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Antonov Company surveys the damage at Hostomel Airport

Antonov Company (Antonov Airlines), following the withdraw of Russian forces, has been able to survey the damage at its Hostomel Airport base in the northwest part of suburban Kyiv.

The company issued these photos of the damage by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated Hostomel Airport from the Russian occupiers, where test flights are conducted and which is the base of Antonov Airlines.

Unfortunately, the airport is not recognizable. An-26, An-74 and An-225 planes, a control tower and an administrative building were destroyed. An-12, An-22,  An-28, A132D and An-124-100-150 and hangars were destroyed.

Antonov Airport (IATA: GML, ICAO: UKKM) is owned by and named after the Antonov aircraft manufacturing company and operated by its subsidiary Antonov Airlines. The only An-225, the world’s largest operating aircraft, was based in Hostomel.

During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the airport became the site of an intense battle; it was temporarily held by Russian forces and sustained heavy damage to facilities and aircraft.

The only An-225 has been destroyed by Russia.