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XL Airways Germany files for bankruptcy protection

XL Airways Germany (Frankfurt) after suspending operations for the winter season on December 14, filed for bankruptcy protection and reorganization in the local district court in Darmstadt, Germany on December 27.

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf. Wearing the special livery for tour operator ITS.

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XL Airways Germany goes into hibernation for the winter season

XL Airways Germany (Frankfurt) suspended all operations for the winter season on December 14. The company came to the conclusion there was not enough work to keep the company flying during the slow winter season.

CanJet Airlines (2nd) (Halifax) has leased three of the five Boeing 737-800s for the winter season until May 2013. Hamburg Airways has taken over the remaining winter contracts of XL Airways Germany.

Two Boeing 737-800s have been put into storage at the Cologne/Bonn Airport.

XL Airways Germany was acquired last year by X-Air Aviation, the same U.S. and Swiss holding company that also recently took control of XL Airways France.

Here is the announcement by the company (in German): CLICK HERE

XL Airways Germany logo

Copyright Photo: Ton Jochems. Boeing 737-8Q8 D-AXLE (msn 30724) across the ramp at Palma de Mallorca.

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XL Airways Germany puts Boeing 737-8Q8 D-AXLF back in service for the summer in this special “Oger Turk Tur” livery

XL Airways (Germany) (Frankfurt) received its Boeing 737-8Q8 D-AXLF (msn 28218) (above) back from its winter lease to CanJet Airlines (2nd) (Halifax) on May 2, 2012. CanJet operated the aircraft the past winter as C-GDGY (see below). XL Airways has repainted the airliner at Dublin in this special “Oger Turk Tur” color scheme.

Oger Turk Tur (Hamburg) is a German travel agency.

Last summer XL Airways operated the same airframe in the special “Schauinsland Reisen” color scheme.

Top Copyright Photo: Paul Doyle. D-AXLF departs from an overcast Dublin in the new look following the winter lease maintenance check.

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Bottom Copyright Photo: Gilbert Hechema.

XL Airways Germany is operating this Boeing 737-800 for Condor

XL Airways (Germany) (Frankfurt) is operating this Boeing 737-800 for rival Condor Flugdienst (Frankfurt). The aircraft carries additional titles.

Copyright Photo: Karl Cornil. Please click on the photo for the full view and click again for additional information.

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XL Airways Germany introduces this Schauinsland-Reisen logojet

XL Airways (Germany) (Frankfurt) has introduced this new logojet for tour operator Schauinsland-Reisen (Duisburg).

Copyright Photo: Javier Rodriguez. Please click on the photo for additional details.

French prosecutors will not press charges in the 2008 Air New Zealand A320 crash

Air New Zealand’s (Auckland) on November 27, 2008 lost its Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJL (msn 2500) that had been on lease to XL Airways Germany as D-AXLA. Operating a post-maintenance flight (flight GL 888T), the airliner crashed into the Mediterranean Sea four miles (seven kilometers) east of the French city of Perpignan, near the border with Spain. The seven people on board were killed, including four Air New Zealand representatives. ZK-OJL had previously been operated by ANZ’s subsidiary Freedom Air in the unique Warner Brothers cartoon character color scheme.

French prosecutors said they would not press charges against any one involved in the tragic crash after they received an investigators’ report that blamed pilot error.

The crew lost control of the Airbus A320 and crashed it into the seas as they tried to perform a low-speed test “in inappropriate conditions” off France’s Mediterranean coast, the prosecutors said.

The accident investigation bureau (BEA) said in its interim report based on flight data recorder readings that the plane stalled during a low-speed, low-altitude test maneuver as it was approaching to land at Perpignan Airport.

Read the full report:


Copyright Photo: Gunter Mayer. Pictured before the tragic crash at Nuremberg, Airbus A320-232 D-AXLA (msn 2500, ex ZK-OJL) operated with basic blue XL titles.

XL Airways Germany to operate Boeing 737-8FH D-AXLD for tour operator Sunweb

Photo: XL Airways Germany via Arnd Wolf.

XL Airways ( (Germany) (Frankfurt) will operate its Boeing 737-8FH D-AXLD (msn 35093) for German tour operator in their colors starting in April. The airliner is now fully painted and was previously leased to Sunwing Airlines (Toronto-Pearson) as C-FYLD.