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Federal government of Mexico wants to resurrect the Mexicana brand

The federal government of Mexico has reportedly reached an agreement to purchase the brand and a few of the assets of defunct Compania Mexicana de Aviación for 815 million pesos (US $42.6 million), according to the El Universal newspaper.

The rersurrected brand will be run by the military as a state airline.

President López Obrador announced the new Mexicana will launch operations in late 2023.

The original Mexicana ceased operations on August 28, 2010.

Top Copyright Photo: Mexicana Airbus A319-112 N790MX (msn 3790) YYZ (Brian Worthington). Image: 959853.

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Historic Photo of the Day – May 16, 2013

Compañía Mexicana de Aviación (Mexicana) Airbus A320-231 N405MX (msn 405) LAX (Roy Lock). Image: 912127.

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The return of Mexicana

Mexicana (Mexico City), reorganizing in bankruptcy protection, announced on May 11 that Med Atlantica had acquired the shares of its holding company and thus becomes the new owner of the grounded airline. The group hopes to relaunch MX in 2012. It must now seek bankruptcy court approvals and agreements with the creditors.

Mexicana suspended operations on August 28, 2010.

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Mexicana to fly again, charter flights until November 20

Mexicana (Mexico City) is planning to fly again. If approved, the grounded carrier intends to operate three Airbus A320s for a series of charter flights through November 20. The flights could start as early as next Monday according to the unions and this report by Reuters. The flight crews have agreed to work for free.

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Mexicana loses its last chance to restart operations

Mexicana (Mexico City) is now officially grounded for good. PC Capital had not delivered the promised investors to restructure the debt-ridden airline.

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Mexicana, Mexicana Click and Mexicana Link all shut down

Nuevo Grupo Aeronáutico, S.A. de C.V. (“Grupo Mexicana”) (Mexico City) announced that as a result of the group’s delicate financial situation when it changed owners a week ago, compounded by failure to reach agreements that would allow for the capitalization of its three airlines, Mexicana Airlines, Mexicana Click and Mexicana Link flights suspended all operations until further notice as of midday (12:00 p.m.) on Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Among the factors that have contributed to this announcement are:

1. Grupo Mexicana’s fragile financial situation, which has deteriorated further over the last four weeks due to the previous management’s decision to suspend ticket sales, forcing the company to continue operating in the interests of passengers without receiving any revenue.

2. No substantial agreements were reached to give companies in the Group long-term viability.

3. Lack of effectiveness in the insolvency (Concurso Mercantil) process intended to protect additional financial resources available to the company so it could to continue operating.

4. Given the uncertainty of the situation, certain suppliers have begun demanding advanced payment of services that are essential to the airlines’ operations.

Compañía Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. de C.V., commonly known as Mexicana, was the first airline ever established in Mexico.

The company was established on July 12, 1921, by American residents in Mexico, L.A. Winship and Harry J. Lawson when the Compañía Mexicana de Transportación Aérea, S.A. (literally: “Mexican Company of Air Transport”), (CMTA) was awarded the Mexico City to Tampico route by the Mexican government. The purpose was to transport wages to the oil fields near Tampico, on the Gulf of Mexico. Mexicana’s first aircraft type was the Lincoln Standard, a two-seat biplane, starting operations with two airplanes of the type.

Copyright Photo: Manuel Delgado. Historic Photo: De Havilland Comet 4C XA-NAS (msn 6425) taxies past the camera at San Antonio.

Mexicana is blocked from firing its flight attendants

Mexicana’s (Mexico City) new owners have hit a roadblock in its plan to fire 1,000 flight attendants according to Reuters. The labor ministry told Tendora K the action would be illegal. The proposed takeover is now in jeopardy in this continuing saga to keep the airline flying.

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Copyright Photo: Airbus A319-112 N790MX (msn 3790) taxies at Los Angeles.

Mexican consortium Tenedora K buys 95% of Mexicana

Mexicana (Mexico City) has a new majority owner and savior. Mexican consortium named Tenedora K has acquired 95 percent of the shares of the troubled airline through private equity firm Advent International.

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Copyright Photo: TMK Photography. Airbus A319-112 N612MX (msn 1612) taxies at Toronto (Pearson).