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Walter Braedt Segú Aerodrome in Peru opens with its first airline flight

Walter Braedt Segú Aerodrome – Máncora, Peru issued this statement:

September 5, 2020 marked the first official commercial flight of the national airline Wayraperú into the Walter Braedt Segú Aerodrome located in Máncora. This first flight which was into the air strip located just about 1.5 Miles (2 km) from Marina Coast Peru, a luxury residential condominium and nautical boating community located on the beach of Máncora and is the owner of the private airfield.


This marks the first inaugural commercial flight into the Walter Braedt Segú Aerodrome done by Wayraperú.

This is a grand milestone in the history of Máncora, now with the completion of the Walter Braedt Segu airfield, it can now facilitate inbound and outbound private, commercial and for-charter flights with a fully paved airstrip reaching 1,750 meters (5,741 feet). With this new level of travel, commercial flights can begin from the city of Lima, which is a large transportation hub in Peru and can also expand the direct travel access to the northern resort beaches such as Máncora, Los Órganos and Punta Sal, as well as other resorts just south of Tumbes and north of Piura.

Walter Braedt Segú Aerodrome located at Marina Coast Peru.

Marina Coast and the Walter Braedt Segú Airstrip caters to both Private and Commercial flights.

The Marina Coast project is overseen and managed by the Bertello Segu Group and Braedt Group, together carrying out the largest marine real estate development project that is unique to Peru and South America. Marina Coast which was chosen for its premium weather and location between two great marine currents – the Humboldt and Equatorial is a true destination for boating and fishing and will now accommodate both air and nautical travel at their 300 slip in-land marina, yacht club, condominium community and retail shopping.

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Wayraperú is an airline based at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Perú, that operated between March and November 2006, then again since May 2018.