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The Moscow Times: A national disappointment: What went wrong with the Sukhoi Superjet 100

A recap of the problems of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 from the Moscow Times: CLICK HERE


BBC: Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash: Pilot error theory probed

Russian investigators are now considering pilot error as a possible cause of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash in Moscow according to the BBC.

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Aeroflot crash update: 41 now dead, was the Superjet 100 hit by lightning?

Some surviving passengers from Aeroflot flight SU1492 are now reporting the Superjet 100 was hit by lightning and was on fire when it landed. However video of the aircraft initially landing do not visibly indicate any fire on board. The video shows the aircraft making a hard landing and bouncing up in the air before its crash landed. The airline stated the airliner returned to Moscow (Sheremetyevo) for “technical reasons”.

One question remains: Why was the fire equipment not standing by the runway?

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Update from Reuters:

Forty-one people on board a Russian Aeroflot passenger plane were killed on Sunday, including two children, after the aircraft caught fire as it made a bumpy emergency landing at a Moscow airport, Russian investigators said.

Television footage showed the Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash bouncing along the tarmac at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport before the rear part of the plane suddenly burst into flames.

Many passengers on board SU 1492 then escaped via the plane’s emergency slides that inflated after the hard landing.

The plane, which had been flying from Moscow to the northern Russian city of Murmansk, had been carrying 73 passengers and five crew members, Russia’s aviation watchdog said.

Svetlana Petrenko, a spokeswoman for Russia’s Investigative Committee, said in a statement that only 37 out of 78 people on board had survived, meaning 41 people had lost their lives.

No official cause has been given for the disaster.

The Investigative Committee said it had opened an investigation and was looking into whether the pilots had breached air safety rules.

Some passengers blamed bad weather and lightning.

“We took off and then lightning struck the plane,” the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily cited one surviving passenger, Pyotr Egorov, as saying.

“The plane turned back and there was a hard landing. We were so scared, we almost lost consciousness. The plane jumped down the landing strip like a grasshopper and then caught fire on the ground.”

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed their condolences and ordered investigators to establish what had happened.

The Interfax news agency cited an unnamed “informed source” as saying the evacuation of the plane had been delayed by some passengers insisting on collecting their hand luggage first.

Russian news agencies reported that injured passengers were being treated in hospitals.

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Aeroflot Superjet 100 RA-89098 burst into flames at Moscow Sheremetyevo on landing, 13 dead

From Reuters:

At least 13 people on board a Russian Aeroflot passenger plane were killed on Sunday when the plane caught fire mid-air and made an emergency landing at a Moscow airport on Sunday, Russian news agencies reported.

Television footage showed the Sukhoi Superjet-100 making an emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport with much of the rear part of the plane engulfed in flames.

Many passengers then escaped via the plane’s emergency slides that inflated after the hard landing.

Medical workers told the TASS news agency at least 13 people had been killed and that others remained unaccounted for.

Russian news agencies said the plane, which had been flying from Moscow to the northern Russian city of Murmansk before turning back, had been carrying 78 passengers. It was unclear how many crew had been on board.

Russian investigators said they had opened an investigation and were looking into whether the pilots had breached air safety rules.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

The Interfax news agency reported that a rescue team was combing through the charred wreckage of the rear of the plane looking for survivors.

The Flightradar24 tracking service showed that the plane had circled twice over Moscow before making an emergency landing after about 45 minutes.

From CNN: Breaking News

At least 13 people are dead after a fire broke out aboard an Aeroflot flight in Russia Sunday, Russian state news agency TASS said.

The Russian Superjet 100 (RA-89098) was flying from Moscow to Murmansk when a fire broke out on board. Aeroflot flight SU1492 returned to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, making a hard landing, news agency Interfax reported.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Aeroflot issued this statement (translated from Russian):

Aeroflot confirms the information about the fire in the engines of the flight SU1492 Moscow-Murmansk after landing at Sheremetyevo, which was forced to return to the airport for technical reasons.

There are victims, the number is being specified, emergency medical care is provided to all those in need. Passengers left the aircraft on emergency chutes.

At present, a commission has been established to investigate the causes and circumstances of the incident. The Aeroflot crisis headquarters was quickly activated.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport issued this statement (translated from Russian):

Today, May 5, 2019, at 18.32 MSK, an aviation accident took place with the passenger aircraft of Aeroflot Airlines at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Flight SU1492 took off in 18.02 MSK on the route Moscow-Murmansk. After takeoff, the crew reported a malfunction and decided to return to the airport. There were 73 passengers and 5 crew members on board. At 18.30 MSK, the passenger aircraft made a “hard” landing on the runway, after which the fire occurred.

At 18.32 MSK, emergency rescue brigade, medical crews for emergency evacuation and assistance to passengers and crew members immediately arrived at the scene.

The airport established an operational headquarters for the management of the crisis situation.

The necessary medical and psychological assistance was immediately provided to all victims.


Aeroflot to launch its summer schedule with two new destinations

Aeroflot Russian Airlines Airbus A330-343 VQ-BPI (msn 1323) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 946099.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines has made this announcement:

On March 31 Aeroflot will launch its summer timetable, which runs through October 26, 2019.

This coming season, Aeroflot will fly to 159 destinations, including 58 destinations in Russia and 101 destinations in 54 other countries around the world.

As the leading airline for Europe-Asia transit routes, offering some of the quickest and most affordable options between the two continents, Aeroflot is continuing to develop strategically important destinations in Asia. From June 1, the number of flights to Seoul will double in comparison with the winter season (from 7 to 14 per week). As usual, Aeroflot will also increase the frequency of its flights to Beijing from 14 to 21 flights per week for the summer season.

In the European market, this summer Aeroflot will further expand its presence with flights to two new destinations from June 1:

  • Marseille;
  • Palma de Mallorca.

There will be five flights a week between Moscow and Marseille. Flights to Palma de Mallorca will operate four times a week. Aeroflot will operate new flights on the Airbus A320 family aircraft.

Aeroflot will also increase flight frequencies to many international destinations, with more flights to European capitals than in the winter season:

  • Athens (from 14 to 21 per week);
  • Budapest (from 21 to 28 per week);
  • London (from 32 to 35 per week);
  • Madrid (from 14 to 21 per week);
  • Tbilisi (from 11 to 14 per week).

Aeroflot will also offer more flights to European resorts. Flight frequencies will increase on routes to:

  • Antalya (from 14 to 21 per week);
  • Burgas (from 3 to 7 per week);
  • Larnaca (from 14 to 21 per week);
  • Malaga (10 to 14 per week);
  • Nice (from 9 to 16 per week);
  • Thessaloniki (from 4 to 7 per week);
  • Tivat (from 7 to 14 per week)

The airline will also resume flights to other popular European summer destinations:

  • Heraklion (14 flights per week)
  • Split (7 flights per week).

Flight frequencies to the following cities in Middle East and Asia will also increase:

  • Beirut (from 3 to 4 per week);
  • Tehran (from 5 to 7 per week);
  • Ulaanbaatar (from 3 to 7 per week).

Aeroflot’s summer schedule will be seeing its usual increase in the number of flights to the following US cities:

  • Washington (from 1 to 3 per week);
  • New York (from 14 to 21 per week).

Aeroflot also plans to increase its flights to cities in other CIS countries:

  • Aktobe (from 4 to 7 per week);
  • Chisinau (from 2 to 7 per week).

On the domestic market the main news is the launch of two new flights:

  • Krasnodar – Simferopol;
  • Volgograd – Sochi.

Flights to these destinations are scheduled from June 1 to October 1. Aeroflot will operate one flight per day on each of these routes on Boeing 737-800 aircraft. In addition, the new timetable will continue to operate daily flights between Sochi and Simferopol. The Company is helping to make air travel more accessible to all Russians by launching direct flights between regions, bypassing Moscow.

On a number of routes flight frequency will significantly increase. To meet seasonal demand, Aeroflot has developed an extensive flight programme to Black Sea resorts. Compared to the 2018/19 winter timetable, Aeroflot will increase flight frequencies to the following destinations:

  • Anapa (from 21 to 35 per week)
  • Simferopol (from 28 to 84 per week)
  • Sochi (from 70 to 77 per week)

In the coming season Aeroflot will resume flights to another Black Sea resort – Gelendzhik (21 flights per week).

The number of flights will also increase on routes to other Russian cities:

  • Abakan (from 5 to 7 per week)
  • Izhevsk (from 14 to 21 per week)
  • Kazan (from 54 to 56 per week)
  • Kaliningrad (from 35 go 42 per week)
  • Mineralnye Vody (from 28 to 35 per week)
  • Nizhny Novgorod (from 35 to 42 per week)
  • Saratov (from 28 to 42 per week)
  • Ulyanovsk (from 14 to 21 per week)
  • Yakutsk (from 5 to 6 per week)

Aeroflot’s route network will be complemented by the extensive geography of its subsidiary airlines.

This summer, Rossiya Airlines under the commercial management of PJSC Aeroflot will operate flights to 59 different destinations under Aeroflot’s commercial management. They include over 40 domestic and international flights from St. Petersburg, including flights to Simferopol, Sochi, Tel Aviv, Rome, Milan, Nice, Paris, London, Berlin, Prague and more. Rossiya Airlines will operate another half a dozen flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo to various destinations in Russia (including cities in the country’s Far East), Paris-Orly, Nice, Denpasar (Bali) and Colombo.

Under Aeroflot’s commercial management regional carrier Aurora will also offer passengers 20 destinations in the Far East.

Low-cost airline Pobeda develops its own flight network. For the summer season, the network will be expanded to include 120 destinationsin Russia and abroad.

In total, Aeroflot Group will operate regular flights to 358 routes (296 of which are unique) in 57 countries throughout summer 2019.

The Group’s route network will be supplemented by 162 destinations operated by partner airlines under code-sharing agreements. Thanks to this, a further 19 countries will appear in Aeroflot’s route network: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ghana, Iceland, Kenya, Laos, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia.

In total, including cooperation with partners, Aeroflot Group will operate flights to 520 destinations (458 of which are unique) in 76 countries in the summer 2019 season.

Top Copyright Photo: Aeroflot Russian Airlines Airbus A330-343 VQ-BPI (msn 1323) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 946099.

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