinations, with its inaugural flight from Oslo for Tromso.

The three-year contracts will encompass passenger, ramp and de-icing services. These agreements will further strengthen Menzies’ operations in both of these key airports and represent up to 6,000 turns per year across the two stations.

All photos by the airline.

Flyr to launch operations on June 30

Flyr (Oslo), the new Norwegian carrier, has announced it will launch scheduled passengers in Norway on June 30, 2021.

The first route will be between Oslo and Tromsø with Boeing 737-800s.

The new airline has issued an image of their livery (top).

The new airline issued this statement:

The airline Flyr will start selling airline tickets in late May and the company’s very first flight will go to Tromsø on June 30th. The start-up date is adapted to the government’s plan for reopening Norwegian society.

“A concrete plan for the reopening of Norway gives us in Flyr the predictability we need to be able to start ticket sales. In order not to get into a situation with significant changes in the route program and subsequent rebookings that will be unfortunate for customers, our start-up is adapted to the Government’s plan for the reopening of Norway. We experience that employees and partners are very eager to get started, and not least we experience great interest from people who want to go out and travel. We look forward to welcoming you on board for our first flight from Oslo to Tromsø and for future trips to other cities in Norway and well-known and beloved destinations in Europe”, says CEO Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid in Flyr.

Busy months ahead

Flyr will serve a number of Norwegian cities, as well as a selection of well-known and beloved destinations in Europe, including Malaga, Alicante and Nice. The company will expand the number of aircraft and destinations in line with demand, and in the long term the plan is a fleet of 28-30 aircraft.

Flyr’s first aircraft of the type Boeing 737-800 will be delivered in May, additional aircraft will arrive in June, and the fleet will be expanded through the autumn. At the same time, pilots and cabin crew are on their way in to spend time on training and service courses. The first courses are fully subscribed, and there is a great demand from skilled people with long aviation experience who want to work for Flyr. The company now has 45 employees with solid experience from Norwegian aviation and will have about 350 employees by the end of the year.

The new entity explains its strategy:

Flyr is created for travelers in Norway and built up with Norwegian jobs. Our mission is to create an airline that is more sustainable for the economy, society, and the environment. It should feel good to fly with Flyr.

Flyr is the Norwegian word for flying and it embodies us perfectly. It is simple, to the point, and challenges traditional conventions of air travel – which is exactly what we aim to do. We are starting a new airline in Norway from scratch and we get to think of all the ways we can make air travel easier, more environmentally friendly, and more enjoyable for our passengers.

The goal of Flyr is to deliver the simplest flight, in a more sustainable way. We will accomplish this by creating a purely digital product based on the needs of the passengers, and fly fewer, smarter flights to places and at times people need to travel. We build the company from the ground up, free from complex systems and cumbersome organizations, in order to run an efficient and customer-friendly aircraft operation.

Flyr was started by enthusiastic aviation industry experts with extensive experience in companies including SAS, Norwegian, Widerøe, and Braathens. Since the company was launched in the autumn of 2020, we have grown rapidly, and now have a team of 30, working full-time to get Flyr in the air.

We will fly between Norwegian cities and to popular destinations in Europe.