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Cabo Verde Airlines receives its second Boeing 757-200 in the new livery named ‘Baía de Tarrafal’

Cabo Verde Airlines received on May 31, 2019, the ‘Baía de Tarrafal’, the company’s second airplane with its new livery.

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ landed at the Nelson Mandela airport in the city of Praia at 1840 (local time) from Boston.

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ colors were inspired by the houses on the island of Santiago (above), a call back to the very characteristic architecture of the capital. The new colors aim to be a gentle mix of the people, the houses and the Cape Verdean culture. Aside from the name on the outside of the airplane, inside the passengers will have a picture of the Baía as well as a description of the area.

All airplanes of the company will follow the same model of inspiration from every Island with the tricolour style. The color palate inside and outside show that change comes from within, in the search to better serve the airline’s customers and to bring Cabo Verde to the world and the world to Cabo Verde.

A public poll to help name the airplane

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ was named through a public poll on Facebook, were the users voted between three natural beauties of the island of Santiago, with Baía de Tarrafal receiving the largest share of votes.

The first airplane with new livery, ‘Praia de Santa Maria’, received its name using the same process. With these open polls through social media, the company wants to bring the Cape Verdean people closer and involve them in the process of welcoming the new airplane to the country.

There will be other open votes on Facebook dedicated to all islands and their natural beauties. This way, the Cape Verdean people will assist in bringing a little bit of Cabo Verde to the world, while calling back to the Capeverdian pride in its islands and regions.

The ‘Baía de Tarrafal’ will have 12 premium seats and 180 seats in the main cabin.

Cabo Verde Airlines today operates three 757-200 airplanes and plans to receive two more by the end of the year.


Cabo Verde Airlines introduces a new livery on D4-CCF

Cabo Verde Airlines on May 10 welcomed the arrival at Nelson Mandela International Airport in the city of the beach (Santa Maria), the first plane painted in the new colors and branding.

The “Beach of Santa Maria”, was the winning name of the of a contest held on Facebook. The new livery combines the colors the natural beauty of the archipelago and the colors of the houses.

Above Photo: The crew of “Praia de Santa Maria” (Beach of Santa Maria).

TACV was been eliminated from the branding.

The pictured Boeing 757-236 WL D4-CCF (msn 25808) is the former F-GPEK of OpenSkies.

All photos by the airline.



Cabo Verde Airlines to enter into partnership with TAAG-Angola Airlines

Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 2006

Cabo Verde Airlines, the national airline of Cape Verde, has announced a strategic partnership with TAAG Angola Airlines, the national airline of Angola.

The two airlines will enter into a codeshare agreement of flights operated by TAAG between Luanda and Sal.

Cabo Verde Airlines and TAAG Angola Airlines will sign a codeshare agreement for flights between Luanda and Sal. The codeshare agreement will be signed officially on April 26, 2019, the date of the inaugural flight between the two cities operated by TAAG-Angola Airlines.

This service is a partnership where an airline will carry passengers from another airline through shared code on a particular flight; in this case, passengers with tickets for a Cabo Verde Airlines flight between Luanda and Sal will be carried on a TAAG aircraft.

In this partnership, Cabo Verde Airlines will act as marketing carrier, meaning it will sell tickets with its own code even in flights operated by TAAG, which in this partnership will be the operating carrier.

Photo: Pedro Aragao.

The flights will be operated by a Boeing 737-700 with 120 seats according to the following schedule: Friday and Sunday Luanda-Sal 22:50/+04:55 local time (via São Tomé e Príncipe) and Monday and Saturday Sal-Luanda 6:25/16:20 local time (via São Tomé e Príncipe).

Cabo Verde Airlines is currently leasing two Boeing 757-200s from Icelandair.

Top Copyright Photo: A rare livery that did not last long. TAAG Angola Airlines (Linhas Aereas de Angola) Boeing 737-7M2 WL D2-TBF (msn 34559) PAE (Nick Goodwin – Bruce Drum Collection). Image: 930666.

TAAG Angola Airlines aircraft slide show:


Cabo Verde Airlines resumes operations to Italy

Cabo Verde Airlines has announced it will resume operations to Italy this summer, with connections to Sal island and other destinations operated by the airline.

According to the document authorized by ENAC, National Aviation Entity, Cabo Verde Airlines will resume operations for Milan Malpensa and Roma Fiumicino airports from June 24 to October 26, 2019.

Photo: Cabo Verde Airlines.

Flights will have weekly frequencies with flights to Sal-Malpensa departing at 08h00, arriving at 16h55 on Monday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday and Malpensa-Sal departing at 17h55 arriving at 21h00 on Monday/Thursday/Friday and Sunday.

Also, Sal-Rome departing at 08h15 and arriving at 17h00 on Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday and Rome-Sal departing at 18h00 and arriving at 21h00 on Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday.

Loftleidir Icelandic’s subsidiary acquires majority of shares of Cabo Verde Airlines

Icelandair Group has issued this statement:

The binding offer submitted by Loftleidir Cabo Verde to acquire 51% of the shares of Cabo Verde Airlines has been accepted. The share purchase agreement was signed on Friday, March 1, 2019.

Icelandair Group believes that there are opportunities to build the company up as a strong hub and spoke airline with Cape Verde as a connecting hub between continents. Cabo Verde Airlines will benefit from the experience and knowledge within Icelandair which has a similar business model.

Loftleidir Icelandic, which is a subsidiary of Icelandair Group, holds a 70% stake in Loftleidir Cabo Verde, and other investors 30%.

The acquisition of Cabo Verde Airlines does not have a significant effect on Icelandair Group’s financial statements since Cabo Verde Airlines will not be reflected in the Group’s consolidated financial statements. The share will be classified as an associated company.

Cabo Verde Airlines issued this short statement:

Today marks the beginning of the new Cabo Verde Airlines. This is the result of a long process that took time, dedication and, essentially, reliance from the Cape Verdean Government and investors. We are looking towards the future and in making Cabo Verde a point of connection between continents. Thank you for your trust and come with us in this new journey!

Icelandair Group submits an offer to buy 51% of Cabo Verde Airlines

TACV-Cabo Verde Airlines Boeing 757-2Q8 D4-CBP (msn 30045) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 932908.

Loftleidir Icelandic’s subsidiary has submitted a binding offer for majority shares of Cabo Verde Airlines.

Loftleidir Icelandic, a subsidiary of Icelandair Group, will, together with Icelandic investors, submit a binding offer for a 51% of the shares in Cabo Verde Airlines on Cape Verde.

Authorities in Cape Verde and Loftleidir Icelandic have been cooperating for some time. In August 2017, Loftleidir Icelandic signed a management agreement with the Cape Verde Government on restructuring Cabo Verde Airlines.

The agreement also aimed to strengthen the international airport in Cape Verde, to develop the islands as a promising tourist destination and to build an international hub for connecting flights. Coinciding with the agreement, it was announced that the company was due to be privatised. Cabo Verde Airlines already has operating licenses to fly scheduled flights to Europe and the United States.


The purchase price is confidential. However, the acquisition would partly be paid for by the work already completed by Loftleidir Icelandic’s employees. The acquisition is made through a new company, Loftleidir Cabo Verde. Loftleidir Icelandic holds a 70% stake in the company, and other investors 30%. Loftleidir Icelandic’s acquisition of Cabo Verde Airlines does not have significant effect on Icelandair Group’s financial statements since Cabo Verde Airlines will not be reflected in the group’s consolidated financial statements. The share will classified as an associated company.

Árni Hermannsson, Managing Director of Loftleidir Icelandic:

“The participation in the acquisition of a majority share in Cabo Verde Airlines holds great opportunities for Loftleidir Icelandic, especially in light of the expected growth in passenger demand in Africa in the coming years. We have already participated in the restructuring of the company, and Cabo Verde Airlines’ operations are well suited to Loftleidir Icelandic’s projects around the world. The knowledge and experience already available within Loftleidir Icelandic and its sister companies has come to good use in restructuring the company and will continue to assist in further developments. Further opportunities are related to shared use of airplanes from Icelandair Group’s fleet, and crews where applicable, as is already being done in various projects. In developing connecting routes, we can also draw further on Icelandair’s experience. In the case of Cabo Verde Airlines, we have opportunities for well-organized connecting routes between Europe and South America on one hand, and West Africa and North America on the other, along with West Africa and Europe. The island’s location is ideal for developing connecting flights.”

Top Copyright Photo (all others by the airlines): TACV-Cabo Verde Airlines Boeing 757-2Q8 D4-CBP (msn 30045) AMS (Ton Jochems). Image: 932908.

Cabo Verde Airlines aircraft slide show:

Route Map:


TACV rebrands as Cabo Verde Airlines with a new logo

TACV, the Cape Verdean airline, presented in the city of Praia its new brand image under the designation Cabo Verde Airlines.

With a design signed by the Icelandic agency Íslenska, and with the contribution of some Cape Verdeans, the new image of Cabo Verde Airlines is inspired by the colors of nature, houses, flag and other elements that reflect the islands. This new image reflects the company’s new values ​​and mission, as well as the morabeza, a typical Cape Verdean characteristic.

The brand seeks to be unique, authentic and sophisticated while at the same time showing the Cape Verdean culture that is at the origin of Cabo Verde Airlines. The company wants to be inseparable from the country, being an extension of its traditions and its people, in a family fusion and attractive for those who choose to travel with them. The new image will be applied to wing-to-wing aircraft where passengers can feel more Cape Verdean culture.

The presentation of the new brand image of Cabo Verde Airlines follows the beginning of operations in the HUB on the island of Sal and the reinforcement of activities in the Brazilian market with reinforcement of the routes Recife, Fortaleza and, soon, opening of Salvador da Baia, with connections to Milan, Paris and Lisbon.

Route Map: