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Regent Airways is ready to start flying tomorrow

Regent Airways (Chittagong) will commence scheduled operations tomorrow (November 10) with two Bombardier DHC-8-300s on the Chittagong-Dhaka route in Bangladesh.

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Augsburg Airways to sell two Bombardier DHC-8-300s to new airline Regent Airways

A drawing of the color scheme of the new carrier Regent Airways (Bangladesh).

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf.

Augsburg Airways (Munich) has retired and is selling its last two Bombardier DHC-8-300 turboprops to new airline Regent Airways (Dhaka). Both DHC-8-314s (D-BEBA, msn 543 and D-BLEJ, msn 521) will be repainted in Bangalore.

Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf. D-BEBA has been rolled out at Munich without any markings pending repainting.

Regent Airways is a new airline in Bangladesh

Regent Airways (Dhaka) is a new airline being formed in Bangladesh by HG Aviation Limited, a subsidiary of the Habib Group. The new airline intends to commence operations in August with two ex-Augsburg Airways Bombardier DHC-8-300s for domestic and regional routes. For its longer range routes, the company intends to operate two leased Boeing 757-200s.

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